Welcome to the Sun Money Network Review.

I made a decision to investigate this Network for you because I hear a lot of hype about it all over the place.

You may have heard about the Sun Money Network either by getting emails from marketers, on social media, or word of mouth.

Whichever way you were introduced to the Network, this will be the right review for you to get the facts.

Within this Sun Money Network Review, I will be going over some important information which will enable you to make an educated decision.

I will write about the products, compensation plan, the company and also more vital information which you should be aware of.

Without any further ado, let us go into the Sun Money Network Review…


Name: Sun Money NetworkSun Money Network Review

Website: SunMoneyNet.com

FounderTóth Levente

Founded: 2015

Address: Anker köz 2, Budapest, Anker köz 2, 1061

Phone: +36 21 262 0770

Program Rating: 4/10

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What Is Sun Money Network?

Sun Money Network is an MLM Ponzi type of company in the Solar Technology niche which was founded by Tóth Levente out of Budapest in Hungary.
The Sun Money Network was officially launched by Levente in 2015.

There is not a ton of information online about Tóth on the Sun Money Network website, however, I was able to find some further information on his LinkedIn profile.

I discovered that he is also in the tourism market and does own an apartment company.

He is also a highly esteemed Doctor of Law and also lectures at the Eötvös Loránd University.

To date, the Sun Money Network company is Levente’s first MLM business.

Let us now continue to see if there are any actual products contained within the Sun Money Network Company…


Sun Money Network Review – Products

While researching the Sun Money Network, I realized that there are no actual retail products nor services being offered or sold to its members.

The only thing that is sold is the Sun Money Network company.

How this works is that once you sign up as a member, you get the ability to promote the membership to others.

If you successfully recruit others into the business, that is when you will earn a commission from the sale which was made.

Speaking of sale, let us now look into the money part of the Sun Money Network – The compensation plan…



Sun Money Network Compensation Plan

Since the Sun Money Network is the only “product” being sold, you will see that there is a lot of information on the compensation plan.

As an affiliate of the Sun Money Network, the more money you invest, the more money you are promised that you will be earning.

Here is what the compensation plan looks like (from smallest to largest):

NOTE: The Sun Money Network is a European Company so all the currency will be stated in € (EUR) currency

(1) Mini Package – Investment €30  EUR

  • With the package, you are promised to receive up to €150 EUR a month

(2) Basic Package – Investment €150 EUR

  • With the package, you are promised to receive up to €500 EUR a month

(3) Silver Package – Investment €500 EUR

  • With the package, you are promised to receive up to €1000 EUR a month

(4) Gold Package – Investment €1000 EUR

  • With the package, you are promised to receive up to €2000 EUR a month

(5) Platinum Package – Investment €2000 EUR

  • With the package, you are promised to receive up to €10,000 EUR a month

(6) VIP Package – Investment €10,000 EUR

  • With the package, you are promised to receive up to €15,000 EUR a month

Be sure to note that all the 20% of the Return On Investment (ROI) payments to affiliates must be reinvested into the Sun Money Network Company.


Pay Outs To Sun Money Affiliates

When any new Sun Money Network Affiliates invest into the business, 10% of their money is paid directly to the person who referred them.

This is what is known as the Sun Money Network Recruitment Commission Payout.

Sun Money Network also pays their affiliates residual income through what is known as the Binary Compensation Plan Structure.


Residual Commission Payout

The Binary Compensation Plan Structure is designed so as to have the affiliate at the top of a binary team which is split into two sides (right and left).  See image below:


Binary Compensation Plan Structure


This same binary structure can fill indirectly and also directly.  The volume on both sides can be tracked as well.

The positions in the Binary team are filled out through the affiliate recruitment.

The investment volume is tracked on both the left and the right side of the binary.

Affiliates are then paid a percentage of the volume which is spawned on the weaker binary side.

The volume on the weaker binary side is topped out at 33% or less volume generated on the much stronger side of the binary.

A Sun Money Affiliate is paid according to the package they invested in.

Below, I have broken down the five packages with the percentages:

(a) Mini Package – no MLM commissions

(b) Basic Package – 5% Commission

(c) Silver Package – 7.5 % Commission

(d) Gold Package – 10% Commission

(e) Platinum Package – Also 10% Commission


Prices To Join Sun Money Network

The prices to join the Sun Money Network is in essence, the same as stated above in the compensation plan section.

Here is a summary of the prices again:
Mini Package – €30 EUR

Basic Package – €150 EUR

Silver Package – €500 EUR

Gold Package – €1000 EUR

Platinum Package – €2000 EUR

VIP Package – €10,000 EUR

The major differences which you will find with the prices of the packages are the amount of money which can be earned.

The only package which does not allow members to take part in the business is the MINI package.

Sun Money Network Conclusion + Verdict

It is a well-known fact that Ponzi Schemes which were first created by Charles Ponzi are not the best business model if you are looking to start earning online in a legitimate way.

A Ponzi scheme also called a Ponzi game is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator, an individual or organization, pays returns to its investors from new capital paid to the operators by new investors, rather than from profit earned through legitimate sources. – Wikipedia

It is clear that Tóth Levente employs the Ponzi element throughout The Sun Money Network system.

Even though the Sun Money Network Claims that the money is coming from electricity generated by solar panels, it is important to note that:

Sun Money does sell the electricity produced by the solar panels to different companies.

Even during my research, I found out the Sun Money Network are in business with a company in the Technology niche known as Radalko Technologies LTD.

The Radalko group consist of many international investors and has been a pioneer in the Tech business for many decades.

The owners are successful businessmen and women and they have more business under their belts.

What I find puzzling is why do the Sun Money Network need affiliates to be involved in the company?

What I think is that whenever a new affiliate signup and make an investment, Mr. Levente earns himself more money from his downline.

You will see a lot of guarantees on the Sun Money Network Website, but to tell the truth, I am not convinced about the opportunity.

I am not willing to invest hundreds and thousands of dollars into a Ponzi scheme, especially when they have such a negative image in the business world.

I personally choose to dedicate my time and effort into building my own online business – earning profits and networking with other like-minded individuals.

I always recommend systems that I know WORKS for sure .

I have reviewed many programs since 2014.  Many of them are scams and most don’t seem to really provide the real training, value, and honesty.

I have, however, discovered what I and many others now know to be the best choice for absolutely anyone to start a business online & profit from it.

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I hope you have found this Sun Money Network Review worth your while.

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