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Welcome to HowToStaySafeOnTheNet.com!

My name is Jason and I have been using the internet to earn a honest living online since 2014.

I build this website with the sole purpose to HELP and protect people from the many online scams that I see popping up all over the internet and at the same time providing real solutions to actually help many people to make money online.

This is not a website where I promote scams or get rich quick schemes.

Instead, I provide places which are well-established respectable and legitimate online businesess.

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I hope you find my website helpful as you scan the pages or posts.

If you have any questions about my website, making money online, avoiding online scams, or anything in general, feel free to contact me on my WAProfile or email me at jason@howtostaysafeonthenet.com.

I am always here to help you out and do desire to see you succeed in life.

Warmest regards,
Jason (founder) HowToStaySafeOnTheNet