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Worldwide Cash Club has been generating a lot of hype online, especially on social media.

You might have come across one of their associates pitching to people on social media about the business opportunity.

Now you are probably on this site because you want to know whether Worldwide Cash Club is a legit business or a scam.

Before you join any Multi Level Marketing business it is important you do your research about the company to avoid losing money on scams.

Here I have done all the hard work for you and gathered information about the business so that you can judge for yourself whether it is worthwhile to join it or not.

So let’s take a look at Worldwide Cash Club review…


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What exactly is Worldwide Cash Club?

Worldwide Cash Club Review

After checking the company’s website I was disappointed to find that there was no information at all regarding:

· Its owners.

· When it started.

· And where it is located.

This is the kind of information most people look out for before joining an MLM business.

With no information regarding these crucial details is a big red flag.

However, I was able to find out the website domain name as “worldwide-cashclub.com” and was registered on June 14, 2017.

There was information about the domain name owner who goes by the name of Marculus Miller with a location in Virginia, United States also provided.

A further look into Marculus Miller’s background revealed that he operates an “ultimate viral down line and list builders club” known as Super Ape.

According to the company’s Facebook page, “Marculus Miller” uses the name “Marcus Miller”.

For you to join Super Ape, you need to pay $7 as a membership and affiliates earn a commission when they sponsor new people to the business.

Both Super Ape and Worldwide Cash Club are controlled by a parent company known as Evans Corner LLC.


What are their products?

Worldwide Cash Club does not have any product or services which it retails to customers.

For an MLM business to be considered legit, it needs to have products which its affiliates can sell to customers.

A good example would be this company.

Worldwide Cash Club only promotes its affiliate membership to people who want to join their business.

If you join Worldwide Cash Club as an affiliate, you will get ad credits which you can use to advertise to other affiliates on the company’s website.


What about their compensation plan?

If you want to become an affiliate member of Worldwide Cash Club, you will require to pay a joining fee of $35.

The $35 fee is split between six existing affiliates where each gets $5.

Marculus Miller then pockets the remaining $5.

The commission you earn is tracked via a uni-level system and pays six levels below you that you recruit.


What is the cost of joining Worldwide Cash Club?

As mentioned above, if you are looking to become a Worldwide Cash Club affiliate, you will require to pay $35 a membership fee.


Is Worldwide Cash Club a legit business or a scam?

By now I am sure you have an idea whether this company is a legit business or a scam.

When you check online, there are so many mixed reviews about Worldwide Cash Club, where some people say it is a scam while others legit.

But who is right?

Worldwide Cash Club tries to justify itself as a legit business model despite having no products which it can market to customers.

Affiliates only make money by recruiting more people into the business.

However, just like most MLM businesses, when the hype about Worldwide Cash Club is over, people will stop joining the company.

Therefore, you will make less money with this business that can barely support your lifestyle, leave alone recoup the $35 joining fee.


The Verdict

Worldwide Cash Club is just another pyramid scheme business which can collapse any time in the future.

Hence the business is nothing but a big scam.

It’s so tempting when you see affiliates earn $5 every time they recruit new people.

But what happens when people stop joining the business in the future?

With no retail products to sell and make profits, you will end up losing your hard earned money.

What about Mr. Miller?

He would have made enough money by then and will be nowhere to be seen when the business collapse, leaving affiliates to fend for themselves.

If you really care about yourself, you would not want to go through this risky path.

My verdict is that you stay clear of Worldwide Cash Club to avoid any frustrations that might arise when the business eventually collapse.

I trust that you enjoyed my Worldwide Cash Club Review and if you have any questions, please leave them below.


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