Touchstone Essentials Review


Touchstone Essentials Review


Welcome to my Touchstone Essentials Review!

Touchstone Essentials has been getting a lot of attention online since its inception.

I am sure that you’ve seen their products online or have heard somebody try to pitch you about their business opportunities.

You are probably on this site because you are wondering whether Touchstone Essentials is a legit business or a scam.

Here we will review the company so that you can make an informed decision whether to join their business or buy their products.

Lets get down to business…


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Touchstone Essentials – The Company

Touchstone Essentials Review

Touchstone Essentials focuses on selling nutritional supplements.

It started its operations in 2012 and was founded by Eddie Stone who is the company’s CEO.

Before starting Touchstone Essentials, Stone acted as a distributor at Nu Skin and later joined Rexall Showcase International.

Afterwards, he became the co-founder of another nutritional supplement firm known as Waiora.

In 2012, Waiora found itself in court trouble after their NCD supplement product was found to contain smaller amount of zeolite than what was advertised.

This is the same year that Eddie Stone started Touchstone.

In 2013, Waiora was forced to pay out $12 million to settle the court dispute.

According to Touchstone Essentials founder Eddie Stone, he started the company after discovering most food supplements are not healthy as they claim to be.

Eddie Stone has two decades of experience in making nutritional supplements and a background in marketing according to his biography on the company’s website.

Touchstone Essentials nutritional products are designed to be affordable for consumers.

This is achieved by eliminating middlemen and selling the products directly to consumers online.


Touchstone Essentials – Products

Touchstone Essentials has a wide range of product that they market to consumers.

They include both nutritional and supplements products.

Some of their popular products on their site include:

· Super green – “a juice that detox and strengthens your immune system. It is an organic juice that is free of usual prep or clean up.” This product retails at $79.95 for customers while members can buy it at $67.95.

· Pure body – “ this is a natural energy product that improves focus and renewed wellness in just 30 days. It is the world’s first hydrated zeolite for a fast and effective detox on cellular level.” The product retails at $79.95 for customers and $63.83 for members.

· Super greens with vitamin D – “ it comes with 2000 IUs of essential vitamin D sourced from organic mushroom.” This product contains organic broccoli, spinach and gluten free barley grass in capsule form. It retails at $52.95 for customers and $42.34 for members.

· Wellspring – “ a product made of plant oils to help your body form essential fatty acids naturally.” Wellspring is good for heart and creaky joints. It retails at $ 49.95 for customers and $38.79 for members.

· Boost – “ this product works with any plan or program to boost your focus. It contains organic plants like teas, herbs and fruits which help boost metabolism, fuel natural energy and sharpen focus. “ The product retails at $64.95 for customers and $49.95 for members.

· Green Energy – “a product that has green tea plus proteolytic enzymes that helps you energize your workouts and workdays naturally.” Green Energy contains low caffeine and no stimulants helping you sleep at night even when you take the product.” Customers can buy the product at $46.95 while members can get it at $36.95.

These products also come in bundle packs and are also available on Amazon at lower prices for some items.

View Lowest Touchstone Essentials Prices On Amazon


Touchstone Essentials – Ranks

If you are looking to join the company as an affiliate, this is the rank you will follow to reach the top…

Affiliate – this is when you first pay and join the business.

Active member – this is an affiliate who generates more than 100 PV (Personal Volume) every month.

Manager – must have 100 PV every month and 600 GV (Group Volume) in monthly downline with a maximum of 60% from one downline leg.

The rank goes all the way down to Presidential Ambassador based on Personal Values and Group Volume generated.

After manager you will become national manager then director, regional director, national director, executive, regional executive, ambassador and finally presidential ambassador which is the highest rank.


Joining Touchstone Essentials

If you are looking to become an affiliate at Touchstone Essentials, you will be required to pay an annual membership fee of $19.95.

However, your annual fee can be waived by buying a minimum product valued at 500 PV or by purchasing the Advantage Pack worth $659.


Touchstone Essentials – Compensation Plan

Touchstone Essential pays affiliate member a commission based on products they sell to customers.

The profit you earn is determined by subtracting the wholesale price from price of retail to customers.

This is the same way most network marketing firms generate money for their members.

Other than retail income you will earn residual income based on what your downline are making in terms of sales and purchases.

The higher your rank, the higher your commission rate and the more money you make.


Touchstone Essentials – Legitimate or Scam?

My verdict is that Touchstone Essential is a legit network marketing firm.

You will hear so many stories that are true or false.

People who think that this company is a scam, do so because they are cautious and not sure.

This company has transformed people lives through their nutritional products.

Also, others are making a living by joining the company as affiliates.

Touchstone Essential is a good way to earn extra income as you enjoy the benefit of their nutritional products.

I hope you enjoyed my Touchstone Essentials Review and if you have any questions, do leave them in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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Touchstone Essentials Review 2017

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