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Welcome to the Sydney System Review.  You will find within this review that the Sydney System is a scam that you should stay not invest you hard earned money into.

It has also come to my attention that there are two (there could be more) other identical scam sites most likely created by the same persons.  The name of the other two scam websites (there could be more) are the and the

It is quite disturbing to know that the Sydney System seem to be clones of the Brit Method, Aussie Method, and the Canuck Method; all of which I have already exposed as scam systems on this website.

Reviews of the Toronto System and the London System are now published for you to read.

Let us now get into some facts that you must know in order to stay safe and far away from this Sydney System Scam…


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Sydney System Scam


Name: Sydney System

Found at:

Type: Binary Option Scam

Fake Creator: Robert Hockton (See Proof)

Hired Narrator: Jack Flynn

Founded: January 2016 (According to a look-up)

Recommended: No (Scam)



Where to Report a Binary Options Scam Software:


Trusted, Safe & Regulated Trading Platforms:



What is the Sydney System Scam

The Sydney System Scam is a new binary option trading website presented by a so-called Jack Flynn, who promises anyone that they will be raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars by signing up to their website.

According to the website, you will also receive $10,000 for simply watching the 23 minutes sales video.  Many have seen the video (including myself) and have yet to receive our money.

I really need you to understand how dangerous the Sydney System is to your finances, they will wipe your credit clean if you allow them to get a hold of your credit card information.

Whatever you do, DO NOT enter your details on any sign-up form on the Sydney System website.


IMPORTANT: WARNING! – You must be aware of the fake review websites that you will see promoting the Sydney System as a legitimate binary option trading website.

One of the sure sign to spot some of those fake review sites will be the numerous five stars rating that they have managed to give to the Sydney System.  This tactic is used to get potential victims to trust the website, therefore signing up and depositing funds into their “recommended” broker’s account.

These fake review sites are mere associates of the Sydney System Scam.  The creators of these fake reviews websites are often times paid by the creators of these scam systems to produce a positive review.


Sydney System Uses Actors To Create Fake Testimonials

One of the most popular attributes that scam websites employ is the use of actors to create fake testimonials.  In most cases, these actors are paid $5 bucks to $40 depending on the duration of time that they will read a prepared script.

As an example, one of the actors whom you will see in the Sydney System’s main video is actually a actor.  Her real name happens to be Katie Harvey from Dublin, Ireland.

Below you will see her profile image:


Sydney System Scam | Sydney System Review


What she does for a living is to advertise her services to people who would like to have someone create a fake testimonial for their product.  She will then receive payments once she did a satisfactory job.

Online scammers use platforms like Fiverr to their advantage while unsuspecting individuals face the dire consequences.

Do you support a website like that continues to offer these services to scammers?   We would love to know your views on this.


Triple Scam Sydney System

 As briefly mentioned above, the Sydney System Scam is one of three scam sites that seem to have been created by the same people.

I wanted to provide some screenshots to the various websites so that you may know for sure to stay away from them if you ever come across them either by email, pop-ups or any other source.

There is an army of associates who heavily promotes these scam systems, so you will most likely see their heads pop-up; especially if you are out there looking for a real money making opportunity online.

Take a look at the screenshots below of the aforementioned websites to see the crafty scam tactics on display:


Sydney System Scam | Sydney System Review


The creators of these scam systems use geo-locating software to target unsuspecting individuals from the various cities mentioned.

Be very careful that you are not being deceived by these fraudulent individuals.


Fake Endorsements and Accreditation

 Have you wondered about the legitimacy of the Norton, BBB, Trust-wave logos and other endorsements that you see on the website?

Right now, if you simply go to the BBB website as an example to search for the Sydney System, you will not find any results related to them.  The reason is obvious; they are not accredited and is definitely not associated with them in any way, shape nor form.

Every other logo that you see on the Sydney System website cannot be clicked.  They are just a “front” to give users the impression that they are worth your investment.  Popular social media icons are useless on the website (un-clickable).



 Experienced traders will know as soon as they take a look at the Sydney System website, that it is a total fake.  How can a system that promises so much, provide so little value?

The Sydney System is just one of the many scams that you will come across online.  More and more systems like these are created each day online.  My duty is to find them and expose them for the world to see.

This review will most likely help to save many people from heartache and humiliation that they would have normally faced if they did not stumble upon this important review.

Thank you for reading the Sydney System Scam Review here on

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This Sydney System Review has been submitted by Jason


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4 Responses to Sydney System Scam | Sydney System Review

  1. Ken Spong says:

    Good work. I have been encouraging care regarding “get rich quick” scams for many years –
    Perhaps we can share links.

  2. Catherine says:

    Thank you, Jason
    This is very valuable information, it’s disturbing that someone would post a profile on Fiverr for fake testimonials! I also like your page “How to Spot a Scam Website”. It’s very frustrating realizing how many of the scams exist.
    Keep patrolling!

    • Jason says:

      Thank you so much, Catherine, I appreciate your comment. Glad that you liked what I am doing and it is certainly my pleasure to provide you with these warnings to avoid these deadly scam sites. Keep safe while you look for online opportunities, there are so many schemes out there to avoid.

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