Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

I am a big fan of wealthy affiliate since the very first day I stumbled upon the platform.

I have had and is still seeing online success because of what I have learned from the training, and implemented on all my websites.

Kyle and Carson (the owners) have done an excellent job in providiing a great platform for anyone who wants to learn how to start and grow an online business.

As you can see from the image below, I have met them personally and can tell you that they really care about seeing people succeed.

Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

Many people wonder if wealthy affiliate is the real deal or not.

I want to show people that the training does work once it is followed and applied.

So today I am going to share with you some wealthy affiliate income proof screen shots from just a handful of members inside the community.

These posts screenshots should inspire you to take action and also become a successful online marketer.

NOTE: If you would like to see the full blog post of any particular screenshot, simply type your query into the wealthy affiliate search bar (see example screenshot below)

You should see a series of results listed below.

Just click on it to read the full post.

Or, to make it easier for you, I will provide a link above each screen shot so that you can simply click to read the full article.

Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

Now, without any further ado, let us take a look at these awesome income proofs and success stories:


Matthew’s Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

You will see within the post that Matthew points out that there’s no such thing as “overnight success”.

To get results, you simply have to put in the work.

=> Click here to read Matthew’s FULL Income Proof.

wealthy affiliate income proof


Mike’s Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

What I love about Mike’s income proof is that he made his first sale in just 9 weeks of joining WA.

Obviously, he was able to follow the main training closely, implemented what he learned and then got the results!

And, once one sale is made online, this opens the doors to many more.

=> Click here to read Mike’s FULL Income Proof.

wealthy affiliate income proof


Branton’s Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

Branton used simple white hat SEO techniques which brought in organic search traffic to his site.

SEO is one of the main strategies which is taught inside wealthy affiliate (Google Approved)

Also, this method is totally free to implement.

It will take time to see results, but it is by far the most targeted way to get traffic.

=> Click here to read Branton’s FULL Income Proof.

wealthy affiliate income proof


Jewel’s Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

Jewel is one of those wealthy affiliate members who earn regular online income through her home business.

She focuses on ranking her articles using long tail keywords (these convert extremely well in the search engines)

Within her blog post she shares how she posts at least 4 to 5 times a week on her website.

=> Click here to read Jewel’s FULL Income Proof.

wealthy affiliate income proof


Craig’s Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

Amazon and Share-a-Sale are two of the main affiliate programs Craig uses to monetize his website.

He truly works hard on his business to get it to where he wants it to be and you will see him posting his many income proofs on his profile.

=> Click here to read Craig’s FULL Income Proof.

wealthy affiliate income proof


Misty’s Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

Yet, another person earning their first online money due to the powerful affiliate training available inside wealthy affiliate.

Misty used the social media marketing training to help her reach more audience and, therefore, earning her first online commission.

Job well done here and much more to come!

=> Click here to read Misty’s FULL Income Proof.

wealthy affiliate income proof


Russell’s Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

$6800 in one month is what Russell was able to achieve when he focused entirely on his affiliate marketing business.

He simply wanted to see what was possible if he stayed laser focused!

=> Click here to read Russell’s FULL Income Proof.

wealthy affiliate income proof


Joshua’s Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

In his full 12 month Amazon case study, Joshua documents how he was able to leverage the training at Wealthy Affiliate and build a steady flow of income.

He realized that adding content targeting buyers keywords was the right formula.

=> Click here to read Joshua’s FULL Income Proof.

wealthy affiliate income proof


Dejan’s Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

Dejan was able to reach 1 sale per day with an average of $26 per sale.

He is one of those dedicated person who believes in working smart to reach his personal goals.

=> Click here to read Dejan’s FULL Income Proof.

wealthy affiliate income proof


Craig’s Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof (2)

If you have been paying attention, you may have noticed that this is the second income proof by Craig.

His sales keeps going up each month.

This is what normally happens with an affiliate marketing business – it’s passive and often times recurring.

=> Click here to read Craig’s FULL Income Proof.

wealthy affiliate income proof


Wenda’s Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

Now, this income proof by Wenda is quite thrilling.

She actually earned this $200 from a book review site that she built with the help & guidance of Wealthy Affiliate.

The funny thing is that she was not very active on the site, however, still managed to make a decent sale.

=> Click here to read Wenda’s FULL Income Proof.

wealthy affiliate income proof


Pierre’s Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

Pierre’s story is a classic example of what’s possible when you have persistence.

Even after months of earning minimal income, he kept pushing forward.

He could have easily quit when big bucks weren’t flowing, but he stood steadfast on his journey.

=> Click here to read Pierre’s FULL Income Proof.

wealthy affiliate income proof


Jaime’s Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

It is always a great feeling to see others making sales everyday with thier online business.

This is the case with Jamie.  He is now consistently earning every day commissions by linking to Amazon products from one of his niche sites.

He does mention within his blog that it takes time and REAL work to make it all possible, however, the returns on the time invested is just fantastic!

=> Click here to read Jaime’s FULL Income Proof.

wealthy affiliate income proof


Nadia’s Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

Even thought it took approximately 1 year for Nadia to reach her first $100 day, it is still a HUGE step for her.

It can sometimes take a while, especially for a total newbie to get the affiliate marketing concepts right.

Still, it beats working for the local boss, and the freedom working from home provides is priceless.

=> Click here to read Nadia’s FULL Income Proof.

wealthy affiliate income proof


Owain’s Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

Owain learned that when he writes products/services reviews, it gain traction in Google and other search engines.

This is by far one of the best ways to get traffic to any site.  People are always looking for a review before they actually make a purchase.

Wealthy Affiliate does a great job teaching it’s members how to construct quality product reviews.

The main online entrepreneur training covers this subject in FULL step-by-step (over the shoulder) lessons.

=> Click here to read Owain’s FULL Income Proof.

wealthy affiliate income proof


Craig’s Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

Oh, yeah!  It’s Craig once more 🙂

This guy is really having fun inside wealthy affiliate and is proud to share his earning results.

$174 per day is a good chunk of change to be earning from one’s online business.

And, as you might notice, these figures tend to grow as time progresses.

Affiliate marketing is truly an awesome business to be a part of.

=> Click here to read Craig’s FULL Income Proof.

wealthy affiliate income proof


Sarah’s Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

I enjoyed reading the journey that Sarah took to reach her €3800 for the month of July and €1348 in 1 week.

She has successfully used the training at wealthy affiliate to create her makeup youtube channel.

She is an extremely creative person who shares with her audience tips and tricks on how to apply makeup, and also makes it fun.

=> Click here to read Sarah’s FULL Income Proof.

wealthy affiliate income proof


Kevin’s Wealthy Affiliate Success Proof

Another perk with having an online business is the freedom to travel to the places you want without having to worry too much about the cost.

Kevin’s story shows you that this is totally possible and that you can make this a reality of your own.

There’s no time like today to start your very own online business.

=> Click here to read Kevin’s success.

wealthy affiliate income proof


Eric’s Wealthy Affiliate Success Proof

While Hurricane Harvey was raging havoc across the US, Eric was out helping people after the damage had been done.

Even while doing this, his website was still working in the background earning passive income, which enabled him to rake up his highest earnings for that month.

This was all possible because of the training that he received from wealthy affiliate, but most importantly, his sheer will and determination to take action on what he learned.

=> Click here to read Eric’s success.

wealthy affiliate income proof


Neil’s Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

Neil was able to earn over $1K from ONE company that he recommends on his website.

In addition to that $1K commission, he also earns income from other companies.

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that you are not bound to promote only one company or product.

You can literally start building a website TODAY, write articles using low competition buyer keywords and start gaining traction.

Wealthy affiliate shows anyone the steps that is needed to become successful with an affiliate marketing business.

=> Click here to read Neil’s FULL Income Proof.

wealthy affiliate income proof


Anthony’s Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof


=> Click here to read Anthony’s FULL Income Proof.

wealthy affiliate income proof


Howard’s Wealthy Affiliate Success Proof


=> Click here to read Howard’s success.

wealthy affiliate income proof


Peter’s Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof


=> Click here to read Peter’s FULL Income Proof.

Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof


Juan’s Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof


=> Click here to read Juan’s FULL Income Proof.

Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof


Darren’s Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof


=> Click here to read Darren’s FULL Income Proof.

wealthy affiliate income proof


Alejandra’s Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof


=> Click here to read Alejandra’s FULL Income Proof.

wealthy affiliate income proof


Carl’s Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof


=> Click here to read Carl’s FULL Income Proof.

wealthy affiliate income proof


Matt’s Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof


=> Click here to read Matt’s FULL Income Proof.

wealthy affiliate income proof


Jessica’s Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof


=> Click here to read Jessica’s FULL Income Proof.

wealthy affiliate income proof


Patsy’s Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof


=> Click here to read Patsy’s FULL Income Proof.

wealthy affiliate income proof


Lynne’s Wealthy Affiliate Success Proof


=> Click here to read Lynne’s success.

wealthy affiliate income proof


Tom’s Wealthy Affiliate Success Proof


=> Click here to read Tom’s success.

Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof


Duru’s Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof


=> Click here to read Duru’s Income Proof.

Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

I will keep updating this Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof list as more members share their experience, so bookmark & visit often 🙂

Are you a wealthy affiliate member?

What is your experience so far inside the community.

Not yet a Wealthy Affiliate member?  What’s stopping you?

=> Sign up for your account today!

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment and also share on your favorite social media site.

Thank you,


20 Responses to Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof – REAL Proof Of Success!

  1. Eartha says:

    This is a great compilation of Wealthy Affiliate success stories. It is always inspiring to see how other members have achieved success by simply following the training and putting in the work. 

    What I’ve learned inside of WA has made a tremendous difference with my online business. 

    Before I joined, I was spinning my wheels when it came to internet marketing. 

    Now I have focus, direction, and most of all support, which was what I needed. 

    Wealthy Affiliate is awesome and I couldn’t be happier.

  2. SJ says:

    Thanks for collecting all the awesome success stories Jason!

    I’m a big fan of WA myself after having stumbled upon it. But I must say the journey to build a successful online business definitely does not happen overnight. It takes hard work and time. 

    For me, these success stories are just life savers to curb doubt and fatigue. 

    I’ll be bookmarking this page!

  3. Victor says:

    Wealthy affiliate is a golden opportunity to make yourself passive income and progress your business. It seems to me that a lot of people on WA makes an alright income. With all the proof of the success of WA how can anyone deny this golden opportunity.

    I’m glad you’re showing other people the way as well, and teaching them how they also can start making a passive income.

  4. dreamgirl93 says:

    I have been using affiliate marketing for a year now and I aim to make $500 online a month until the next year. Seeing all this proof is very motivating and I strongly believe now that I will achieve my goal and much more. I will just keep going until I’ll see results.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. NathanG says:

    WOW Jason, you sure have a ton of compelling testimonials from successful Wealthy Affiliate members! It looks like many of them are building niche sites and sending visitors to Amazon from their affiliate link. 

    As I read this I was wondering what the requirements are to become an Amazon affiliate? 

    I saw others using Commision Junction, Clickbank, etc. Is this covered in the Wealthy Affiliate training?

    • Jason says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Nathan.  Yes, many members of Wealthy Affiliate are using the training to build Amazon Niche Sites and earning a part time or full time income.  

      Amazon usually requires that you have a website with content along with your identification, tax info, etc. 

      It’s quite easy to get setup.  If you would like to join, just go to the Amazon Associates page below:


      Click the “Join Now For Free” Button and follow the instructions.

      Also, all the training on CJ, ClickBank and many other affiliate networks are included in your wealthy affiliate membership.

      I hope all this was helpful to you.

      Warm regards,


  6. Mack says:

    Wow, tons of success stories from WA. I can totally believe it though. I have just started out with WA and have been building a website of my own for about the last month now. 

    The platform is awesome and really makes it simple breaking down what you need to do to be successful.


  7. Katie says:

    This is a great testimonial to a training platform that really can help you learn, grow a business or give you additional skills that help with your work chances.  

    There are too many scams out there promising riches very quickly, taking money off people then it all falls by the wayside and your left feeling frustrated and angry. 

    Wealthy Affiliate is a forward thinking educational platform with current training, great support no matter the time of day, however everyone needs to remember it will only work if you take action and put it into practice.

  8. Andrew G says:

    Hey this is really cool, Jason, I am personally very concerned about making my first 1k online lately, and with these testimonials, of which I have never really seen laid out like this before, this is real social proof. Those of us familiar with internet marketing know that proof is power.

  9. JT says:

    So how many of these people are making money by calling other programs scams (like WA teaches) and just getting paid FROM Wealthy Affiliate?
    Serious question



    • Jason says:

      Hey, JT,

      First of all, Wealthy Affiliate does not teach it’s members to call any program scams. You may have been grossly misguided there so check your facts first.

      Secondly, the majority of the Wealthy Affiliate members featured above are earning their online income from many different affiliate sources such as Amazon, Google, ClickBank, etc.

      The best thing for you to do is actually try wealthy affiliate for free and see what is taught there.

      When you do that, you will gain a better understanding of the platform, and I am sure that you will NEVER make such ignorant statements again.

      Thanks for your contribution to this post.


  10. Lucas says:

    Hey Jason !

    Wow seeing these people succeed with their website is just mind blowing. It certainly does get me motivated to follow in their footsteps !

    I guess this just goes to show that Wealthy Affiliate is a great program that produces results. I was on the fence about joining but these guys gave me my answer haha.

    Hopefully I can experience my own boom in a few months 🙂

    • Jason says:

      Lucas, you can definitely replicate any of the success results you see here.  You have to be dedicated and take action on what you learn from the wealthy affiliate training.  

  11. Weston says:

    Great post! Thank you for sharing these screen shots of how different people earned different amounts on WA. It’s encouraging to see how each person made their first commission at different times and in different amounts. The most important part is never quitting because you never know when your first commission will be coming your way.

    Thank you for the encouragement!


    • Jason says:

      Yeah, I agree.  The members who work on their business in a consistent manner, does eventually earn a lot of online commissions.

      Thanks for your contribution.

  12. roamy says:

    Hello Jason
    These are really impressive income proof reports from Wealthy Affiliate members.I have read positive things about Wealthy Affiliate, but I did not realize the members do so well.
    I`m new blogging as a whole so reading your post, I`m really motivated to join wealthy affiliate and improve my skills in Affiliate marketing.
    But, there is something I read in the past that I`m not sure is true.A post I read in Social media said Wealthy Affiliate does not accept some international members.Now I`m not From the USA or Canada, what countries are not allowed to join the program as free members?
    Thanks once again and I hope I can get an answer from you regarding non-USA and Canada members.

    • Jason says:

      Yeah, there are so many members having success through wealthy affiliate from all across the world.

      It is true that some countries are not allowed to join the starter membership.  I have outlined the countries in this post.

      The owners realized that they were experiencing too much fraud from those regions, so they had to make that tough decision to keep the community safe and spam free, however, the premium membership is opened to any citizen of the world.

      I hope this helps you out.


  13. Ioana says:

    Hi Jason,

    I’ve discovered WA by pure chance, on a time I was almost sure that the internet couldn’t give me a trustful and efficient way of making real money. And I was absolutely amazed by all the training and support I got there, at WA. I told myself that if I won’t succeed, it will be entirely my fault! 🙂

    Now I have a lot of work to do, and I’m so happy with this! Sounds crazy, right?

    I would definitely recommend it to everyone who is willing to work and not just wait for easy money.

    All these proofs you present here are an extra motivation to keep going! Thank you! 🙂

    • Jason says:

      So happy to know that you discovered wealthy affiliate for yourself, Ioana!  

      And one of the good things is that they offer a free starter membership for folks to check it out before spending any money.

      Yeah, your hard work will definitely pay off and you can also contact me inside the community for help if you need it.

      Thank you for stopping by today.


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