What Is 250payday.net|Is 250 Payday Scam?

Today you will learn about this new money making system known as 250Payday.net System.

You will learn if it is a legitimate online opportunity that you should definitely go for or if you should just avoid it all together and go with something that has already been proven to work.

Read along for this honest review…


Name: 250Payday

Website: http://www.twofiftypayday.net

Creator: Joshua Joiner

Launched: November 2015

Price: USD$250 one time fee, $100 per rotary entry

Rating: 60/100

Type: Viral Blogging, Video Marketing, CPA, Dropshipping On Ebay and Amazon, Ranking Niches Site, Earning Money on Fiverr, Social Media Marketing etc.

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I am in no way shape nor form affiliated with the 250payday website.

This is just an unbiased review about this new opportunity that Josh created to help people.  Read on…

Josh has been involved in marketing for around 4 years now and is good at making money online.

He has been associated with many money making programs online over the years and have created other opportunities before.

One of his first projects was paid4ward.net that some of you might already be familiar with.

He is also involved with a very well known MLM system: 4 Corners Alliance Group & was involved with the National Wealth Center but has recently parted ways with them.

You can see his review on youtube titled: “National Wealth Center | GPS FUNNEL CULT| NWC Hatred| AVOID NWC”.

With every new money making program created online, it will take some time for trust to develop.

The good thing about 250 payday is that its already few members are making money and loving it!

It is one of the few new programs online that is actually working for people.

There are real tutorials that are loaded on the website for a total newbie to learn from provided that they invest the $250 one time payment.


How I Got “Invited” To 250 Payday

I got invited to 250payday by one of its members by email.

The email subject line was “(EXPOSED) 3 Steps to bank $1,000 a day“.

I did not have this person in my email address book, therefore, it is a spam email.

I went ahead and opened the email which led me to the 250payday website.

You may have seen the sales video before…. It contains the typical big buttons that you see on most one page websites that you have the option to click to go to Paypal to purchase the product.

There are also a few testimonials at the bottom of the page.

What I have to congratulate Josh on is the fact that these testimonials are real and not like the fake ones that you will see on a lot of scam websites.

Personally, I did not purchase the program as it seems too expensive to purchase some information that I already know and get for free at this place.

On that note, congratulations to all the members who have managed to purchase 250payday and is making money with it by referring others to try it out too.

I just didn’t like the way how I was introduced to 250 paydays.

I did not sign-up to any newsletter, yet I got an email from one of its members.

However, that does not mean that the system is at flaw, it is just the way how that particular member decided to promote it that it seemed a bit fishy to me.


Are There Training And Tools In 250 Payday?

Tons of tools and training are included in the $250 dollars that the members invest.

As mentioned further above, you see that the various aspects of online marketing are covered.

In addition to the tools listed above, you will also find:

  • DS Domination
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Click Bank Product Marketing
  • Solo Ads Marketing
  • WSO Content
  • Fiverr.com – how to marketing and sell on
  • Amazon – how to marketing and sell on
  • Frank Kerns – copywriting
  • Lead Generation Marketing

Within the system, you will also have full access to resale rights to the products.

That simply means you will be able to share the content with others enabling you to make a sale since your affiliate link will also be sprinkled in various places within these materials.

This information is gathered from current members within the 250payday system.

It is important for those reading this to know that if you do decide to join, you should focus on one topic at a time.

One fatal mistake that most newbies make is trying to do everything at once.

That is a sure remedy to failure.

I made that mistake when I was just starting out as I wanted to make money immediately.

It will take some time to generate income in any online opportunity.

Take your time to go through the courses that are provided and you will eventually arrive at your destination.


What About Expert Support?

This is where the 250 payday falls a bit short.

You will be pretty much on your own if your sponsor is 250Payday.netnot there to guide you along the way.

Many of the members are busy with their campaign so they are not really interested to “spoon-feed” others.

However, not all members are like that so you may be lucky enough to find a good sponsor who will help you if you do need assistance with your projects.

There is also a support group on Facebook that may be able to assist you.

Still do not be too concerned about this as the videos and tutorials will be broken down in baby steps for you to understand.


Is 250 Payday Price Worth It?

Let’s face it, many people looking to start earning money online are desperately looking for a way to make money.

Some of these people have less than $100 in their bank account.

People are looking for value before they fully invest into something that they are not 100% sure will work for them.

There should have at least been a trial version for people to give the product a test run and then eventually these same people would be able to save up the money when they know for a fact that the system will work for them.

The amount of $250 will be quite a high sum for the average person looking for a legitimate way to earn online.

This may be something that Josh will have to look into and possibly lower the price for those who are interested in joining.

Consider the single mom or dad, the person who just got laid off and need something to bounce back on, the unemployed and many other people who are in a tight spot.

Think about them too, not just the people who have the money right on the spot to purchase the product.


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What Is The Rotator System?

The rotator system is a system that Josh implemented to help its members who want to get a quick 250Payday.netreturn on their investment.

It allows the member to pay $100 to the company so that the company will go out there on the internet; using their experienced marketing strategies to get 2 guaranteed sales for that particular member.

That will amount to $500 dollars in sales.

Many of its members do take advantage of this and continuously make money doing it.

There is, however, a restriction to this rotator system; it is limited to the amount of member that it can accommodate at one time.

This helps to control the dynamic growth of the 250 payday system, which allows everyone to get a spot in the rotator.

The Rotator is by far the most exciting feature within the 250 payday system for its growing members.

There have been rave reviews about it.

I think it is a good idea that the company gets sales for you.

Not a bad idea at all for a new product on the internet marketing scene.


Who Is This 250 Payday System For?

Josh Joiner or “JJ” as most people know him, says that his system is not for everyone.

He emphasizes that if you are looking to join, you must put in the hard work and treat it just like a business.

 I have to agree with this as many people go into a system with a push button get rich quick mentality expecting that they just delve in and then money will keep pouring into their accounts.

This system is for a go-getter who has a hustling attitude.

The ones who put out their genuine efforts are usually the ones who make it the furthest.

Do not even consider going into 250payday if you are not willing to do these things.


Can I Get A Refund?

There is a NO REFUND policy and all sales are final.

If you are a serial refunder or freeloader looking to jump into the system with the intention of asking for your money back, I am afraid that it will not be possible to do so.

For a more detailed explanation on this,  I would suggest that you take your time and read the Terms & Conditions page on the 250payday website.


Is This The Perfect Program That Will Work For You?

This 250 payday program is new and therefore, it has not gotten the time to build up its reputation as a trusted legit opportunity.

We have to give it some time to prove itself to the world.

Josh is looking to really help others to make some money online, but again, this is rather pricey for the “average Joe”.

With that said, the system provides a whole lot of tutorials on many marketing topics and you get to pick what suits you best.

Just remember to stick with it if you are going into the system.  Pick one area and master it then move on the other.


Are There Any Alternative To The 250Payday System?

That’s a fantastic question you ask.

There are many systems online that have been around for years that continuously provides great support, high levels of training, realistic money making opportunities and have a positive, solid reputation worldwide.

As you know, I only recommend systems that really works and does stand the test of time.

No bogus systems are ever promoted on this website.

These programs are business and not get rich quick schemes.

Making money online definitely works.

It is amazing to see so many success stories about people making money online each day armed with a computer with a good internet connection.

If you are interested in the business of making money online, affiliate marketing is the answer.

Take your pick of the programs that will work.

Avoid scams at all costs, there are so many out there.

As far as I can see, the 250payday is worth a try for those with the funds to buy it, but if you would like to learn for free how to do all these things I would strongly recommend that you take look at the most trusted name in affiliate marketing training.

Whatever you do remember to take massive ACTION.

It makes no sense you acquire knowledge without even utilizing it.


Have I covered all you need to know about the 250Payday.net System?

Let me know below in the comments! 🙂

I would love to hear especially from its past and current members and all those who are looking to join.

Talk to you soon.

Jason Foster (Founder)
How To Stay Safe On The Net

8 Responses to What Is 250payday.net|Is 250 Payday Scam?

  1. Richard Volcy says:

    I’m ready

  2. Ikenna Azubogu says:

    Hello Jason,

    I tried using the rotator system or the free wealthy affiliate site but couldn’t as my country of origin (Nigeria) is not supported.

    That to me is indeed strange as am certain the site that requires i make payment fully supports my country. Could you very kindly explain this confusion to me?


  3. Olawale Adedipe says:

    You don’t recommend WA and tell people its free,that is misleading. You can say 1st 30 days is free then a recurrent monthly payment of about $50.

    You are not bias though, I appreciate your sincerity, I have not joined 250payday yet. I am still looking at it and might join it. Thank you

    • Jason says:

      Thank you for your comment Olawale. You may have misread what I have written about Wealthy Affiliate, so please allow me to clear up any confusion.

      Wealthy Affiliate has a free starter membership which lasts for as long as you want (IS IS NOT A TRIAL). Then there is a premium membership which does cost $49 per month.

      If you have not read the full review of Wealthy Affiliate, or the short Wealthy Affiliate review I would invite you to do so, as this will enable you to fully understand what this professional, established online community is all about.

      Looking forward to seeing you taking solid action in life to achieve your personal financial goals.

      Kind regards,

  4. Jorge says:

    Jason, you should have had this information up about 5 years ago. I’d be a millionaire today!

    It’s amazing how so many people – including myself – go into the internet marketing field with the impression that they are going to be making money as quickly as they got into it: only to find themselves failing at whichever system and demanding a refund for their apparent inconvenience.

    The truth is, just as you stated, they did not do their research and/or did not go into it with the right expectations.

    It’s my opinion that – if you want to make money faster – you need to be willing to put money into whatever you’re doing. That being said, it is important to know what you’re putting money into. You can’t just throw it anywhere and expect a return.

    You mentioned the Rotator System with 250 Payday and it got me wondering. So, how does it work? You allow 250 Payday to market your product and provide you a return, but what happens after that? Do you just return to obscurity, or do they do something to your site to let it gain more attention?

    I definitely enjoyed your article, and I may have to entertain this in the future, but I have to determine if $250 is a worthy investment for this product. Who knows? Maybe ‘JJ’ will have a change of heart about the cost while I’m thinking about it! In the mean time, I will enjoy the tools provided by Wealthy Affiliate!

    All the best,

    • Jason Foster says:

      Hey Jorge,

      Making money online requires you to have a foundation set up. It requires you to put some effort into it, most people fail because they jump into it with a get rich quick mentality that is why most people give up when money is not being made instantly.

      It is true that money can be made online fast, but most times you are required to invest some money into it and at the same time you have to investigate that the system that you will invest in is legit.

      Regarding your question about the Rotator System; once its users gets 2 new users to buy into the system, that is pretty much where the marketing ends as it relates to the company. It is up to the member to keep promoting his or her offer to continue gaining with the system.

      I am happy to know that you liked this article and lets see if “JJ” will consider lowering the price for those who are interested in joining. If you have any other questions, just give me a shout. 🙂

      Take care now Jorge.


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