What Is Millionaire Biz Pro

What Is Millionaire Biz Pro?


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Welcome to the Millionaire Biz Pro Review here on HowToStaySafeOnTheNet.com.

You have either received an email in your inbox recently about a great money making opportunity from some spammy marketers and clicked on it which took you to the Millionaire Biz Pro website or you may have been on facebook or other social media platform.

Whichever way you have stumbled upon the Millionaire Biz Pro website, this will be the review for you so pay close attention and read to the end.

Let us find out What is Millionaire Biz Pro and see if the Millionaire Biz Pro is a legit business opportunity for you or not.


Name: Millionaire Biz ProWhat Is Millionaire Biz Pro
Found At: MillionaireBizPro.com
Type: Make Money Online Program
Price: $127 >$47 > $37 > $17 > Other Offers
Founder: Derek Maxwell
When Founded: 2015/16




What Is Millionaire Biz Pro?

So let us carefully find out exactly what the Millionaire Bizpro is all about, shall we?

Millionaire BizPro is advertised as an online business program where you can learn to make money by using pre-designed websites to sell and promote their products.

Like many others, I stumbled upon Millionaire Biz Pro when I received an email declaring that this was a great business opportunity to earn a huge income online.

I went further to check out the video and saw that it was really hyped up.  It really seemed to me to be too good to be true (That is always a scam clue for me).

The Millionaire Biz Pro says that they will help you to create an autoresponder which will supposedly generate leads and traffic to your website.

They made a very big claim, saying that you will be able to make money on auto without having to do any work at all!

I did sign up just to test out the system, although I knew from the get-go that it would turn out to be a big disappointment

Why did I signup then??  Simple.  I wanted to make sure that I tested it out for myself so that I could provide to you an honest experience.

Read on to see what I discovered…


Good and Bad of Millionaire Biz Pro


The Good

  • Some “Training Materials” Are Provided
  • Websites Are Easy To Create


The Bad

  • There is no help nor support from Millionaire Biz Pro
  • The cost does become expensive
  • Millionaire Biz Pro video is a lie (You have to do a lot of work)
  • There are many upsells to other programs (Eg. Copy My Commissions)


Is Millionaire Biz Pro For You?

What Is Millionaire Biz Pro

The Millionaire Biz Pro wants you!

The Millionaire Biz Pro wants you!  They say that their program is for anyone (beginner – expert).

They make it sound as if even a caveman will be able to do it. (No offense Mr. Caveman) 🙂

In all seriousness, if you are a total newcomer to making money online, you really would have NO CLUE what you are doing.

What the Millionaire Biz Pro does is make everything sounds so easy especially to the novice online person.

Personally, I have been doing online business since 2013/14 and I know as a fact that all the get rich schemes that promise you easy money are 99% most likely scams.

There is no real direction to tell you what you are going to be selling.  The obvious sales pitch is to sell the Millionaire Biz Pro to others.

To tell the truth, I would not even sell this system to ANYONE!   I would really feel shallow to know that if I sell it, I would only be providing a junk, useless product to others.

That’s just not my style at all.

The training is not top notch so I would not suggest that it is even shared around the internet.

If you are a beginner reading this Millionaire Biz Pro review, you should really stay away from their so-called “system”.

What you need to do is actually get real training from a source that does work and is tried, tested, trusted and has a great reputation in the marketplace.

Here is one such known program


On the other hand, if you are an expert marketer, I would suggest that you stick to the system which you are already using and do not bother to waste time with the Millionaire Biz Pro.

Trust me, the Millionaire Biz Pro will not add any value to your already established online business venture.

If you are looking to add more value to your already established business, you will also find great value from the program that is linked above or here, since it is suited for even the most advanced!


Millionaire Biz Pro Training and Tools

Let us now go into details about the training and the tools which the Millionaire Biz Pro entails…

The Millionaire Biz Pro’s training is mostly comprised of video tutorials.

These videos will help you to:

  • Create an email auto-responder using GVO, which is, by the way, $24.95, $44.95, or $99.95 per month depending on the package you choose.

Furthermore, you do not need to pay such huge prices for autoresponder services, especially when leaders in the autoresponder industry like Getresponse, MailChimp, Aweber, etc,  has much lower prices and better services.

  • Create a website.  The website is a great idea, however, for all who join the Millionaire Biz Pro, they will be basically getting the same duplicate website (they are all the same).
  • Setting up how you want to get paid; either through Paypal or Stripe

There is also a video about sending emails out to your subscribers.  There is a flaw with this…

This video does not actually show you how to construct your email messages in a professional, polished manner nor does it show you how to find actual subscribers.

This is a sure recipe for failure, especially for anyone who is brand new to online business.

I guess that Millionaire Biz Pro is not concerned about helping newbies by providing simple step-by-step instructions for success.  Their only motive seems to be to profit.

Email subscribers do not just come to you just like that.  You will need training on how to do this and the Millionaire Biz Pro does not provide this important training.

That is why I only recommend platforms that actually shows you absolutely EVERYTHING that is needed to run a successful online business and in most cases, you learn this all for free.

With these platforms, you learn how to get email subscribers, how to do the full affiliate marketing business, how to have your own unique website, overall, how to make money online the right way.

Click Here To Discover One Such Resource


What Is The Cost For Millionaire Biz Pro?

You have seen the price at the start of this review, however, I would like to break it down a bit further for you enabling you to get the full understanding…

The Millionaire Biz Pro costs $127 $47 to sign up for the program.

But wait!  You could pay less if If you were to attempt to close the page.

The first time you click to close, the price will be reduced to $37.  The second time you attempt, the price drops to a very generous $17 or the so-called “Friends & Family Discount” price seen below.

What Is Millionaire Biz Pro

If you were to attempt to close the page once again, you will be presented with a “special offer”.

At the time of writing this, the special offer is a program known as the Copy My Commissions, which I would assume to be a lower quality product than the Millionaire Biz Pro.

There is also an option to get support and digital backup for an additional $1.

Now let us go into the monthly costs and upsells (upgrades):

  • $37.95  per month for the Delta Membership
  • $197 for the Platinum Membership.  If you decline it will be offered for $97. 
  • $29-$49 per month for the SEO Software known as Webfire.

The Platinum and Delta Memberships provides a social share button with an opportunity to drive free visitors to your website, along with tips to grow your email list and how to drive traffic using Youtube,Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc.

The only problem is that you will not have any support just in case you were stuck and needed to ask someone a question.

In all honesty, the Webfire software may be the most valuable product which is offered from the Millionaire Biz Pro creators.

It has a reputable standing online on reviews and forums such as Warrior Forum (the last time that I checked). Let’s hope it remains that way.


Millionaire Biz Pro Support/Refund?



There is a customer service email address which you will be able to send an email.

The email address is support@millionairebizpro.com.

There is no guarantee that you will receive a reply in a timely manner nor assurance that you will get your problem solved.



Millionaire Biz Pro is a ClickBetter product and there is a 60 money back guarantee available to all customers who joins.

ClickBetter is a legitimate online marketplace where many affiliate marketers go to find offers to promote, however, not all the offers are of high quality.

If you have purchased the Millionaire Biz Pro and is not satisfied with it, you can get your refund provided that you are within the 60 window.

Click here to be redirected to the refund page.


Is Millionaire Biz Pro a Scam?

I am not the person to run around and say that this and that program is a scam, however, the Millionaire Biz Pro does show signs of being a scam system.

I would prefer you to be the judge by evaluating what you have read and also share your own experience with using the Millionaire Biz Pro system.

The comment section is open below, so please leave your opinions for others to judge for themselves.


Final Thoughts on Millionaire Biz Pro

Overall, I would not recommend the Millionaire Biz Pro to you as a LEGIT business opportunity.

I have seen a lot of negative elements related to the system so I would rather you stay away from them.

If you are somehow convinced that the Millionaire Biz Pro is the program for you, you are free to visit the official website and sign up to test it out for yourself.


You must know that there are thousands of work at home programs on the net, but most of them are scams or simply do not work.

I can, however, recommend ONE work at home program that actually works.

Are you ready to discover this program?

Click here to see what I mean


I hope you did find the answers to the questions which you were seeking.  As usual, thank you for reading.

Your friend,
Jason (Founder) HowToStaySafeOnTheNet.com

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This What Is Millionaire Biz Pro Review was written and submitted on Saturday, October 8, 2016.


8 Responses to What Is Millionaire Biz Pro

  1. Hi Jason,

    Your article is very informative and it is GREAT to see that you are testing the system and basing the review on your personal experience.

    When you want to leave a offer and they reduce their price and you’re still not interested and still want to leave and they keep on reducing the price – wow, it just goes to show that the program is not of real value. How many people do they catch with the original high price and how fair is that? If Millionaire Biz Pro are not sure of the value of their own product, then one has to wonder…

    Thank you for making everybody aware to stay clear of this so called “wonderful” offer.


    • Jason says:

      Exactly the same question I had to ask myself. There is truly no true value from the Millionaire Biz Pro and the people who created it know this fact.

      Thanks for chiming in with your comment, Marisa.

      Kind regards.

  2. Tasleem says:

    Hi Jason,

    Great post. The number of times that I get emails telling me that I have luckily been chosen to receive that much cash! Lol I always beware of such claims you know. There is no such way of making money that easily. The only way to succeed is through hard work and patience.

    • Jason says:


      I Totally agree with your statement.

      It is just a shame that so many people still believe all the hype that is spewed around the internet about making money online.

      Thank you for your comment.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this “make money online” program.

    From what I can see so far about this system, it’s not the best way to build a long standing online business. For some they may make a quick buck, but I don’t feel this program can offer something that is long term, and/or legitimate.

    I don’t think a program like this is worth my time. I’m more interested in creating an honest, legitimate business that I feel proud of.

    Wishing you all the best!

    • Jason says:

      I agree with you as well.

      A legitimate business is surely the way forward. Something that you are proud of and can pass on to your kids.

      Thank you for your comment.


  4. Justin says:

    Great Article

    Good to see some research on these programs especially as they are all very intriguing.

    In a society where money is hard to come by it is important that people get the best opportunity on their business investments.

    Seems a little fishy when the price gets reduced every time you try to close the page.

    Thanks for the review, I’ll likely be avoiding this one!


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