Secret Millionaires’ Club Scam?


Secret Millionaires Club Scam Review

It is true that there are many millionaires online, but is the Secret Millionaires Club a place to make you a millionaire? or will it scam you trying to make millions?

It is important that you do not confuse this Secret Millionaires’ Club with the Animated cartoon series (featuring Warren Buffett) which is providing saving, earning and investment advice for teens.

Let’s get into this honest Secret Millionaires Club review to see where they stand in the internet space.

Read on further to find out the full researched truth.


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Is the Secret Millionaires Club A Scam?

Take a look at the screenshot below for clues:

Secret Millionaires’ Club Scam?


Whoever you are, wherever you may live, whatever your occupation, just remember if anytime you go to the Secret Millionaires Club website and see this 23 spots available and a link that expires in the next 11 minutes, you are looking at a scam.  How can the same amount of slots be available to anyone in the world whenever they visit the page?  Think twice before committing to such a scam.

Visit the same page anytime in the future (depends on how long the scam lasts) and you will see the same old numbers.  This is just an obvious trick to get you to sign up fast.  Do not fall for this trick, it’s one of the oldest in the book of scams.


Spam E-mails

If you decide to sign-up using your name and email address, you will get a confirmation email which will have a link to open another page where you will enter more personal details like phone number, Skype, etc.

This is where the money will come in.  After you fill that form out you will be requested to open a trading account where you are promised to make large sums of money, and of course, a count-down timer will be included.

Secret Millionaires Club Scam?

Another email that you will receive is one that with a “special gift” that leads to the Rich Janitor, which is a well-known scam online that promises that you will make millions of dollars automatically with minimal work and time.

You will discover this by doing a quick google search and a little more research on “Rich Janitor” which I will cover another day to expose them some more.

Secret Millionaires Club Scam?

Scam e-mail by Secret Millionaires Club


Secret Millionaires Club Scam?

Even though you were told that you will earn money for free, you will be required to fund a broker account starting with $250 upwards to $10K.  Why didn’t they just say that from the beginning?  I know why – because it is a scam designed to suck you in slowly.


Stop being a victim to scams now.  How to stay safe on the net is determined to stop online scams as much as possible from circulating the web so that users may have a better experience online.

The truth is that Secret Millionaires Club is a just another product in the long line of binary options trading scams intended to take your money away.

If you do not much about trading, I would recommend that you take a course on how to do it.  Reputable places to learn FOREX trading are:  (Most Trusted)

No use in taking a gamble and eventually losing money because you did not get the knowledge you need to succeed.



With all that is said, there are real ways that ordinary people like yourself can use your computer with the power of the internet and REALLY make a living.

You do not need to have any previous experience, you do not need a college degree, and most importantly; you do not need to spend any money to start making money.

There are over 450,000 successful people who uses this platform every day to earn a living.  I know this as I am one of them.  I am so confident that you will learn and earn with this system.

All I ask of you today is to stay clear away from the Secret Millionaires Club as it will bring you sadness and waste your precious time.

With this review, you can now be safe.  I thank you for your attention here.


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7 Responses to Secret Millionaires Club Scam?

  1. Hindy Pearson says:

    Hi Jason, thanks for calling our attention to yet another online scam. I find it impossible to understand how anyone can fall for that! If it was that easy to make such huge sums of money, we’d all be swimming in it! I guess if you’re desperate enough, you want to believe anything.

    • Jason Foster says:

      Its true Hindy. People are genuinely searching for ways to earn a decent income online instead of being enslaved on a 9-5 job. Unfortunately scammers take advantage of these people.

      I am glad I am able to help people out by finding true tried and tested legit opportunities while exposing lethal scams.

  2. Sienna says:

    I agree that we need to be careful when looking for opportunities to make money online. There are so many schemes out there which just take your money and run! Thanks for exposing the Secret Millionaires Club scam for everyone’s benefit so we know what to avoid in the future. Keep at it! 🙂

  3. Duncan says:

    It is sad that people have fallen for these scams. Secret Millionaires Club has that certain ring of inauthenticity to it. It is the code word for “I know how to scam you of money.” Thanks, Jason, for warning the public. I hope many listen to you.


  4. Mulry Shah says:

    This is a great website. I got scammed a couple of times trying to be rich on the net.

    This website is where I shall refer to the next time for guidance.

    Thank you for sharing this as the name Secret Millionaires Club really sounds like a club that people might fall prey to due to the convincing name.

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