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Welcome once again to another honest review on

You are checking to see if The Coffee Shop Millionaire will be the right program for you.

Chances are, you have been approached by someone introducing the Coffee Shop Millionaire to you, or you got an email pointing you to their website.

Whichever way you were introduced to the Coffee Shop Millionaire, this is the review for you.

You will be provided with an honest overview and you will be led in the right direction for the best possible source of real online business income that will be available to you at the end of the page.

First you must know that this is one of the few places on the web that you will get the full details on the coffee shop millionaire.  You may also find other legitimate reviews about coffees shop millionaire on the following websites:



BEWARE:  There are some websites out there that tells you that coffee shop millionaire is the best place and that you should join, but they are just selling the program to you to earn a commission. 

These websites are deceptive; some of them have a domain name that is almost identical to and sounds like they are legit.  They will deceive you with positive reviews and entice you to purchase.

Two such examples are:

  1. (Take note of the “i” before .com)

There are also youtube videos that are quite deceptive as well.  If you happen to come across this video below, stay away or else you will pay (with money)

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 1.53.45 PM

The Coffee Shop Millionaire has been around the internet for quite a while now and has made more people less successful than a lot of programs before and after it.

Most likely the only person(s) who have become millionaires from it is the very owner himself; Anthony Twister and a few of his close “Guru” associates.  That is why he chose to give his system the name coffee shop millionaire.

Is The Coffee Shop Millionaire A Scam - Find Out Now

There is no doubt that money has been made from the program, but it will not make you a millionaire like Anthony in one year as the program promises.  Anyone who has been in online/internet marketing knows that this is a very unrealistic claim to make.


Let’s take a look at the official website

The first page contains a video with screenshots of how much money he is making on his laptop in a coffee shop, and a “buy now button” with a countdown timer.

Is The Coffee Shop Millionaire A Scam - Find Out Now

If you have been scammed before online, this is a dead giveaway that you will be scammed again.  Any website that you visit and the first thing that shows up in your face promoting and selling a program, is all about getting your dollars from you and usually you will have some problems getting a full refund.

“If you cannot first try a program for free, DO NOT BUY.  That is a number one rule of thumb to follow when considering buying any product or services online.”

Is The Coffee Shop Millionaire A Scam - Find Out Now

I mean, who wouldn’t want to make money like that on a weekly basis?  The sad truth however, is that this fancy screenshot was generated with sophisticated software to deceive you the potential buyer into purchasing/downloading the program when the entire thing is just not true.

If you did for example visit the website again tomorrow, you would see the same timer with the same time countdown which would be reset to the same time that you saw on the website the day before.  The video is quite inspiring and many people do get suckered into purchasing.  Do not be the next victim.

If you do decide not to follow the advice here and choose to purchase the coffee shop millionaire program, there are 12 training modules with 12 videos which I have listed the basic ones here:

  • Videos on how to do article marketing
  • Videos on how to do email marketing
  • Videos on how to do local marketing; like selling your services to other business
  • Videos on how to do video marketing
  • Videos and articles that teaches about search engine optimization (SEO)

There are also more videos that covers other aspects of marketing in general, but there is one thing that is common in the videos and that is limited information.  

Most information will be left out that you will need as an entrepreneur to really succeed online.

The bottom line is that if you are not an advanced marketer, you will not leverage the potential of Anthony’s coffee shop millionaire system.


What Most People Do Not Like With Coffee Shop Millionaire

Most people, myself included, do not like the promise that is made on the website.  The creator of the system says that you will make $21,000 in two weeks without having any prior experience or knowledge in the field.  No wonder why so many people fail with the system.  Newbies should definitely learn the basics before they attempt to try out the system.

Do not just take my word for it, look at all these people who have tried the program had to say about it:

Is The Coffee Shop Millionaire A Scam - New Review - Find Out Now

Is The Coffee Shop Millionaire A Scam - New Review - Find Out Now

Is The Coffee Shop Millionaire A Scam - New Review - Find Out Now

Another thing is that the up-sells are quite overdone.  You start out with $37.00 if you buy immediately.  If you don’t, you will pay $47.00 after the timer runs out that was mentioned earlier.

Is The Coffee Shop Millionaire A Scam - New Review - Find Out Now

And then of course after you purchase, you will be bombarded with more up-sells which includes:

  • Six Figure Success Club – A whopping $297.00 (prices do go up)
  • Hosting
  • Domain acquisition
  • Website creation – $100+ (for the last three items here)

RECOMMENDATION: Save yourself some money by not investing the initial $37.00 or $47.00 (depends on how long you wait), as this will lead you to pay more money towards all those up-sells that the coffee shop millionaire has to offer.


Final Analysis about Coffee Shop Millionaire

The overall analysis of the coffee shop millionaire is this:

  • Not recommended because of the simple fact that there is no real training involved
  • Not recommended because the lack of support from the owner only limited outdated videos
  • Many Gurus use this program and build deceptive websites to entice people like me and you to buy
  • NO real community of like-minded individuals to help you just incase you stumble
  • Up-sells are a real pain and it is really overwhelming to handle
  • NO trial version, you have to pay money upfront


My Suggestion

There is a place online where some people do not know about yet, but it is the number one place that you can find anywhere online that will teach you the basics and then move on to the advanced level, which will guarantee you to achieve success once you apply the principles.

This is where I got all my training for free until I graduated and is now in advanced level making money.  You will learn how you can use your passions and drive to create a real online business of your own.

NO need to provide your credit card information.  Keep all methods of payment secure.  Get in the game of the biggest money-maker since the gold rush by clicking here to go directly to the official website, or just by read the review here   It’s that very simple to do.

If you need a hand with anything at all, just look for me within the community of wealthy affiliate by clicking on JasonJF (my username within wealthy affiliate) and leave me a message or you can leave a comment below.

If you have already been suckered by the coffee shop millionaire program and would like a refund, I would suggest that you head over to the official Click-Bank website.  

Click-Bank is the company that the coffee shop millionaire sells its program through and they do honor refunds.

Click ahead for the refund link –>> GET MY REFUND!

You have done yourself a real good favor today.

Thank you for reading The Coffee Shop Millionaire Review.

16 Responses to The Coffee Shop Millionaire Review

  1. Johnathan Tarter says:

    Coffee Shop Millionaire is definitely a scam and one that I have also reviewed and exposed through my own review, which comes to the same conclusion as your’s! As many others have said before me, the unrealistic claims of success that this scams makes are ridiculous and exposes this system as a complete fraud straight away! Thank you for this high quality review and for exposing this scam! 🙂

    • Jason says:

      Great that we are out there protecting people against scams like the coffee shop millionaire and I hope that people will see through these notorious criminals and stay clear of them. I would love to check out your review and share my thoughts too!

      Thanks for passing through my site Johnathan.


  2. Lynne says:

    Oh this Coffee Shop Millionaire sounds terrible. Just the fact that they use the word Millionaire in their name and make it sound like you can sit on your bum, drink coffee and make millions just irritates me.
    I like some honesty when I find an opportunity and nothing about this seems like it is honest.
    Perhaps it is not entirely a scam but the way it is marketed does not appeal to me at all.
    Thanks for this great review.

    • Jason says:

      The coffee shop millionaire screams scam from afar. This dream that they sell is what deceive people. I notice a trend in a lot of scams; because they want to pull in as much people as possible, they will use words such as millionaire, secret formula, and all sort of nonsense. I am quite delighted that you found this helpful to you. Good luck and let me know if you do need a hand with anything.


  3. Gary says:

    Thanks for such a thorough and honest review of The Coffee Shop Millionaire. The moment I saw that they had upsells, One time Offers and a clock counting down the time until their so-called opportunity is gone I knew they were crooks.

    What do these clowns know about making money online if they have to scam people? They’re just another bunch of psychopaths trying to rip people off. They can’t stand the light of truth.

    If someone wants to really learn how to make money online, they need to check out your #1 Recommendation. It’s the real deal and based on rock solid integrity. Plus, it’s free to join. You can’t beat that.

    • Jason says:

      The Coffee Shop Millionaire is so cunning and dishonest. I am truly happy that I was able to research and write about them in detail.

      The intention is to get people to know what tricks these guys are up to. Places like WA is a serious and stable platform for people to have a successful business online.

      Thanks for your contribution.

  4. Vanessa says:

    Hi Jason
    I have heard about this program but I never really gave it a second thought. Now I know to avoid it. I think that some people get duped into this sort of thing because of that count down timer button. They most likely feel that they are missing out on something fantastic and they don’t want to.

    I hate those things, and these “so-called marketers” are taking advantage of these unsuspecting individuals who do not know what’s legitimate online from what’s not.

    If someone is so preoccupied with showing me all the money they are making and they don’t want to tell me or show me what I need to do to make the same kind of money, but they want me to pay them some money before I even know what I am getting myself into, that ain’t happening.

    That’s like going into a store and purchasing an item that is new to you without even having the facts on it. Who does that and if you won’t do that with a physical item, them don’t do it online either.

    All I can say is that I hope people read your review and take note so that they can stay safe on the net.

    • Jason says:

      I am glad that I could have written a full review on the coffee shop millionaire and is happy that it is reaching more people so that they can stay far from it.

      Only the owners and his friends are the millionaires because they are tricking people into buying the product. More and more people are becoming more careful online because of websites like this one.

      I am happy to share with many others the opportunity that places like wealthy affiliate provides. Anyone can try it out for free forever if they want to and not spend a dime, this is what a free trial should be all about.

      Thank you for taking part in this ongoing discussion and I hope that you will continue to stay safe on the net.


  5. Raphael says:

    Great in-depth look at this program. I know that there are a lot of scams out there that try to sucker people in. This one is no different. What I don’t understand is how people can live with themselves knowing that they are just scamming money from people looking to get ahead or catch up!

    • Jason says:

      Unfortunately, there are so many scams out there now that is geared towards scamming a lot of people. The people who do this do not have any remorse at all. I am glad that you like the in-depth review on the coffee shop millionaire. I hope that more people will find this as useful as you did.

      Thank you very much Raphael for your engagement.


  6. Vicky says:

    This is an in dept review of this program and good one too. I like how you refer to other sites
    (at the top of your page) where you can find more information about this product.

    $21,000 in two weeks, wow that`s a pretty bold statement. If this was true, why wouldn`t everybody use this course. If I can make that kind of money paying $37, I would be all over it. The truth is though there are no short cuts…

    If you are serious about making it online, it will take hard work and dedication.

    Good review, hopefully it will save somebody some money!


    • Jason says:

      Oh yea, $21,000 for $37.00. Give me that any day and I’ll sign up asap. This has got to be one of the biggest jokes of the year.

      Obviously, anyone who is successful online have gone through a lot of hard work and persevered, that is why they are successful and we know their story. Thanks again for chiming in Vicky.


  7. Derek says:

    Awesome review. Hope this helps a lot of people avoid this program and drives them to what really works.

    • Jason says:

      Glad that you have seen this and found some value. You can always help by spreading the word on social media websites. Thanks again for taking part in this discussion.

  8. Melinda says:

    Very informative post. This should save people who read it from being sucking into the program and wasting their money. It is often said that any site that makes you pay them to earn money is a red flag for a scam.

    • Jason says:

      You are so correct Melinda, is committed to exposing these companies. Do visit again for further details on a lot more programs.


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