Winnex Plus Review


Winnex Plus Review

Winnex Plus Review

Hey Folks – Jason Foster here with my FULL Winnex Plus Review!

Winnex Plus business has been generating a lot of buzz online, especially on social media.

If you have come across their products, it is likely you have met one of their affiliates pitching their business opportunities to you on social media.

Perhaps you are here because you want to know whether Winnex Plus is a legit business or a scam.

It’s advisable you do your research before you spend your hard earned money to join any business as an affiliate.

Here we will take a look at Winnex Plus company, including the compensation plan and products, so that you will know if it is a legitimate business to join or a flat out scam.


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Winnex Plus review – Who are the owners?

If you are looking to learn more about the owners of Winnex Plus, you will not find it on their website.

After checking their website, it became clear there is no background information about the company.

Their website “” does not provide any information regarding who started the company and who owns it.

Instead, the company lists WinnexPlus Market e Incorporadora ltda’ as the owner with an address in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Red flag, maybe?

According to their website, the company registration happened on January 27, 2017.

On Winnex Plus website, there are a number of marketing videos that were uploaded to Vimeo account by a person known as Peter Marks.Winnex Plus review

A closer look at this person, shows a profile image of him in front of a stock office photo.

This raises more questions than answers whether this person actually exists or not.

The same image of this man also appears on a website called Trader Club.

After looking at Trader Club YouTube channel, I found a promotional video showing Peter Marks real name as Peter Marques.

Peter Marques is cited to be the CEO of Trader Club.

The company’s affiliates earn ROI on investment based on an automated software connected to sports betting.

Alexa rankings show the company started performing poorly at the beginning of this year.

Coincidentally, it is the same time that Winnex Plus was founded most probably by the same guy, Peter Marks.


Winnex Plus review – What are the products?

Winnex Plus review

This company does not include any details regarding retail products on their website.

Most MLM businesses include retail products in addition to the membership as part of their service.

This company only markets its affiliate membership to customers.

Perhaps another red flag?


Winnex Plus review – The compensation plan

When you are looking to join Winnex Plus as an affiliate, there are five investment packages you can choose which vary depending on ROI.

These investment packages include the following:

· Basic investment package – $67

· Bronze investment package – $200

· Silver package – $600

· Gold investment package – $1000

· Platinum investment package – $2000

For each investment package, you will earn a daily ROI in addition to a commission based on new affiliates who you bring to the business.

If someone you sponsor joins the company as a Basic affiliate, you will qualify for a $6.67 commission.

If they join as a Bronze affiliate, you will earn a commission of $20, for Silver affiliates you will earn $60, for Gold affiliates you will get a commission of $100 and Platinum affiliates you sponsor, you will earn $200 in commission.

The commission varies depending with the package of the person you sponsor chooses.

Affiliates who buy Bronze or higher packages also qualify for residual commission that are paid based on a binary compensation structure.


Winnex Plus review – The ranks

To reach the top of the rank at Winnex Plus, you will go through the following rank:

· Affiliate: This is when you first invest and join the company.

· Ruby: To become a Ruby, you will need to generate an accumulated points totaling 4,000 on your binary side.

· Saphire: To rise to a Saphire, generate an accumulated points totaling 20,000 on a binary side.

· Emerald: An Emerald should generate an accumulated points of 50,000 on a binary side.

· Pearl: To rise to the rank of Pearl, generate 150,000 accumulated points on a binary side.

· Diamond: You should generate an accumulated points of 400,000 on a binary side to rise to Diamond rank.

· Double Diamond: To become a Double Diamond, you must generate 1,000,000 accumulated points on a binary side.

· Triple Diamond: To rise to this rank, you must have an accumulated points totaling 3,000,000 on a binary side.

· Garnet: A Garnet should generate an accumulated points totaling 5,000,000 on a binary side.

· Emperor: To rise to the highest rank of Emperor, you must generate an accumulated points of 10,000,000 on a binary side to become the top of the ranks .


Winnex Plus review – The cost of joining the business

The cost of joining Winnex Plus business is basically what we looked at earlier under compensation plan.

You must invest between the Basic package costing $67 to the highest Platinum package costing $2000.

However, it is important to note that you will not qualify for the residual commission if you decide to join at the lowest package i.e. Basic.


Winnex Plus review – The Verdict: Scam or legit?

When it comes to MLM businesses, there is always a red flag, especially regarding their product and business opportunities.

Transparency is what many people look at before they invest their money to join an MLM company.

When you look at Winnex Plus, they do not have any products which you can use to rate the company as good or bad.

They only offer affiliate membership as a sole service where you earn ROI and get paid for recruiting new people.

For you to make money in this business, you have to keep recruiting new people every time to stay afloat.

If you fail to reach your target every month, you will lose your hard earned money.

The fact that this company does not show crucial details regarding the owner is a red flag.

Compared to other MLM businesses, Winnex Plus has a good ROI.

However, when the deal is too good think twice.

Whether it is a scam or legit, my verdict is that you should be careful when you decide to join this company as you can make or loose money all the same.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Winnex Plus Review and if you have any questions please leave them in the comment section at the end of the page.


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