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Welcome to the What Is Dubai Lifestyle App Review.

This Dubai Lifestyle App review will enable you to make a well-informed decision if you are thinking of trading using the software.

As usual, I will provide as much information as possible to stop the countless amount of money from falling into the wrong hands.

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Name: Dubai Lifestyle AppWhat Is Dubai Lifestyle App
Founder(s): Fabricated/Unknown
Type: Binary Options
Price: $250 – $10,000
Rating: 0/10
Trusted: NO
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What Is Dubai Lifestyle App?

Dubai Lifestyle App is said to be a trading software designed to help traders win trades at a 90-100% success rate.

Now, before we even go further, I want you to think logically about this claim.

Do you truly believe that there is a trading software anywhere out there that will enable you to win trades at such high rates?

Think about that for a minute.

Dubai Lifestyle APP also claims that you will make huge amounts of money when you trade with them.

It is said that you can even become a millionaire in a short period of time.

What I am about to show you may shock you or even get you real angry, however, you can actually use this review as a lifesaver because I will be providing a very lucrative & genuine opportunity for you further below.

Read on to see what I have discovered about the Dubai Lifestyle app…


Dubai Lifestyle app – Fake Testimonials

There are real testimonials and there are fake testimonials.

The Dubai Lifestyle APP creators used actors to give their so called software “positive” feedback.

This is a very effective scam tactic used to get people to trust a product.

Here is proof for you to really understand what I am talking about.

The person whose image you see below is 100% fake.  He is a actor who goes around and does testimonials for a living:


Dubai Lifestyle app


If you were to go over to the website, you will get to see his gig page where he “sells” his services for $5 bucks – $20 bucks.

As a matter of fact, I have exposed this same actor on one of my past posts.  It is very similar to the Dubai Lifestyle APP.

You can view the article here if you like.

The below image is his profile page where he advertises his “skills” for fraudsters to take advantage of and lure in unsuspecting individuals to deposit funds.


What Is Dubai Lifestyle App


It is also proven that the other people you see in the Dubai Lifestyle video are also actors.  You will see what I mean in the video further below.


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Scott Hathaway Dubai LifeStyle

What about the CEO/Founder Scott Hathaway, is he also an actor?

During my investigation, I found out that Scott Hathaway is simply a made up figure.

The image that is shown on the website is actually a stock photo.

Obviously, what the creators of the Dubai Lifestyle app did was to purchase (or steal) the image and put it on the website as the CEO of the company.

Take a look at the screenshot of what I found when I did a google image search on the Scott Hathaway image:

What is Dubai LifeStyle App

Click Image For Larger View


The results show that the image is not that of the CEO of Dubai Lifestyle as they claim.  This image is used on many other websites as well.

I would recommend that from now on when you are about to join a company (trading or otherwise) – especially if you are about to invest money make sure to do an image search on the owners.

This will help you to know for sure if the person is real or simply made up.


Beware Of Countdown Timers!

Almost always when you visit a website that promises quick riches, you will normally see a countdown timer.  You can write it off as a scam in the making.

This is one of the clues I wrote about in my “how to spot a scam website” article.

On the Dubai Lifestyle APP website, you are sure to see the countdown timer plastered on the top right-hand side of the screen.


What is Dubai LifeStyle App


Scammers find this tactic quite effective – especially towards newbies who are looking to profit online.

If you are a newbie trader and would genuinely love to know how to trade professionally, I would encourage you to pick up a free copy of the “How To Become An Online Trader” e-book.

It is available to you for free by clicking right here.

You will be able to learn real skills on becoming a professional online trader.


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Other Warnings!

In an effort to get as many people as possible to lose money trading with the Dubai Lifestyle APP, the creators have enabled a BIG exit pop up on the website.

This pop-up exit sign appears when you are about to close the web page.

Many unsuspecting people enter their email address into the form provided.  They are then lured to deposit funds into a fake offshore broker account.


What Is Dubai Lifestyle App


My best advice for you is to leave the web page and refrain from leaving your personal details on any forms provided.

In most cases, your information will be sold to a third party website.  What this does is allow other shady marketers to send you more scams to your inbox.

I can guarantee you that if you were to visit the Dubai Lifestyle web site at any time in the future, you will be sure to see the same countdown timer, same exit pop up, and all the other scam elements displayed on the website.

A legitimate business does not use pressure tactic to persuade its users to join – it is always up the individual to sign up or not.


The Bottom Line

You have seen above what the creators of the Dubai LifeStyle APP is really trying to do.

They have managed to scam a lot of people because of their promises and lies displayed all over the website.

I hope that with this review, I will shed some light on this type of trading scam.


True Verdict: Dubai LifeStyle APP is a BIG Scam!


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It was a big pleasure helping you today to find the right answers about the Dubai Lifestyle App.

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In success,
Jason (founder)


PS: This video below should add further proof that the Dubai Lifestyle APP is a full blown scam in disguise.

If you have been affected negatively by the Dubai Lifestyle scam, please visit the sites below to get justice:


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Dubai Lifestyle APP Video Review


“What Is Dubai Lifestyle App” Review submitted by Jason on Friday, November 18, 2016.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

25 Responses to What Is Dubai Lifestyle App?

  1. Thomas Martin says:

    thanks for this review :
    I know you say that Binary Options are not worth it, but is it something that can done with strategy?

    And when you bet on whether the market is upwards trending or on a decline, are you trying to bet on whether the exact moment the timer is up the asset has gone negative in value since the moment you put in the trade?

    Hope someone answers my question, I know this post has been some Week ago, but would definitely appreciate it!

    • Jason says:

      Hey, Thomas,

      Yes, Binary Options are not really worth it in my opinion, and futher more, there are tons of scam binary options online.

      The best suggestion is to actually be involved with REAL trading platforms such as 24Options, Avatrade, or Etoro.

      That is how you will learn the true way to trade. The only setback is that trading is a real risky business and you have to be willing to part with money which you can afford to lose.

      I hope this helps.

  2. Hans says:

    Hi Jason
    First of all, thanks a lot for this informative article. I saw an ad of the Dubai Lifestyle app and thought that it was a clear and legit opportunity to make money online.
    But not after you exposed its true face. I’m glad that I actually decided to research the product and came across your site. You have exposed the ‘scammy’ method which the app uses and I’m not a fan of it anymore.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Jacob Schilling says:

    Thanks for the review and revelation of this site being a scam, I hope that anyone who has heard about this scam ends up here so that they can be saved by you!

    I think that one of the best ways to avoid scams is understanding false promises and realizing ridiculous statements, such as this one of making $7,000 a day but make sure you click this link before the timer expires.

    Again thanks for your review and have a great day!

  4. Megan says:

    Wow!!! Thanks for the insight on what to look for. I’m definitely going to be more mindful of what I download. Now I know what signs to look for as well. Great Job!

  5. Jayden says:

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for your posts! This is really eye-opening.

    You are so generous to point out that the Dubai APP is absolutely a scam! Normally we do not alert, even the CEO is fake!!!

    I would recommend my friends to follow your post! And hope you can give us more details about different scams!

    All the Best

    • Jason says:

      Glad that I could provide this review on the Dubai APP for the world to see what is going on behind the scenes of this type of scam.

      Thanks for your comment.

  6. Erna Astantin says:

    It is so scary, even they fake the CEO. But Jason it’s really nice of you to write this kind of article.

    I believe people are getting smarter now, they will be looking for reviews before joining programs. And your article can save many people from being scammed. Nice.

    • Jason says:

      Yea, these fake systems are really sucking money out of people’s pocket without providing any true value.

      I like exposing the scams for what they truly are and guiding people to true money making opportunities online.

      I am glad you found the review.

      Thank you for your comment.

  7. Kevin Bulmer says:

    Wow, Jason, this is eye-opening. All I had to read was their proposed 90%+ success rate and I was out. But in going further into your review and seeing your reporting on the acting, etc. Crazy. It’s amazing that, especially in this day and age, people and organizations can be so clearly “slimy” and yet still have enough people follow along for it to be worth the effort of whoever is running the scam. Too bad.

    Good thing we’ve got people like you to offer this kind of advice. It’ll help people. Well done.

    Best wishes,


  8. Panu says:

    Good one. Hopefully, more people lured in by binary options and not just this specific example would read this.

    Speaking as a person who has spent money both on binary options themselves as well as trading systems for binary options.

    That being said, binary options themselves are not a scam, but they are not trading either. They are just betting on markets as one would bet on horses or football game.

  9. Giosuè says:

    Jason, I like your opinion on this kind of business.

    You tell me a very honest and very profitable method.

    I intend to use a system that not a MUST to make more and more and more money “FAST AND FURIOUS”,
    but a secure and “KEEP THE CALM” Autobot for trading on binary option and forex.

    • Jason says:

      Hey, Giosuè,

      Seems like you are seeking a reliable auto-trader.

      There are so many frauds online, especially the binary options trading scams.

      I suggested that if you want to learn about trading you have to get the knowledge.

      It’s a risky business so you could lose a lot of money if you don’t know what you are doing.

      The “How To Become An Online Trader” e-book is a great source of information so get your free copy.

  10. Seth says:

    That’s crazy. Thanks Jason for the heads up! Never heard them but the fact they don’t even have a real CEO is red flag in itself. I appreciate the vid also.

    • Jason says:

      It’s a pleasure, Seth.

      Yea, imagine a company that makes up a CEO. Dubai lifestyle is a straight up fraud taking place online.

      Glad I could help out.

  11. Kate says:

    Oh my god! So scary! I really appreciate you doing the research to highlight scams so people can make a more informed choice. Good work! Thank you 🙂

    • Jason says:

      Yea, these scams are ruthless so make sure to trod with caution when you choose to invest into any online system.

      Glad that you found my post on time before you ever were a victim of this Dubai Lifestyle APP.

  12. Anis Chity says:

    You did an amazing job by making this stupid scam strip naked for us!

    This is one of the most dangerous scams that I have ever read! and you did a good job by pointing that out!

    I think that scam actor should be arrested! He’s making people lose their hard earned money for nothing!

    Thank you for sharing this awesome post ! Keep up the good work!

  13. Brandon says:

    Wow! Thank God that I did not download this app. I am definitely going to steer clear of this app and be more cautious on what I download from now on. Thanks for the information!

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