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Online marketing is one of the surest ways of earning from home.

With that said, it does not mean that any online marketing opportunity out there will make you rich.

Making money online takes time, dedication, and effort.

Therefore, there are genuine earning opportunities online, but there are also blatant scams as well.

The scams are NOT designed to help you make money, but rather to take money from you.

So, where does the Simple Wealth Creators system fall?

Before joining this program, it is wise finding out one or two important things about their website.

This way, you will be able to come up with an informed final decision based on facts and not speculation.

This review of Simple Wealth Creators will inform you about what you need to know before signing up on their website.

It is comprehensive enough to help you make an informed investment decision.

So, let’s get to the full review…


A review of Simple Wealth Creator

Simple Wealth Creators Review

Searching the domain of this website indicates that the company has its registration outside Arizona.

It also shows that it’s registered to Proxy Domains, LLC.

This implies that the domain has been registered privately through GoDaddy.

The company is growing in popularity day after day.

However, what makes people recognize the website quite easily is its frequent change in ownership.

Since the year 2008, this company has had 9 different owners.

Nonetheless, this work from home opportunity has no one listed on their website as the owner.

Therefore, the management and owner of the company are a mystery.

This isn’t a good sign in online marketing.

This is because a company should share its ownership details to help potential clients know how long the company will last in the industry.

Moreover, a company owner determines the life of the venture through his/her track records in the industry.

This is one of the reasons why you might want to keep off from this website…

Simple Wealth Creators pays commissions that range from $350 to $2450 per sale.

The most enticing thing about the website is that the company closes all your sales.

The venture claims to be fully automated and this cannot change.

How this website operates seems similar to the one Big Profit Plan System or the Digital Altitude.

These are other online opportunity that offers sale closers to their members.

Business operation is not the only thing that Big Profit System & Simple Wealth Creators have in common, but also the website color scheme.


The products

There is information about what the company offers but the information is very vague.

To some extent, it seems as if the company puts this information on the website for formalities.

This is because apart from mentioning that it offers internet marketing training, there is nothing more about it.

This includes the fact that no one knows the length of the training sessions.

Unfortunately, retail customers cannot access the products offered by this company without becoming members first.

This leaves a question of what exactly the company is selling.

Is it its membership or its products?

Below are the products that affiliates in this company deal with:

· Successfully talking to prospectsSimple Wealth Creators Review

· Dominating Facebook and mastering social media

· Exploding profits using sales funnels

· Putting webinars up and hosting them for businesses

· Understanding YouTube advertising

· Mastering your mindset


The compensation plan

Simple Wealth Creators has 3 product packages for their members.

These packages include the following;

· Starter suite

· Deluxe suite

· Premium suite

Starter suite
This is a package that requires you to invest $597 of your hard earned money into the company to be a member.

For every sale you make within this package, you earn $350.

The $247 balance is used by the company to take care of administration fees and as a compensation to the company for closing sales.

Deluxe suite
To purchase this package, you’ll need to invest $2097.

For every sale that you make at this level, you earn $1400.

The difference in money is used by the company to take care of administration fees and fees for closing sales.

Premium suite
This package requires you to have $3597 as capital.

You earn $2450 for every sale you make at this level.

Just like the other packages, the difference is used to handle administration fees and fee for closing your sale by the company.


Final verdict

With all due respect, this company is not here to stay.

It is a venture that exists today, but gone tomorrow.

This said, you might be safer if you stayed away from their website.

This is for the reasons that the product information given by the company is vague.

Moreover, the company ownership is a mystery which signifies that they have something to hide.

There are numerous programs on the internet that can help you make money, but Simple Wealth Creators appears to be only interested in taking money from all those who join.

I hope you found my Simple Wealth Creators Review helpful.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below…


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