The Secret To Making Money Online

The Secret To Making Money Online

I am not here to tell you that you are going to be making money in the next minute by pressing a secret button or buying secret software.  I will not be putting flashy graphics on this page for you as an enticement.  I will keep it simple for you, and to the point.

I am sure that you have seen many places online that promise great riches when you sign-up to a newsletter or buy something.  You have seen it all – right?

Maybe more than a hundred times online I would think.  Well, this article will be different from what you have always seen online and become accustomed to.  My goal is to help you to understand how money is really made online.

This is why I decided to write this “The Secret To Making Money Online” post.

First of all, if you are a lazy, dishonest, helpless, jealous, greedy, envious, angry or a deceiving person, this WILL NOT be the post for you; you might as well just leave this page right now.


Now that those people are gone, let’s continue…

This will be for you if you are a person with an open mind, great faith, great passion, love, respect and a determination to work hard for your business to be successful in whatever it is that you are doing in this world.

Millions of gurus all over the world will tell you so many secrets about making money online that it is now sickening to the stomach for me.

They will use many tactics like showing you all the desires of your heart and telling all kinds of BS (pardon my language), just so that you will dip into your pocket and buy the next money making “secret”.

These so called gurus do make money online, but the money that they make is considered to me as blood money.

Why do I say that it is blood money?  It is because the people that they managed to get the money from had to work very hard with blood, sweat, and tears to get that money that these gurus have taken away without even providing any true value.

They may get rich with the money that they got from you, but I guarantee you that their lives are all messed up due to what they have done to others.

Most of these people cannot have a good night’s sleep as their conscience keeps plaguing them.  The principle that I have known to be true in life is that you should treat others the way how you would like to be treated.

Give these people some time to reap what they have sown, it is just a matter of time.

Everyone Wants Money

I know that we all need money to do many things in life (including myself of course), no wonder why some people will do almost anything to acquire it.  As an  example: on the website known as Fiverr, you can virtually find anyoneThe Secret To Making Money Online |The Truth Finally Told to do any task for you for a $5 bucks.

Many scammers use platforms like these to their advantage by hiring these same people to perform any fraudulent acts that are just unethical in my opinion.

I have reviewed some scam websites before on this website and have seen so many fake testimonials done by these very same actors just to give the impression to the user viewing the scam site that it is legit.

It is just heartbreaking to me to see my fellow humans acting in such a demoralizing manner.

Now, I am not saying that I am a perfect person at all because I am not, that is not the point.  All I am saying is that you should think about the use value that you are providing to others and not just the dollar value.

The Big Mistake That Many People Make

Many people make this very same mistake when starting out online and I am no different.  This mistake is the biggest of them all; it has to deal with just thinking about money before providing some useful value.

I remember just starting out in this online world: the first thing that I wanted to do was to sign up to amazon as an associate and plaster my website with banners and links without giving any value to the reader on my site.

Obviously, that doesn’t work at all for anyone, I learned my lesson for sure the hard way.  Do not make my mistake.

If you are in the race to make money you MUST be willing to make some big sacrifices.  There is no such reality as something for nothing in this world.  You must be willing to give before you will receive.

Too many of us just focus entirely on putting our affiliate links in almost all the pages and posts that we create.

Once people realize that you are just trying to make a quick buck from them,  they will lose trust in you and may never come back to your website. FOCUS ON VALUE, NOT JUST ON THE MONEY.

Money Is A By-product Of True Value

The more value that you give, the more naturally money will come to you.  When someone finds your business online and gets great value from it, they will remember you for it, at times they will seek out your website again just to say thank you or to repay you for the value that you gave to them.

Many successful people from all over the world have understood this simple concept in life for many centuries.  That is why you know their story and that is why they are successful.

You must strive to be a person who provides true value – the more value you provide to the marketplace, the more valuable you become and that is an asset.

Andrew Carnegie provided the world with steel,  Henry Ford provided the world with cheap, reliable cars for us to drive around in.

Thomas Edison provided some of the best value in human history with the invention of the lightbulb, the phonograph and thousands of other useful devices that have helped our lives to be more comfortable, pleasurable, and convenient.

The above people are just a handful of the great innovators that we have known, they have changed the face of the globe.  Follow them and take a page out of their books.  They provided value for us and we all benefit from it – the money factor came AFTER they had provided value for us.

I could go on and on about other great people that we all know and admire today.  The likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Dean Kamen, Oprah Winfrey and a host others have managed to accumulate great successes in life; not because they were focused entirely on money, but because their focus was on helping people: in-fact they are in the business of helping others.

Genuine Help Is The Secret To Making Money Online!

Not just is genuine help the secret to making money online.  It is the secret to making money anywhere in life.

Great men have given us this very simple logical reasoning.  The first person that comes to my mind is Jesus Christ…or whatever you wish to call him (Not getting into a religious debate here).  He said you must give and you will receive, how simple is that?

Even though this great figure in human history has given us some simple facts of life to live by, many of us; with our very own unique way of thinking and stubbornness choose to not follow this simple rule.

The fact is that it really does work for those who follow this rule, whether you practice it intentionally or whether you stumble upon it by mistake.

Many people realize that their financial lives start to change once they genuinely start to give some help to people within their niche.

Whether your niche is making money online, playing the piano, choosing the right basketball shoes, learning how to stop a cat from scratching, or any other niche – your duty should be to HELP the people who are looking for answers from you.


Does Jason Know What He Is Talking About?

Some may say; what the hell is this guy talking about, he doesn’t even know what he is saying!  Why should I listen to you?  You are not my mentor, what makes you think that you are the expert in this field?

I understand your concerns and if I were you, I may even ask the very same questions myself.

The fact is: I know this from experience and I learn from the greats, this is not just a load of crap that I am here spewing out to you.  I am not here to tell you what you necessarily want to hear today.

Quite frankly, I am using this medium to reach out to you if you are looking for the truth and not just some fabricated canned up materials that you hear every so often.

When you leave this page, you will see that what I am telling you is all true.  You may purchase the next new tool or software that promises great wealth, but if you are not genuinely helping others you stand a very slim chance of ever succeeding online or offline.

This is coming straight out of my heart for your head.

When you go back to your search engines to type in the keywords:  “The Secret To Making Money Online“,  you will no doubt see many websites with webmasters telling you what to do and how to do it, but the fact is that, most of these people will have something to sell you…I can hear some people saying that “But it’s a business…what else do you expect!?”

The point is: only a few of these people will actually provide something of real value out of the 92,300,000 results that you see on google.  You will be surely told that you need to sell a lot of stuff online, create an email list, do PPC  advertising, write the next best selling novel or e-book and all the other jargon that you have already heard of.


The Secret To Making Money Online |The Truth Finally Told



Those suggestions do work sometimes and many people are making tons of money by applying those principles, but are those principles the real secret to online success?

Consider as an example: if you are about to create an ebook about stopping your dog from barking or something similar to that, but within the ebook, you are mostly promoting ClickBank products for your readers to buy, would you consider that as providing real genuine help to your reader?

I don’t think so.  I think you will just be promoting another product within your ebook just to make some additional money from your reader.

You should be focused on letting your reader know how to stop his or her dog from barking by providing your expert advice and not just promoting a $47 digital product (most times in the form of another ebook).  Your book..and only your book should be the solution to the problem.  That is why the customer purchased it in the first place, right?

Your book..and only your book should be the solution to the problem.  That is why the customer purchased it in the first place, right?

I have seen many people who brand themselves as if they are the authority within a niche when in reality they are not even helping out anyone genuinely.

This reminds me of a recent article that I read about some big-time motivational speakers that will go out and host some really expensive conferences which will cost the attendee thousands of dollars just to be at the venue.

These desperate people are just paying money to have someone tell them what they should do in life when in most cases these same people already know how to do all these things which the speaker is “preaching” about.

In reality, the intention of some of these motivational speakers is to stuff their pockets with your hard earned dollars.

In reality, the intention of some of these motivational speakers is to stuff their pockets with your hard earned dollars.

Read the article titled:  The Business Model of High Ticket Conferences, Exposed.

Most of these people are actually professional con artists.  Most of these scams will usually go under the radar because these guys are known as “great influential people” and no one really has the guts to point them out for others to see.  I think the article will be an

I think the article will be an eye-opener for you – especially if you are a person who will regularly attend conferences to get that juiced up feeling.

In most cases, you will be able to go to youtube and find videos of the actual conferences or even better materials which will obviously cost you just your internet bill and your time (time well spent)

Spend Time On Your Business

Have you ever asked yourself, why do Mark Zuckerberg and many other successful people go to work every day?  I used to ask this very same question myself, but now I know the answer.

They “go to work”  every day because they are not satisfied with mere success in the form of money.  They keep spending time on their business every day without failure.

In my opinion, they genuinely want to help out others in this world so that the world will eventually become a better place with all the inventions that they keep coming up with.

They are not just focussed on the personal gains they will acquire, but rather for the whole world to improve in some way even after they have gone back to the dust.

I personally will follow in their footsteps just as one of my mentors taught me to do – Napoleon Hill suggested that “to be truly great, you must emulate the great – try to be like them and act like them…”

While you live your life, go through it with an attitude of helping others out with a problem that they may be having.  You can offer real value to people when you focus on really helping them.

Put yourself in their shoe for a moment and ask yourself this question: “will the information that I provide help the person or won’t it?”

Answer this question genuinely and you will see that you will come up with better ideas to help out your fellow brother or sister.


Do Not Limit Yourself

The Secret To Making Money Online |The Truth Finally Told

You have a very powerful brain inside your head.  Do not waste this very valuable gray matter, use it up to the best of your potential and never ever limit yourself to the tasks ahead.

The instant you start limiting yourself in life you will produce what you limit yourself to do.  Never approach a task with any doubts whatsoever.

Within your niche, do your very best to produce the most epic content that you can muster up, spend quality time to read and re-read what you have written for your audience.

Do not just say to yourself: “I will write a blog post of 1000 words and hope it ranks well in google”

Do not just focus on word count by looking at the bottom of your WordPress dashboard every single time to see if you have reached your 1000 word mark.  Just write naturally and know that you are truly helping someone out today.

Give them real value to chew upon and they will love you and eventually thank you for what you have done for them.

Keep on putting in the hard work and you will without a doubt reap some really good benefits in the future.  Not just will it help out someone, but you will get a really good feeling inside to know that you have helped out someone in the most genuine way possible.


Will You Do This Simple Task?

So this is my question to you: even though you have read this far into this article, will you help someone out today with a problem that they are having?  Or will you just go out there on the internet looking for the next bright and shiny object advertised for you to make money online?

Many will not even listen to this factual advice that I am giving today, but I cannot stop you from doing what you want to do.  All I can do is advise you to not think about money money money all the time.  Think about helping and the byproduct – money will come.

I also want to add that you MUST show gratitude for what you have already accumulated here on earth and also for what you will accumulate in the future.  Spend time reflecting on what you have and not on what you don’t have, this will also prove to be a blessing to you.


Conclusion To The Secret To Making Money Online

I would like to take this opportunity to really thank you for reading this article and I do hope that you have found some form of value in it.  We all want a better life for ourselves and our loved ones and I do understand that we are looking the money to do so.

While we accumulate riches here on earth in the form of dollars and cents, make sure that you are not greedy in your journey to the gathering of the riches.  Riches are here for each person to comfortably get their share, but unfortunately, due to greed, jealousy, and cynicism, many people suffers in this world.

I leave you with peace, blessing, and prosperity for the rest of your life.  I also like this quote from Mahatma Gandhi and I am proud to share it with you today.  Here is the quote:

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”


Consider these words today and live well with other fellow human beings.

I would love to know your thoughts on this Secret To Making Money Online Post.

Is it the real secret to making money online or is it just some bull?  Does it make sense to do as I suggested, or should we just continue with the norm that we have been accustomed to?

I am looking forward to hearing from you within the open comment section.

Your friend,
Jason. (Founder)


35 Responses to The Secret To Making Money Online |The Truth Finally Told

  1. Giovanni Fiorentini says:

    Hello. My name is Giovanni Fiorentini. I recently retired from the military and I am unemployed looking for a job. I am searching for a legit online business to generate income. Something that is not a scam. Please let me know.

    • Jason says:

      Giovanni, thank you for contacting me.

      I understand your situation and is willing to help you out to the best of my ability with a legit online business. Ensure that you will be willing to treat this as a business and not as a get rich scheme.

      Affiliate Marketing online is what many are now doing and earning a lot of money doing it. Wealthy Affiliate teaches this type of business step by step for anyone to understand.

      Click here to read the review so that you will get a better understanding of how the process works. If you may have questions along the way, you are more than welcomed to ask. I will make sure that you receive an answer.

      Talk to you soon.

  2. Kevin says:

    thank you for this article! you speak from the heart and it shows. engaging and well crafted, and you’re right-too many only want to focus on the $$$. provide value and the $$ will find you.

  3. Jaron says:

    You nailed it on the head when you said to focus on value not the money (or something along that line). It is very common for a new internet marketer to be all about the money and not care about their future readers. We’ve all been there but if anyone can avoid this they will come out on top much faster.

  4. Yohan says:

    “Focus on value, not just on the money”
    It’s so true!

    Some people tend to focus too much on the money, and not the value.
    By giving more, you will receive more. It’s weird, but it works that way.
    This is genuinely written and it’s very good for someone who wants to start an online business.

    Wish you much success Jason!


  5. Melanie says:

    Hello Jason,

    Great information and I think most people think that earning money online is supposed to be fast and easy with very little or no work involved because we’ve been inundated with all these “get rich quick schemes”. It’s about time we squash that mindset…..I don’t care what type of business you want to get into you must do the work in order to reap any of the benefits. Appreciate you putting it out there for everyone to begin to understand!

    Wish you great success!

  6. Allison says:

    Hello, Jason. Just wanted to say that I loved what you wrote and I agree with you 100%. Those that try to scam others and don’t really want to offer anything of value will never get anything valuable in return. Making money online really doesn’t have to be so difficult. When we consider all of the problems that currently exist in the world and the people still searching for answers to those problems, we find our opportunity. That’s when we, good and honest people, can create something to help others and by doing that we have created a dream job for ourselves. What is more rewarding that helping others? Plus you can make money doing it. You really can’t beat that kind of system and if you ask me, I’d rather do some honest hard work that scam someone any day.

    Loved your writing and your website. Have a great day!

  7. Sam says:

    This is a great post, thank you! You did a good job getting into the mindset that is necessary to be successful.
    Success, for most, doesn’t fall out of the sky, people have to work, give, TRY and return will come.
    I don’t know where people get the notion they can make money over night with no effort or passion. You really made a great point calling out all the key necessities of what it takes to be successful and “kicking” all others out:)
    I like your style. Thanks.

  8. Andimax says:

    Great article with excellent suggestions on how to make money online. Thanks for these wonderful ideas for success in my online business!

  9. Chuka says:

    Fact, fact fact! You nailed the facts Jason. Very well written and I enjoyed reading your article. Many people go for ‘quick money schemes’ that lose them lots of money. That same mindset makes people forget to genuinely serve the customer first before money.

    The bizarre thing is that sometimes people tell customers that they want to help them, but subconsciously are saying to themselves “I want your money”, which the customer picks up subconsciously too and shies away from doing business or buying anything.

  10. Matt's Mom says:

    So much great information. I already feel overwhelmed but I am going to bookmark this site and keep reading 🙂

  11. Josh says:

    92.3 million search results! That’s a lot.

    I also think it’s an interesting point to consider about links within an e-book. I haven’t thought that much about it & place affiliate links within my content. Not for everything, but I do use them.

    • Jason Foster says:

      There is nothing wrong with using affiliate links at all – we all need money to survive. I only recommend that we do not over saturate posts and pages with them. They will do more harm than good both for your visitor and the search engines.

      Thanks for chiming in.

  12. john says:

    I think you nailed this one Jason! What a great piece of writing, you have not only revealed the secret to making money, but, pretty much the secret for life. If more people thought like this then the world WOULD be a better place. Thank you for writing this and thank you for being a REAL human. /John

    • Jason Foster says:

      Fantastic John!

      I am glad that you found this uplifting. I am pretty sure that you are a REAL human too and that you are playing your part in this world.

      All the best to you in this life, and I appreciate your comment.


  13. Garen says:

    Hey Jason,

    There is no magic button you can click on that is going to make you thousands of dollars with little to no effort. People will always seek that out, but fall prey to online scams. Internet marketing takes a lot of work and more importantly persistence. Case and point, there are all kinds of ponzi schemes like Empower Network that rely on signing people up and then having others promote their products and services.

    Empower Network is a prime example of SEO scams. Building thousands of spammy links isn’t going to help your SEO. In fact it probably going to get you in trouble with Google. This became apparent in 2011 with Google update called Penguin.

    Internet marketing is about providing value and then the money will come. I think screenshots of proof of income usually are a tell tale sign that they are not as successful as they claim to be. What are your thoughts on screenshots of income? Or maybe some other red flags you might have seen.

    • Jason Foster says:

      I totally agree with you Garen. There is just no magic button to press.

      Oh yeah; the Empower Network is one of the most lethal scam ponzi schemes out there. They have done great injustice to a whole lot of people out there looking to earn a honest living online.

      My thoughts on using screenshots as proof of income is that some are legit and most are not. Some people who are searching for a way to make some money online really does want to see proof of the MONEY that people say is being made.

      Unfortunately scammers use this tactic to their advantage by fabricating false income screenshots to lure people in. I am just not into this type of unethical behavior at all, they should stop this and try to provide some form of value.

      Thank you for your question and your comment here. All the best to you online.

  14. Jack Rime says:

    Making money, whether online or off is something everyone is interested in. Well, perhaps not the money itself, but the ability and freedom that money brings with it.

    Affluence itself is a journey and not a goal, affluence can mean many more things than just money. I speak to this a little bit in one of the pages that I created:

    I really liked this article, it spoke to me. It encapsulates the fears and desires of many, including myself.

    So what do you suggest? Is there a resource I should be looking at to help me on this quest?

    Thanks for a great article! 🙂

    • Jason Foster says:

      Your article on Affluence is quite poetical and at the same time realistically correct, I truly enjoyed reading every word.

      I am happy that you liked my article and I enjoyed writing every word of it. 🙂

      If you are looking for a place that will genuinely help you out to not just accumulate riches, but also to be a better man overall, I would wholeheartedly suggest that you take a look at the Wealthy Affiliate platform. It has truly transformed my life in a very positive way.

      Bear in mind that you must first have a certain state of mind (positive) before even thinking of joining. You will be required to put in some work to achieve your goals & desires. This place is certainly not a get rich quick scheme, so I beg of you not to enter with a lazy mentality. When you work hard within the platform, you will see great benefits when you apply what you learn to your online business.

      You will no doubt get the help that you need, not just from me but from the owners and other members. Looking forward to seeing you succeed online.


  15. John Misener says:

    This article has been very helpful to me today in searching for the “truth”… about making Money Online!…thank-you for your perspective …and yes I am grateful that I found this article..again Thank-you so much!

  16. Emily says:

    Hi Jason
    First off, love that quote about the earth! As I truly believe that Mother Earth provides us with everything we need. To be grateful is so important. There is a saying that if one cannot find grateful they are grateful for each morning then the fault is within themselves.

    I agree with the points you are making here. Success is not instant and it does involve consistent efforts over time. I personally put in a lot of efforts in the content I write for my site. I research it and make sure it is the best that it can be. And my readers appreciate it. And guess what? I also find it meaningful and rewarding for myself to do so.

    • Jason Foster says:

      Hey Emily,

      Glad you like the quote by Mahatma Gandhi, he is truly one of the most positive influencer that the earth has produced.

      Glad you like my points here. Working with a consistent drive to proved true value is important to me and I am happy to know that you share the same views.

      Certainly you will reap what you sow in this life.

      Thanks for your comment.

  17. Jon says:

    I have fallen prey to a couple of these online “gurus” who claim you can make money right away. It makes me feel so stupid and silly for trusting them. I started to think it was all scams. The problem is every one of those gurus claim they have the secret to making money online!

    They lead people to believe that because its “online” its “easy” Thank you Jason for honestly saying that it takes hard work! Many hours of writing content, reaching out to people, giving them value, time, and help. That’s the truth! Give and you shall receive! Thanks Jason for some honesty finally! I look forward to reading more!

    • Jason Foster says:

      Sorry about your early experiences online, I can guarantee that it has happened to most of us seeking to start earning online.

      That is why it is so important to run some deep checks on whatever opportunity that you are thinking of joining. Most of them are scam artist looking to make a quick buck off misinformed people.

      I am happy that I could have provided some true value to you today Jon. Wishing you a lot of success online and offline.


  18. shannel Harvey says:

    I have to share this, I remember when i first started in marketing. I set up my website and just went straight in, Guns Blazing. I joined untold affilite programs and just went beserk posting up everything and anything i thought looked cool enough to buy. I never really looked at the Value of my content, I just wanted to post up stuff in the hope that someone would want whatever it was. Loool.

    I had to do alot of work and research and needless to say im on the right track now. There is no get rich quick recipe to this stuff.. Being helpful and learning about whats hot in your niche, sharing it with people and showing them the way is the best tool in this game. Craft that and your going places.

    Fantastic post btw

    • Jason Foster says:

      Stuff like that happens to almost everyone who are starting out online. I am glad that you have moved on in the right direction and is adding value to the marketplace.

      I am sure that your hard work and research are now paying off. Keep up the good work that you are doing Shannel.

      Kind regards,

  19. Von says:

    The one thing I’ve learned with online marketing or business is that there is no short cut. Yes you can make thousands of dollars and quit your morning job. But before you can do that, you have to help. It always starts by helping someone else.

  20. steve says:

    There are no money issues, there are only idea issues.

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