You might have noticed that there has been quite a buzz about the Xtreme Coin company as of late.

The popularity of Xtreme Coin is explosively growing, day in, day out and especially, on social media.

Maybe someone has approached with an invitation to join the enterprise, but not so quickly.

Give the idea a thought by going through a detailed review of this company.

This way, you will be fully informed and knowledgeable enough to know if the investment is worth your time and money.

Let’s get down to an honest Xtreme Coin Review…


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The company

Xtreme Coin Review

This company’s website does not give any information regarding its manager.

The registration of the company’s domain name –, was privately done on 30th May 2017.

Credible sources have it that the owner of this company is Dwayne Golden, the same person who managed Igreso Cybernetico.


Xtreme Coin products

Once you join Xtreme Coin you will be trained intensely about the BitCoin.

Here you will gain a lot of insight about BitCoin.

However, apart from the training, there is nothing else offered by the website as a product of the company.


Xtreme Coin compensation plan

Xtreme Coin deals with a 2 by 2 matrix with an 8 tier Bitcoin cycler.

Immediately all the 6 positions are filled, the affiliates cycle out and produce a commission.

The position you purchase determines the amount of commission you get.

· Sapphire – you put in 0.05 BTC then receive 0.15 BTC

· Pearl – you put in 0.1 BTC then get 0.3 BTC

· Ruby- you invest 0.25 BTC then receive 0. 75 BTC

· Emerald- you i9nvest 0.5 BTC and earn 1.5 BTC

· Diamond – invest 1 BTC and earn 3 BTC

· Blue Diamond- Invest 4 BTC and earn 12 BTC

· Xtreme Diamond- invest 10 BTC and earn 30 BTC

In case you invest 0.15 BTC annually, you can have your membership upgraded to ‘Exclusive Club’.

Every moment an affiliate is upgraded to the Exclusive Club, they receive a 0.05 BTC as commission.


Xtreme Coin membership fee

The initial cost of joining the Xtreme Coin Company is determined by the package you are interested in.

Below is the breakdown of the packages and how much they will cost you when joining…

· Sapphire: 0.05BTC

· Pearl: 0.1 BTC

· Ruby: 0.25BTC

· Emerald: 0.5 BTC

· Diamond: 1 BTC

· Blue Diamond: 4BTC

· Xtreme Diamond: 10 BTC



Most crypto currency companies have a bad reputation in the industry as most do not work.

With the Xtreme Coin Company, there is nothing unique about it to change this perception.

Critical background details about this company are not open to the public.

There is no information about its location, manager, and owner.

This makes it like many of the MLMs on the market, which are newly launched due to the hype surrounding BitCoin.

The operations and dealings of this system are similar to Ponzi schemes.

The only difference here is that BitCoin is being used rather than regular money.

Experienced affiliate marketers might end up making some money from this system, but newbies will definitely lose money.

This is the major reason why it is not recommendable to join Xtreme Coin Company with an aim of making some profit.

Therefore, before joining Xtreme Coin, think critically or give it some time and see how things turn out in this venture.

I hope that this Xtreme Coin Review has been helpful to you and will enable you to make the best decision to join or not.

If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comment section below.


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