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As a professional person who is always on the lookout for ways to make honest money online and build a foundation that will last up to a lifetime, there are some programs online that make me really upset because of the mere fact that they are out there deceiving people.

One such company is the one which will be reviewed now.  The name of this company is Vemma or Vemma Verve, and they have a really bad reputation in the online business world.  Keep reading the full details about Vemma below.


Company Name: Vemma


Price: $499.95-$999.95 (depending on the kit you select)

Founder/CEO: BK Boreyko

Owners: Brad Wayment, Chief Operating Officer, Yibang Wang, MD. PhD, Chief Scientific Officer

Overall Rank: 20 out of 100

Recommended: NO

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What is Vemma?

Vemma is a fitness and health production line that relies heavily on MLM pyramid scheme tactics to recruit and sell to new members of their sales team.  This company has both long term and immediate income based up off their MLM standard payment plans.


***IMPORTANT UPDATE: Vemma has been investigated and shut down by the Federal Trade Commission  (FTC).

REASON: They may have been classified as a pyramid scheme.

Claims are that they were earning over $200 million per year off of their fraudulent pyramid scheme.

The initial stages of the shutdown have been initiated as of August 26th, 2015.  Read more here.


Who is Vemma Intended For?

If you are already comfortable and satisfied with the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business principle, Vemma will be a decent business opportunity for you.

However, in addition to the understanding of MLM techniques and tricks, Vemma does require its users to have a good stack of money to pay for a particular business pack and also to make recurrent payments or purchases to remain active within the company.

Just to point out an important note; if you are ever unable to make a sale for Vemma in a month, you will be required to buy some more of their product to keep a certain amount of “points” in your account to remain active.

This can and does turn out to be very expensive considering the principle of most MLM’s paying over the top prices, so as to enable the compensation format to keep living on until they fade away.


Pros And Cons Of Vemma

When the Vemma company scheme is broken down, there is sadly more Cons than there are Pros, examine them below for yourself.


  • Hundreds of merchandise to choose from, whether for your personal use or if you are marketing the products.
  • Vemma provides each team member with a free marketing website and a back office to work from promoting their products.
  • Their referral plan provides a higher than usual commission rate for its members.
  • Vemma provides many advertising materials for its members to choose from – which includes physical items.


  • The start up price is high if you are not willing to spend $500+
  • Some of your income amounts rely upon the performance of other team members.
  • In order to remain active, you MUST maintain a certain amount of sales for each month.
  • Unlimited amounts of reps allowed in each area.
  • Twice as much for their “drink” (Vemma Verve) than the industry leader is selling for.

Vemma is also displaying Dr. Oz’s image on their website; when Dr. Oz clearly states in the video below that he doesn’t endorse any company.  They are just using his image as a way of selling more of their products and fooling unsuspecting people into thinking that their product is top notch.   Watch the video below to get the full meaning.


Some Common Complains About Vemma

The people who are recruited in Vemma’s program complains often about hearing about the success of others, but they never see any positive results for themselves.

This is very typical for most MLM programs, and Vemma is no exception, the company is a product based MLM program.  The people who at the top which includes the big CEO and the owners are the ones who are making all of the money.

The Vemma group relies on many different marketing strategies from their members, but to be honest they do provide training as well as tools to accomplish goals.  The training includes a DVD which costs $49.95, which is an extra cost.  They also have more DVS’s additionally which is suggested but not necessarily required.

Vemma offers an out of the box tool that is very limited in value.  These include a “free” marketing site, a free smart-phone app both of which are just an affiliate link to their website.

Members also get guides, brochures, decals, catalogs and even your very own messenger bag (I think that is the coolest thing about Vemma 🙂

Although these things are just some regular things that any average MLM company would provide for their members.

Studies have proven that just over 80% of people that joins Vemma, never make back their money and a much fewer percentage (below 1 %) of members ever earn enough commissions to survive.

I have a question; why would someone ever join a program that has those stats?  It is mind boggling.  Many people are losing money in this scheme.


A Closer Look At The Price – Is It Worth It?

Vemma has two kits that they currently offer to members:

  1. Silver Member – $499.95
  2. Gold Member – $999.95

Astronomical prices right?  That is what I think too.  But it does not stop there, additional expenses include the marketing materials which were mentioned earlier which includes DVDs, brochures, etc which is a price of $49.95.

Also, remember that there are recurrent purchases to maintain active status within the company, all these prices should be considered.


What about BBB Certification?

Over the last couple of years, people have taken their time to report to the BBB to vent their frustration on the Vemma company.  I am suspecting that most of the complaint are from past members who are real proof to let you know that they are not so much the real business opportunity.  Take a look below at the snapshot of these complaints.


And as you may have guessed, they are not BBB accredited.  Take another look…

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 4.36.35 PM



My Final Analysis Of Vemma

Vemma is not unique.  It has many of the same pros and cons of any other MLM companies, they have overpriced products, if you are expecting something innovative and exciting, you might as well look in another direction.

One of the most widely known problems with these types of schemes is quite simple: since they do not have a restriction on the amounts of people they have in a single area, the risk for over-saturation is extremely high.

When this happens, it is impossible to find new business and the fierce competition heats up and may turn vicious.

One more problem is the mere fact that the money that you may make, relies solely on the performance of the other team members which simply means that you not only have to worry about monitoring your own activities, but also the activity of others.

This can turn out to be extremely time-consuming for you and your business.

The verdict is quite simple for you now.  Now you know exactly what the Vemma system is all about, what is the next move?

As I mentioned above, I am always in the know when it comes to real opportunities.  Check out my #1 recommendation here.

Do you have any experience with Vemma?  Would you like people to know your story?  Do you have any thoughts are opinions about Vemma?

Share them below in the comment box or if this was valuable to you, you might consider sharing to your favorite social site.  Take care and we will meet again soon.



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