The Difference Between Free Membership and Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate

 For those people who are thinking of joining wealthy affiliate and is wondering what the difference is between the free and the premium membership, this will be the post for you to read.

You must know that when it comes to any business you have to invest time and energy into it.  This is not an easy money platform or get rich quick scheme (scam).

So be prepared to take action and follow through with the training.

There are two types of people who join wealthy affiliate;  the ones who are a success because they continuously take action, and then there are the ones who are failures because they quit before they arrive.


Free Starter Membership

First of all the free membership contains five levels which will enable you to start a business…below are the levels and what they entails…

The Difference Between Free Membership and Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate

It is rated very highly online and is the starting point for you to move towards any serious business model that you may think of.  You will learn the basics of how money is made online with videos and text formats that are easy for you to understand.

You will be able to promote wealthy affiliate to anyone and if anyone signs up using the link that you provided, you will earn a commission ($$), so you could share it on Facebook for example and make a commission.

Just so you know, wealthy affiliate offers one of the highest commission rates online through their affiliate program.


Creating Websites With Your Free Starter Membership

You will be able to create 2 websites easily and for FREE, you will be able to learn how you can use your website to make money, learn how to get traffic (people) to view your website(s) and be able to achieve maximum success by creating content on your website.


The Difference Between Free Membership and Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate


One of the most thrilling aspect that I enjoyed when I was a FREE member, was the fact that I could chat, post comments and interact with the community at any time through the live chat feature.  the difference between the free and premium membership at wealthy affiliate

You will get the chance to interact with the owners themselves; Kyle and Carson.  They are themselves active members of the community.

So if you may get stuck, someone will be there to help you along the way, myself included of course.

You may choose to stay a FREE member forever if you want, it is entirely up to you.


Now lets take a look below at the even more advanced PREMIUM membership and what it offers:


Premium Membership

The premium membership offers a whole lot more than what the starter (FREE) membership offers.  It does come with a price, the price is $1.98 cents per day which works out to be $47.00 per month.  This is a very low-cost when you consider that you spend more than that per day on a cup of coffee or even a snack at the vending machine.

Below are just a few of the special perks that you will be able take advantage of as a PREMIUM member.

  • Private messaging – Message any member and get private responses
  • 1-on-1 support – If you ever get stuck, successful marketers will be there to guide you along the way
  • Premium Video Training Database – There are tons of videos that are designed to show you how everything is done
  • Unlimited websites – unlike the starter membership, you will be able to create a much websites as you want to
  • Weekly Video Webinar – each Friday, Jay (see his profile here), will present a live webinar to help you to grow your business even more
  • Keyword Tool – You will be able to search for keywords unlimited, which can allow your website to be found in the search engine
  • Lifetime Website Updates – When you create your sites, they will be updated with the latest software to keep them up-to-date


Overall, you will be provided with member-only discount and special offers.

Wealthy affiliate was established in September 2005 and have gained a solid, professional and ethical reputation online.  The price have remained the same, even though the owners have invested over $6.5 million in the development process.

They really want as much people as possible to become a success in this world and that is why you get to try out the starter membership for as long as you want to.

Your life could be changed forever in a real positive way when you take action today.

You do owe it to yourself to take action and make a difference.

I wish the very best to you while you go though this online world.


To you success and safety online,
Jason (Founder)

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See the full comparison chart below:


4 Responses to The Difference Between Free Membership and Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate

  1. Yoko says:

    Great review of Wealthy Affiliate! I’m also enjoying being premium member and people are very helpful.I just started creating my website and I’m loving it! 🙂


    • Jason says:

      I am glad that you like the review that is here on this website. There are obviously many other reviews on wealthy affiliate and I wanted this one to be a bit different.

      Congratulations on your website going forward. Just remember to never give up on your goals and move towards them with persistence.


  2. Antonios says:

    Hi Jason

    Nice review about the two types of membership in the wealthy affiliate. I am a premium member too and I really like it! Day by day you are getting better at making money online. Thanks for sharing!

    • Jason says:

      I wanted it to be clear to anyone who is considering joining this world class program. Transparency is the key, I just want to put the facts on the table so everyone can know exactly what they are signing up for.

      Thanks for clicking through my site Antonios. Feel free to visit again when you find some time.

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