Online marketing is the latest trend of business.

Traditional marketing involves extensive physical labor but limited exposure, but with the internet being an integral part of everybody’s life, online marketing offers maximum exposure as well as maximum reach for any business.

One such latest online marketing community is The Wealth Network.

This is The Wealth Network Review that will discuss the important features and benefits of this online business community.

The Wealth Network – An Overview

The Wealth Network Review

“The Wealth Network” is basically a business community that does all its activities mainly online and which teaches internet entrepreneurs ways that can help them make money online.

The Wealth Network was launched on 12th July, in the year 2017 in partnership with Mr. Jesse Singh.

Jesse Singh is a millionaire who topped the charts of DS Domination and Digital Attitude.

Jesse Singh gained quite a reputation for his proficiency in Search Engine Optimization and the techniques for eBay/Amazon drop-shipping arbitrage.

He is one prolific networker too & has assembled one impressive pool of talent with the “The Wealth Network”.

The other founders and trainers are Sean Agnew, Josh Jacobs, and David Arnett.

The Wealth Network Review

Founders Of The Wealth Network

All of these internet marketing trainers in “The Wealth Network” are successful and earns in six or seven figure in their spaces or specialties.

You can learn more about the founders on the official website at

The Products

The products of “The Wealth Network” can be compared with the products of Digital Attitude, MOBE, and Empower Network.

To begin, one can pick from either of the two front end memberships:

The Monthly Platinum Membership at $150…

The Wealth Network Review

Or the Monthly Gold Membership at $50…

The Wealth Network Review

Once you choose a membership option you will get to choose from the following products:

• Amazon Training

• eBay Training

• Amazon & eBay Price and Inventory Tracking

• TWN Turbo Lister

• SEO and Blogging System

• Marketing Training

• TWN Blogging System

• Gold Training Webinars

• Platinum Training Webinars

• Profit Spy

• SEO strategies or Advanced Blogging

• Advanced Amazon Training

• Advanced eBay Training

• Facebook Mastermind Group

• Knowledge Base and Customer Support

• Smart Funnels: Funnel Page Builder

*In addition to the two front end memberships, there is also another product called Smart Commerce.

The Smart Commerce is designed for people who would like to set up and manage a successful Shopify e-commerce business.

It carries a price tag of $997.

Compensation Plan

There is actually no compensation plan because “The Wealth Network” is not a multi-level marketing company.

However, they offer an affiliate option and the rate is 40% (forty percent).

Cost of Admission (affiliate account)

The cost to join as an affiliate is completely free.

In addition to that, one does not have to buy or own a product in order to earn commissions.

However, the Wealth Network Affiliate training requires you to purchase a Gold Plan if you want learn how to effectively promote the platform.


The products can be very useful if you want to start or improve an online business.

The products and the team of experts are certainly helpful.

The team of experts can help you take your business to newer heights with the tools and training.

The tools and training can help you with your e-commerce business.

The following are the benefits of “The Wealth Network”.

Requires no Experience: This is a platform where anyone with even zero experience can use.

The tools and training will help them understand the features and benefits of online marketing.

No Need to Own a Product: Unlike the other network marketing community or companies, you do not have to own a product to get commissions & there is also zero affiliate fees.


“The Wealth Network” is still very new and it would be too early to draw any conclusion.

However, the concept of online community for marketing is not new.

There are few factors that can be considered as the cons for this online community.

The following are the cons.

• “The Wealth Network,” says, that even beginners can join their programs and tools.

However, this is highly doubtful that someone who has arguably zero knowledge about online marketing will be able to grasp the concepts or programs of The Wealth Network.

• The success of TWN largely depends on the faculty members, who are said to be very successful in their respective fields.

Usually successful people believe that time is money and in this case, there are chances that the students will get a very limited time from the faculties and there will be possibly no room for discussions because of this limited time.

• The membership fees are not very cheap if not too expensive.


As far as the products are concerned one can easily consider “The Wealth Network” to be a very good online business community.

It offers a large number of stack deals as compared to any other online business community.

It can be considered as a well-balanced affiliate offer in the vast space of making money online.

Feel free to visit the official Wealth Network website below if you would like to know more or get started.

I hope that The Wealth Network Review was of great value to you.

If you have any questions, do leave them in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading!

Jason (founder) How To Stay Safe On The Net.


Internet Jetset

Online Sales Pro

27 Responses to The Wealth Network Review : The Biggest SCAM Of The Year?

  1. PIYUSH JOSHI says:

    Can the Wealth network business be done in India/is it legal in India?

  2. Hi Jason,I would like to put in some work and start making money online.Please tell me how the Millionnaire Drive is connected to The Wealth Network?

  3. Alley says:

    I have purchased the wealth network. This is no longer what they offer. I am a little peaved that they changed some of the training and now added that to the close to $10,000 training. I assume because that is one on one. I understand they are a new company but there are definitely some problems that should have been worked out.

    • Jason says:

      Hey, Alley,

      There seems to be a lot of changes going on with The Wealth Network since I wrote this review.

      I will be taking another look and update this review accordingly.

      Thanks for leaving your comment.

  4. neville robinson says:

    Yes i have read your review and if this is any thing like Empower Network i Shall be staying away from it.First to begin with i think the price of $150.00 is too high, then you pay all this money for some thing that is not really yours; if one should start and decides to drop out after 6 months one cannot retrieve the product one pays for.
    I buy a domain from WA and if i decide to leave tomorrow i can take it with me; I like that, I will stay with WA.

    Thanks for a good article, it was well written.

  5. Alice A. Anacioco says:

    Thanks for the review and I think you did a great job. But considering this is new, they could have made the cost more affordable. Yeah, they offer a lot of training and you get to choose from among them. Just curious, can I choose all of them in case I decide to sign up?

    Anyway, I think they offer great products and opportunities as online marketing is the new trend. This is also beneficial to those who are interested to set up an e-commerce business.

    • Jason says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Alice!

      It’s true – TWN could have made the prices more affordable, or even offer a trial period.

      You can choose all the products all products if you wish to do so.  Of course this would run you over $1K.

      You may want to check out my top free recommendation They provide a lot of value in the marketplace.


  6. pmbaluka2016 says:

    From this article, Wealth network seems to be a good product worth trying for online entrepreneurs. Despite that it’s still new in the market, it stands a better chance of becoming a pillar to many online marketers. One of the main reasons I would choose this program is the access to support from the founders and co-founders. This is one of the most important things I would consider in choosing any program.

    One concern that I have is about the cost, I think being a new program, they could have made the cost a little bit lower than that. They are still in the initial stages and therefore they would need to give people time to gain trust first with a lower price.

    How long does the free registration/trial period last? Can I build my business to the point of making money on free registration?

    Hope this makes sense.


    • Jason says:

      Thank your for sharing your thoughts.

      I have to agree that the cost could be an issue for most people, although others will be able to afford it.

      The free registration which I mentioned is for the affiliate membership.

      It is not a trial period, therefore, it lasts for as long as you remain an affiliate.

      If you are an affiliate marketer, you could possibly use this as your main affiliate offer.

      And, yes, you can earn profits this way, provided that you know how to market using methods such as SEO, social media marketing, etc.

  7. Jeff says:

    Hi, Jason. In reading your review of this opportunity at Wealth Network the #1 thing that I took away from the Company is the fact that it’s brand new.

    Because of that, there would be no history of individuals who had negative, or positive experiences with the opportunity.

    As you also mentioned, the other issue is with this opportunity being so new, how reliable and valid would be the training – and for the rather steep price that a member must pay upon joining?

    Even at the $49.99/month Gold plan and with the list of available training and other products for that member how good are they? I’d want to know exact specifics concerning Amazon, eBay and marketing training, 3 of found on the list. How is each presented with the ability to teach even a newbie pursuing this venture that would allow him/her to become successful?

    It is always tricky getting involved in a brand new online business opportunity. The kinks would not yet have been worked out, in my opinion that would cause me to jump out of my seat to fork over the money as payment for joining. The platinum $149.99/month plan would be out of the question, despite this owner Mr. Singh having prior experience in creating money-making online opportunities.


  8. Weston says:

    Great review! Sounds like they have great products and training. I like that it’s not a MLM, but does provide 40% commissions to affiliates. That’s a great commission rate compared to a lot out there. But I don’t really like how high the membership fees are.

    Like you said, it’s a newer program and hard to draw any good conclusions from it yet. I appreciate the research you put into this. I think I’ll wait for more reviews before considering to join.

    Thank you!


  9. Berend says:

    Thanks for sharing this article! There are lots of online marketing programs out there, and they all claim you can make money online. I think it’s hard to say which sites are really going to make you successful, because you can’t tell after a month if the site is legit. you need to practice years for it. But you wrote very natural and I think you’ve done great job reviewing it.

  10. B says:

    Thank you for this detailed review. It was hard for me to make up my mind, it’s not about the payment, it’s mostly about the time you invest.
    Most of the time you put hours and hours and try to figure out how you can make money with it… and then you realize you just wasted your time.

    Thanks for sharing

  11. Daniel says:

    Thank you for the overview of the “The Wealth Network.” It’s too early to know whether it’s the right thing to pursue. More reviews would be helpful.

    As far as the products. The Monthly Platinum Membership of $149 seems rather expensive. The fact that The Monthly Gold Membership requires you to purchase this plan in order to use the platform is questionable. I rather invest the $49 elsewhere.

    I would hold off on this for now but with improvements & adjustments it maybe something to consider in the future.

    Thank you for sharing this information on “The Wealth Network.”

  12. gregS says:

    Hi Jason
    Because this product is very new, i would wait for more reviews before i got involved. I have heard a few bad things said about Empower Network and Digital Attitude before, so i would be super cautious about joining.
    Shopify has a cheap entry per month for a website, education and support. I would rather go with them because of their reputation and history. You can get started for $30 a month, which is cheaper. They have tons of resources.
    Thanks for the info. on The Wealth Network, but i’ll pass this time.

    • Jason says:

      Shopify does sound like a good alternative to the Smart Commerce offered at TWN, and the $30 a month fee is quite reasonable for most people.

      Your decision is sound and I am sure that my other readers will get some value from what you have written here.

      Thanks for your contribution, Greg,

      Best regards.

  13. Christina says:

    I was with DS Domination and I made money to pay bills. The more effort and time put in the more money you make. I’m about to join The Wealth Network in a few minutes. If anyone decides to join just make sure you put time in. Everything you need is provided to ensure you are successful.

    • Jason says:

      Well said, Christina.

      Effort and time is truly essential when it comes to building an online business.

      I wish you abundant success as you start your new venture!

  14. Marvin says:

    Jason, thanks for writing this review on The Wealth Network.

    There are so many different programs that claim we can make money on the internet, and we would all like to have our own successful online business.

    However, it can be a bit difficult to determine which programs are legit and which programs aren’t legit.

    You stated that The Wealth Network is still new, I think that makes it a bit risky.

    If they had lots of successful members who were making a living as a result of their program, that would make all the difference.

    • Jason says:

      Hi, Marvin,

      The Wealth Network is pretty legit from what I have seen thus far.

      As time moves along, I am sure there will be some more testimonials apart from what I have seen on the official website.

      Thanks for dropping by to leave a comment and all the best to you on your online journey.

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