What Is The Millionaires Brain - Is It Legit?


What Is The Millionaires Brain – Is It Legit?

Is the Millionaires Brain the answer to your financial struggles?  Will the ebook allow you to quit your job?

Is it worth investing your money into?  How successful has the system proven to be for individuals who join?

Is it “the most important video that you will ever watch” as stated on the website?

These and other questions will be answered for you within this: “What Is The Millionaires Brain” review.

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Please continue on with your review…

Name: The Millionaire’s Brain
Founded athttp://millionairesbrainacademy.com
Type: Self Help Success e-book
Related: Mind Power, Hypnosis, Success, Law Of Attraction, Subconscious
Creator: Winter Vee
Created: 2014
Price: $47 + 3 Up-sells
Refund Policy: Yes (60 Money Back Guarantee)
: support@themillionairesbrain.com
Rating: 4/10


The Millionaire’s Brain has been branded by Winter Vee as the most profitable wealth building program on earth.  He has a story to tell you about how he came to this conclusion, but is it all true?  Read below to see what he had to say in his sales video:

Firstly, he was involved in a drunk suicidal accident in Columbia Avenue, Portland Oregon:  Yes he was a big time serial alcoholic.

He found himself in Jail, depressed and feeling all hopeless.  This was all due to the death of his dear mother, she was extremely sick and seem to have no hope in life so she took a “death pill” which ended her own life.

Winter went on and tried everything… hypnotherapy, meditation, therapy but nothing seemed to work out for him.

He eventually did some reading written by the world’s most famous doctors.  While reading he found a quote that he said changed his entire life.  The quote was from the famous Greek physician Hippocrates.  This is what the quote had to say:

Hippocrates: “From The Brain Come All Joys, delights, laughter and sports and sorrows, grief, despondency, and lamentations.  By the Brain, we become mad and delirious and fairs and terrors assail us…All these things we endure from the brain when it is not healthy.”

Prior to reading this eye-opening quote, he was trapped in a relationship with an abusive girlfriend that he didn’t know how to leave, was trapped in debt  to the IRS by over $32,000 and the list goes on…he seemed to have the worst life possible.

But…here comes the great news!  He is now happy and contented in life.  He is now able to have the house of his dreams, luxury cars and able to do skydiving; living the life of his dreams.

According to Winter he is the “Fastest growing internet marketer” in the world now.  This is quite strange to me as I have never heard about him up until I saw the sales video of the Millionaires brain.

I have not seen him listed on websites such as Entreprenuer.com, Forbes.com nor any other major companies that do reports on top internet marketers worldwide.  I only see this information solely on his website.  Is this self-recommendation at the highest level?

So Winter Decided To Do Some More Research…

He claimed that he spent over 100 hours researching the brain:  one of the most important fact that he discovered was that the brain has over 100 billion neurons!  I have known this fact for quite a while now by reading books such as Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

He went on to say that rich people like the likes of Bill Gates and many other successful people’s brain are conditioned one way and that is to be successful while other people’s brain (the rest of us) are conditioned in a different way to fail.

He added that he discovered a big secret about BRAIN PLASTICITY: The ability to reshape your brain.

After studying all of this he started looking at life differently, everything started to change around him. People starting looking at him in a different way.

Winter made some really big statements that he is making some crazy amounts of money now.  Here are the extraordinary figures:

First Week: Made over $25K
Second Week: Made Ove $45K
End Of Year: Over $1.2 Million

He is now able to pay off his debt, found a girlfriend who loves him to death.  Life is just so great now!


What Winter Wants To Do For You

Winter wants you to give him 7 days for him to give you a new brain, enabling you to have a millionaire’s brain.  How will he be able to give you a millionaire’s brain?  He will do it by:

Presenting to you a series of 90 seconds video previews and all you have to do is press play and keep going through the millionaires’ brain product.

This is as “EASY AS PIE” for anyone to do according to Winter.

He has rated his system as the “Most advanced personal growth system yet” (not featured on TV and no one else is talking about it, not even Anthony Robbins)

You are also promised that you will have no need to do any research because it is already tested through and through.

Personally, I have to do a research before a test a product that I am about to invest into. That is exactly what I did before I found the most legitimate place to earn online and it was totally worth it!

I always suggest that others do this too just to be on the safe side.   Never be so gullible to believe all these stories you so often see online from someone who says they have the “secret to success”.


What’s Included within the Millionaires Brian System of videos?

Brain Reboot: Remove all the things preventing you from making you rich and give you a new startWhat Is The Millionaires Brain

Brain Shaper: Mold the fresh brain into a millionaires brain. Promised to make changes in the first day!

Brain Optimizer: Said to make your brain work faster and more efficiently and keep it going

Money Code: Map taking you from where you are now to over $1 million dollars

Millionaires Mindset: Holding your hands all the way to the finish line to success




How Is The Pricing structured?

Now the pricing is a great strategy that Winter uses to get people to buy his product.

He mentioned that his colleagues were saying that he should sell the product for $5000, but because he is a “good guy” and wants to offer a good deal, he thought about selling it for $1000 then $500 then $250 then $150.

In the end, he said that he is giving away the millionaires brain for only $47.

This strategy is a very well known tactic that many marketers use to give you the impression that you are really getting a great deal.  But in fact, the product is not even worth $5 in most cases.

Most of what you will learn within the system will be available to you by doing a simple youtube video search on “personal development”.



I get that Winter Vee wants to motivate people letting them know that they can be anything that they want in life by simply having a certain state of mind and that is totally great and actually true.  The thing is, you can find motivation for free all over the web.

You do not only need motivation, you need a system that provides you with step-by-step information for you to start earning some serious money online and not a whole mumbo jumbo fairytale dream with no real value and substance behind it.

If you really want to spend $47 to get some motivation, then go ahead and get the millionaires brain.  But if you are looking to start your own business online for free and profit from it, I would suggest that you take a close look at my # 1 choice here to learn how to start earning some good quality monthly commissions online!


I really hope that I have helped you today in this “What Is The Millionaires Brain” review and potentially save you some money.

Did I cover it all for you?  Do you have any questions, suggestions, concerns or anything to add?

Let me know within the comments below! 🙂

To your safety and success online,

Jason (Founder) How To Stay Safe On The Net

2 Responses to What Is The Millionaires Brain – Is It Legit?

  1. emily says:

    hi Jason
    well that is a ridiculous program if there was ever one. Those “wonderful results” that Winter “discovered” were found way before as you stated. The plasticity of the brain or its amount of neurons is a common fact. If that is his basis to sell a program, then no thanks. As most people already know that and I am not sure how that leads to making money….It seems like Winter is trying to create a big hype about facts that have long been discovered and use those facts to sell a program….

    • Jason Foster says:

      Yea, it seems as if Winter isn’t aware that what he is selling is easily accessible online for free. Too bad many people get pulled into this type of system.

      Thanks for chiming in Emily.

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