In recent weeks, Turbo Bitcoin Machine has been generating a lot of buzz online.

So it is likely you have seen their affiliates on social media pitching to people about their business opportunity.

And you are probably on this site because you want to know whether this company is a legit business or a scam.  Right?

Before you spend your hard earned money to join any Multi Level Marketing business, it is important you do a proper research about them.

I’m glad you are here because I have done all the hard work for you, in gathering facts about Turbo Bitcoin Machine.

My unbiased Turbo Bitcoin Machine Review will look at the company’s products, owners and compensation plan.

This will enable you to make an informed decision on whether to join their business or not.

So let’s get started…


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What exactly is Turbo Bitcoin Machine?

Turbo Bitcoin Machine Review

After checking their website, I was disappointed to find that Turbo Bitcoin Machine does not provide any information regarding the owners or when it was founded.

Not very many people would overlook such details before joining an MLM business.

The fact that Turbo Bitcoin Machine does not provide any background information, regarding who runs the company or where it is located is a red flag.

However, I was able to come across the company’s website domain name “”, that was registered privately on July 7, 2017.

Since the website was registered privately, there is no information on the owner.


Turbo Bitcoin Machine Products

This company does not have any goods or services that it markets to customers.

Therefore, there is no retail sales activity associated with Turbo Bitcoin Machine, unlike other MLM companies.

When you join this company as an affiliate, you will only get the affiliate membership to market.


Turbo Bitcoin Machine Review Compensation Plan

When you join Turbo Bitcoin Machine as an affiliate, you get the chance to donate bitcoins to other affiliates via uni-level payment structure.

With a unilevel payment structure, you are placed at the top of a unilevel team, where every affiliate you sponsor goes directly below you.


· If any affiliates in the first level sponsor new affiliates, they will go to the second level of their unilevel team.

· If any affiliates in the second level sponsor new affiliates, they will go to the third level.

The same thing will continue indefinitely in higher levels. Turbo Bitcoin Machines caps the payable level of their unilevel structure at ten.

Affiliates who sign up with Turbo Bitcoin Machine are required to gift 0.001 BTC to affiliates who personally recruited them.

Thereafter, affiliates are placed at the top of the unilevel team so that they can earn 0.001 BTC for every affiliate they sponsor.

Affiliates you sponsor will go to the first level of the unilevel team.

You will need to unlock the second to tenth level by making a payment of ten 0.001 BTC.

Once you have made the payment, Turbo Bitcoin Machine will allocate 0.001 BTC as gifting payments in subsequent levels.

While other Turbo Bitcoin Machine affiliates also unlock the second to tenth level of the unilevel team.


Turbo Bitcoin Machine Cost To Join

If you want to join Turbo Bitcoin Machine as an affiliate, you will require to make a gift payment of 0.001 BTC.

However, if you want to participate fully in Turbo Bitcoin Machine earning opportunity, it will cost you 0.01 BTC.


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Turbo Bitcoin Machine – The verdict

Turbo Bitcoin Machine may be using the unilevel payment structure rather than the matrix compensation structure.

But that does not mean Turbo Bitcoin Machine is not a gifting scam like other MLM companies.

The only way this company is generating revenue is through the investment affiliates are making.

Hence, they are using the same funds to pay off their affiliate members.

So what happens when people fail to join the company?

They will have less money left to pay their affiliates. This will eventually lead to the collapse of Turbo Bitcoin Machine.

My verdict is that if you don’t want to get disappointed and lose your money in future, you should stay away from Turbo Bitcoin Machine.

I hope that this Turbo Bitcoin Machine Review was of value to you.

If you happen to have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave your comment below.


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Turbo Bitcoin Machine Review

Turbo Bitcoin Machine Review

Turbo Bitcoin Machine Review

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