Steal My System Review


Steal My System Review| Is Steal My System Scam?


In this Steal My System Review, you will find out if the program is a legitimate place to create an online business or if it is just another one of the long lines of internet scams.

You will surely find out the full truth about the system.

Read on and see for yourself…


Steal My System Review

Name: Steal My System


Creator/CEO: Steve

Price: $9.95- $29.95

Rating: 10/100

Refund Policy: Non-Existence


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Steal My System Sales Video

 The creator of the video will let you know that you were sent to his video by one of his trusted business partners.  I am not sure if Google is his business partner because that is how I reached the web page.

It is stated that the page is a secret web page, yet anyone with an internet connection and a device can reach the page by doing a simple search into the search engines to find it.  That’s just not a good way to keep a secret.

Steal My System Review


From the beginning of the video, you will find out that something just doesn’t add up.  The narrator talks and talks about his life story hoping to get your attention with his emotional crap.  He tells of how his father was on his deathbed while suffering from cancer and revealing to him the secrets to making money online.

He further stated that his father had told him that he made a lot of money but he did it in an unethical way and that he didn’t want his son to be like that so he said that he should turn the secret around to be legitimate.

It all sounds like a good story except that it isn’t true.  The narrator just wants to get you feeling a little bit sorry for him; playing with your emotions.  These guys are really good at the scam biz, do not fall victim to such acting.

System Name Change When You Enter Your E-mail

As soon as you enter your email on the video sales page, you will be re-directed to Vibrant Money System which is a well-known scam site.

There, you will see the order form for you to buy the product which costs $9.95.  Take note that if you click to close the page several times and choose to stay on the page, the price will decrease all the way down to $1.95.

Steal My System Review

The original price is marked off from $299 to give you the impression that the system is worth a lot and that you will be getting a great deal.  Do not fall for this one.

So as you can see, the Steal My System is just a vessel to take you to the Vibrant Money System.


What Will You Get By Paying The $something.95?

  •  You will get a 22 pages e-book titled How To Buy And Sell Websites
  • A 30 minutes consultant phone call
  • Access To The Vibrant Money System (Ruthless Scam Site)

It may seem like you are getting a marvelous deal, but you will be so sorry when you commit to buy this system.  I have read countless reviews from purchasers of the system who are highly enraged about the entire set-up.  This proves that it is not a good product at all.  This is a product that I would never recommend that you even bother to try.

Some of the many problems associated with the Vibrant Money System are:

>NO support or contact

>Forced sales calls

>Up-sells to try to get you to purchase other systems

>Refunds are virtually impossible to get back even though it stated that returns are “hassle free”



 Overall, the Steal My System is a deliberate scam designed to lure you to the Vibrant Money System.  Therefore the person who created the first system just redirects you to the next system as an affiliate.

Scammers will do almost anything to steal your money online.  It is very important that you safeguard your information from these phonies so that you may be safe.  Another thing that I should point out is that the people that you see in the video doing testimonials are just paid actors.  You will find them all over the net telling lies for $5.

Legit Opportunity For You

I would like to invite you to get serious about your future and never be scammed again from systems like the Steal My System.

Where I will lead you to is a safe, legit, free to join business opportunity that you can turn into your full-time income.  I have done a full review for you so you will see what it is all about.  I would suggest that you read the full review or the short review before you start.

Remember that making money online takes time and effort on your part.  Many people will still get scammed because they are lazy and think that there is a magical  “get money” button online that you push and then money will fall into their bank accounts.

If that is what you are looking for, I am afraid they do not exist online.


Thank you so much for taking your time to read the “Steal My System Review| Is Steal My System Scam“.  I hope that you have found some real value today and that I have saved you some money along the way.

I only wish you success and safety online.


Bless and be blessed,
Jason (Founder)

28 Responses to Steal My System Review| Is Steal My System Scam?

  1. Crystal says:

    Thank u Jason for this I got the email an watched an was thinking about doing it an I thought for a.min an looked it up an found ur page ty im a mom of 4 an it’s not easy paying all the bills an getting them what they need I work all the time I feel like I never get see my kids but its sites like that that hurt the most I thank the Lord for u have a bless day

    • Jason says:

      You are welcome, Crystal.

      You did the right thing when you decided to research Steal My System.

      I just hope that others will follow in your footstep before they loose money.

      • Rosemary Carlin says:

        I almost fell for it to but decided to google it and read te reviews. thank you for letting us know its just another scam. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!

  2. Another Sam says:

    If I could find the f’ing moron that said “yeah, maybe you should stop signing up for things online” when I called to get my 10.00 back and cancel any future charges I would make him apologize “in person”
    Maybe IF your crap emails and promotional information were honest about what people were getting you would not be able to rip off old people. Yes “Steve” you ‘are getting rich’ with your system….9.95 at a time with a bonus of 29.95 a month because people don’t think to call in time to cancel.
    Good to know you have high caliber, quality professionals working for you in your customer NO Service department.
    Please rest assured that every complaint site and blog and even the FCC and FTC will hear me complaint about you and the staff you employ.

    Congratulations, SAMUEL and Thank YOU for buying our system!!!!

    To set up your new website, please click the link below. It takes less than one minute, and you’ll have immediate access to start our system right away.
    Set up your system here:

    Username s
    Password: *****

    (Print this page for future use)

    Also, within the next 24-48 hours you will receive a call from our customer support team. Their goals are to help answer your questions and get everything going in the right direction.
    Your Order number is: 5*****
    Explosive Payday System 5-Day Membership
    5-Day Membership Price: $9.95

    At the end of this 5 day trial period unless you call to cancel your trial, you will be charged the full price of $29.95 and every 30 days thereafter. You may cancel at any time. This charge will show on your statement as WEB SERVICES 866.737.6801

    Thanks for your order,
    The Explosive Payday System Staff
    For general questions about your order, billing or questions about our system:
    US – 1-866-737-6801 UK – 0808-234-6536 NZ – 0800-451-485
    IRE – 1800-677-626 AU – 1800-122-544 SG – 800-1302-158
    ZA – 0800-1302-158 IND – 000-800-100-4553
    Hours of operation: 9am to 8pm Mountain Standard Time Monday to Friday.
    To speak with a consultant about what type of products/services you want to sell, how to attract the right visitor’s to your site and choosing a .com domain name. Call now:
    US – 1-800-209-4193 UK – 0808-234-6533 NZ – 0800-450-059
    IRE – 1800-677-627 AU – 1800-122-573 SG – 800-1302-157

  3. Sam says:

    Damn Thanks for this review, I was almost taken in by Steal My System

  4. Martha liffick says:

    I don’t have a credit card to do this so I cannt fill this out I do want to be part of the group w u Steve so is there a other way for me to do this please email…ty

    • Jason says:


      It seems that you have mistaken this website as Steal My System. Steve (Steal My System) is not a part of This website is a website which investigates and review online business opportunities. Some of them are legitimate and some of them are scams. I would trod with caution with the Steal My System. (Refer to the above review).

      Kind regards,

  5. Robert Higgs says:

    Hey guys thank you so much for sites like this it is truly a blessing please continue to expose these clowns as the one lady said ,taking peoples hard earned money and may i ask please reveal some real make money from home opportunities that would be great

    Thank you

    • Jason Foster says:

      Hey Robert,

      Thank you for stopping by my website and I appreciate that you found my review helpful.

      There are a lot of real money making from home opportunity that I share on this website that has been helpful to a lot of people. You may visit my list of legitimate ways to earn online page where I share over 60+ tips.

      You may also find my most legit recommendation really valuable.

      Let me know if you have any other questions. All the best to you Robert.

      Stay Blessed.


  6. Peter Mantu says:

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for sharing this information with the world. This is the kind of information newbies need before they get their hands burned.

    All the best!

  7. Vic says:

    Steal my system, the title says it all. Not what i would consider inspiring, or trustworthy feeling.

    I like your legit opportunity.

  8. john says:

    Looks like a bait and switch website. Does not look like there is any value in Steal My System at all, it is only a forwarding service for scam websites. Most of the videos that these sites use are not very good and if your look closely they do not make sense. I like how you try to back out of these sites that they drop the price, why don’t they just start at the lower price and offer something of value.

    • Jason Foster says:

      I like the way you phrase that John. Unfortunately the creators of these systems do not focus on value like the good places I recommend, it seems like the only plan is just to get some money from you without any value for it.

  9. Robert says:

    Thanks for the review. You are doing good work exposing these guys. Wish I had read stuff like this before each scam I fell for. There have been a few. Not all are so blatant. Good work, Robert.

  10. Lynne says:

    ooh no, this looks terrible! I got very annoyed when I get asked to sign up or enter my email address and then get sent to another website. It just comes across as deceptive to me.
    This truly has all the signs of a scam. Thanks for this Steal My System review.

    • Jason Foster says:

      Lynne, there are so many scams out there. I am just finding them one by one and exposing them. Be safe on your journey in the online world now.

      Talk to you soon and thanks for chiming in.

  11. Hindy Pearson says:

    Hi Jason, thanks for calling our attention to yet another scam. I have never heard of this, but with the seemingly endless promises of fortunes out there, how can one keep track. Call me naive, but I think it’s sad how many people will do whatever they can, just to cheat people out of their hard earned money. With sites like yours, I think we’re all a bit safer.

  12. Michelle says:

    Thank you for this review. I have heard of this and was wondering if it was a legit business.
    After your review I will stay very far away.
    I am interested in your other reviews so I will go and check that out.

    Thank you.

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