Trade X Confidential Review|Is Trade X Confidential Scam?


Trade X Confidential Review|Is Trade X Confidential Scam


Name: Trade X Confidential


Type: Binary Option

Similar To: Brit Method

Claimed Creator: Paul Reed

Rating: 0/100

Recommended: No


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Today, lets look into this Binary Options Trading Software known as the Trade X Confidential.  Rest assured that you will be getting a honest human review and not a review created by an automated robot system nor some unethical person.

Since you are here now, I am just going to assume that you have just seen the Trade X Confidential promotional video and wonder to yourself if it is legitimate or a scam product.

I am going to be totally honest with you and let you know what is really going on behind the scenes.


We Both Have Something In Common

We both have something in common.  We want to make money in life and we want to make double sure that when we sign up and purchase something online, it will be of true value to us.  Right?

That is why I went out and searched diligently to find answers to my questions and I am sure you would like to know the results too.

What I have found out is that not all the reviews that you see on the first page or elsewhere on google, bing or yahoo about the Trade X Confidential software are true.

Most of the websites that you will see with 5-star ratings are actually false review websites designed to give you the impression that the software is legit.

In most cases, the reviewer is someone who gets paid to write the positive review.  Now, the reason why these persons are paid to write the review are because they know how to get the review webpage on the first page of the search engines by using unethical methods known as Spamdexing.

This involves stuffing keywords into their articles that people like you and me will search for in google to find something.  This enables these websites to rank highly for the term “Trade X Confidential Review” or any another search term which is related to the query.

I will not go too much into this form of indexing as google will deal with those websites accordingly.

Now lets get back to the review…

What Is Trade X Confidential?

Trade X Confidential is a new automated trading software for Binary Options, which promises/guarantee the user that they will be making thousands of dollars per week and eventually becoming a millionaire within the course of a few months.

It is rather confusing to me as they say that you will be investing in start-up tech companies and trading in the binary options market, which to me is a total contradiction.


Who Trade X Confidential Targets?

Trade X Confidential seem to target rookie traders and persons who are desperately looking to start earning online.  There are a lot of enticements on the sales page which doesn’t provide any value at all to anyone viewing the video.

Most times, users end up on the Trade X Confidential website by receiving an email which will contain a very eye-catching subject line finished off with spammy links which redirect you to the same place, which in this case is the Trade X Confidential Website.

What Is Trade X Confidential

Example Of A Spammy Trade X Confidential email.


Experienced traders will know for sure that The Trade X Confidential Website is not a safe place to trade and will move on to trusted, established and regulated trading platforms that I have already mentioned at the beginning of this article.

Negative Reviews From Actual User of Trade X Confidential

There are many negative reviews that I have found online about the Trade X Confidential Software and you will also find them when you read some factual comments online.  A very sad comment I found was from a lady that recently lost $5000.

I smudged out her name for privacy reasons:

Trade X Confidential Review|Is Trade X Confidential Scam

Trade X Confidential Complaint

It is better to not make the mistake that this person made.  There are sources out there that you can report a binary options trading scam to if you were ever affected.

I have listed two such websites at the beginning of the post.  Here they are if you do require their service:

Positive Reviews?

Null, void, nada, zilch.

You will, however, find fake positive reviews directly on the Trade X Confidential Website and from hired or affiliated reviewers online.


Some Unethical Tactics Used By Trade X Confidential

There are numerous fake information used by the Trade X Confidential Creators that you will now discover.

One of the easiest to pick out is the use of the CNN and NBC logos.  The creator(s) made up false endorsements at the bottom of the Trade X homepage.

When you do a CNN or NBC search for you will not see any results that comes up related to Trade X Confidential.

Trade X Confidential Review|Is Trade X Confidential Scam


It is the very same results with the NBC network.  These news giants DO NOT endorse the Trade X Confidential software in no way, shape nor form.


The Bottom Line

I always ask myself; why do people use their time and energy to create a software that will not provide any value to anyone looking to earn online?

I know that these same people want to make some money along the way, but that is just not a way that I would want to make money.

Why gain money and leave someone else facing some huge sums of debt.

People truly want to make their lives better and that is why they search for ways to earn additional income online.

Unfortunately online scams are at an astronomical high rise, especially within the binary options space.

My Advice To You

If you know nothing about trading and is interested in learning about trading, you should get the knowledge first.

There are many countless amounts of places online where you can get lessons on trading, and in most cases, you never have to pay any money to do so.

Create demo accounts first to test if you will be able to profit from live trading.  Be smart when you are about to invest any money into a broker account.

If you are just looking to make money online, in general, you should get the training required to do so.  I highly recommend opening a free starter membership at this online training platform to learn how to do so.

You will learn how to use your passions to start a successful online business, which has the potential to make you some solid income online.

Test it out for free.

For Day Traders

The sources I recommended at the beginning of this article have been around for decades and are trusted, regulated names in the Forex industry.

You will be able to learn from industry leaders and profit in the most ethical way.  I highly recommend that you take a look at them.

You may also find my # 1 Recommendation beneficial if you are looking to start a successful business online.

It is by far my #1 recommendation to earn out of everything that I have tried online.


With this Trade X Confidential review, I hope that I have shed some light on what it is all about and that you now have a better understanding of it.

You have done a great service for yourself and I am glad that I could have written this with total honesty for you.

Stay away from the Trade X Confidential Software as it has the potential to lose you a lot of money.

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Also subscribe to this website to be in the know about the latest scam that is on the internet, while I provide trusted opportunities for you to truly earn online.

I thank you for reading and trust that you found value as that is what I strive for in everything that I do.


To your safety and success online and offline.

Jason (Founder)

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Video Review Of Trade X Confidential

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4 Responses to Trade X Confidential Review|Is Trade X Confidential Scam?

  1. Derek says:

    Great post Jason.

    I have never heard of Trade X Confidential before and I am glad I read this just in case I came across it and thought about signing up. Now I know not to and I greatly appreciate the informative review.

    Thanks again!

    • Jason Foster says:

      Glad that I could provide you with one of the few honest reviews that you will see online about the Trade X Confidential scam software.

      I will continuously expose any scams I see come my way.

      Thank you for stopping by.

  2. David says:

    Wow, it is truly a shock that companies like this still exist and can be convincing enough to steal from innocent people just looking to make a little income online.

    I am really glad that I read this article before investing any money through these thieves. Very comprehensive review. Thanks!

  3. Petar says:

    Thank you for the information, it is really important to avoid scams online! Now I will know not to use this Trade x confidential.

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