Raging Bitcoin Review


Raging Bitcoin Review


Hey folks – Jason Foster here and thank you SO much for stopping by to check out my FULL Raging Bitcoin Review!

Raging Bitcoin has been generating a lot of buzz recently especially on social media.

It is likely you have seen their affiliates pitching people about the business on social media.

And now you are probably here because you want to know whether Raging Bitcoin is a legit business or a scam.

Before you join any Multi Level Marketing business, it is important you do your research so that you can make a sound decision.

Here we are going to look at the Raging Bitcoin company so that you can know if it is worth joining or not.

Without any further ado, let’s get into the review…


What is Raging Bitcoin?

Raging Bitcoin Review

Raging Bitcoin does not provide any information on their website regarding who owns the company, when it first started and where it is located.

Not very many people would bypass such crucial details before joining an MLM business.

However, the company website shows the domain name as “ragingbitcoin.com” that was registered on May 19, 2017.

I found that Robert Reel is the owner with an address in Indiana, USA also listed on the website.

I managed to find Reel’s LinkedIn profile where he uses “Robb Reel” as his names instead of “Robert Reel”.

His LinkedIn profile also shows that he lives in Dallas/Fort Worth instead of Indiana which raises more questions about this man.

Last year, he was promoting another company called United Games Marketing, which failed to live up to its promises despite generating a lot of hype when it first launched.

This might be one of the reasons why Reel left the company to start Raging Bitcoin.


What are Raging Bitcoin products?

This company does not have any retail goods or services that it sells to customers.

This could be a red flag because legitimate MLM businesses are known for their products and services which generates retail profits to affiliate members.

Hence it is highly unlikely that an MLM business can exist without any sales activities.

Affiliates who join Raging Bitcoin only get to market its affiliate membership to other people they want to recruit to the business.


What about the compensation plan?

Affiliate members make money by gifting bitcoin to each other through a uni-level payment structure.

This uni-level payment structure places you at the top of the uni-level’s team so that every new affiliate you personally recruit goes to level 1 which is below you.

If level 1 affiliates recruit new members, they will go to level 2.

And if level 2 affiliates recruit new members, they will be placed in level 3.

When you first join the company and sign up as a new affiliate, you will be able to send 0.01 BTC into the system.

This payment will then be split between six affiliate members in the up-line level as follows:

· Affiliates in Level 1 will receive 25% or 0.0025 BTC.

· Affiliates in Level 2 will receive 20% or 0.002 BTC.

· Affiliates in Level 3 to 5 will each receive 15% or 0.0015 BTC.


So what is the cost of joining Raging Bitcoin?

If you are looking to join Raging Bitcoin as an affiliate, you will require to make a 0.01 BTC as a gift payment.


So is Raging Bitcoin a legit business or a scam?

There are mixed reviews about this company online with some people saying that Raging Bitcoin is a scam while others it is legit.

Having read the above Raging Bitcoin review I am sure you have a clue whether the company is a legit or a scam. Right?

Here is my unbiased verdict…

After thoroughly investigating the company I can say that it is not legit.

That makes Raging Bitcoin company a scam.

Here is why…

The company has not retail goods or services that it is selling to customers that can generate retail profits to sustain the business in the long run.

Instead, this company says that affiliates make earnings by gifting bitcoins to each other.

This makes Raging Bitcoin a pyramid scheme that could collapse at any time if new affiliates stop signing up for the company.

When that happens, Mr. Reel will collect the big money he has made and disappear never to be seen.

And you?

I am sorry to say this, but you will be counting your losses, wondering what could have been if you did not join the company.

So don’t become a victim of a pyramid scheme and in Raging Bitcoin’s case, a gifting scheme.

I hope that you found my Raging Bitcoin Review helpful and if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.


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Raging Bitcoin Review

Raging Bitcoin Review

Raging Bitcoin Review

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