Hi, my name is Jason and welcome to my website.

I want to help you to create a successful income generating business online so as a valued visitor to my website, I am giving you access to a free website right now!

Why do you need a website?

Your own website is the foundation to making money anywhere online.

This is a known fact by all those who are making money online, so if you want to be in profit, you definitely need one for yourself.

I have been making money online through my websites since 2014 so I do know that this is the way to go for sure.  If you need to make money too, you are going to need your own.

This is my gift to you and I hope that you will use it wisely to make your own money online too!

What you need to do now is simply enter the name that you want to call your website on this page.

I would suggest that you name your website based on your interest or hobby.  This way, you will find it easier to manage and earn profits from it on a regular basis.

After this, you will be taken to a new page where you will get to create your personal profile.

This will give you access to an affiliate marketing community called Wealthy Affiliate.

You will get the full support of the community, the tools, the step by step training, access to the owners of the company – who are there to help you out if you need any help with your website.

This is what the page looks like:

These are the exact steps which I took to create this website which you are now on.

I have been able to earn real money from it which goes to my real Paypal account on a monthly basis.

I believe that you can do this too and I am ready to help you out to finally make money online with a website business.

If you have any questions or need any clarification, drop by my profile or leave a reply below.

See you soon and thank you for visiting!

Jason (founder) HowToStaySafeOnTheNet.com


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