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Qbits Mega Profit System Review


NameQBits Mega Profit System

Website: qbitsmegaprofit.co

Type: Binary Options Trading

Creator: Jeremy Hart CEO of the Rich Nerd Club

Price: FREE to join. $250 – $5,000+ to trade

Rating: 10/100

Recommended: NO

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There are tons of reviews online about the QBits Mega Profit System.

You will find that some reviews saying that it is legit while other reviews say that it is a scam.

I know that this may be confusing for you, that is why I decided to write this honest review for you and stop all this confusion circulating the web.

Quite frankly, I am getting very annoyed at the games these type of systems plays on misinformed people each day.  This review of the QBits Mega Profit System will silence all those fake websites promoting this system as well as the paid actors that they have giving fake testimonials.

QBits Mega Profit System-Is It Legit?

Images Meant To Entice

The QBits system was created not to help people who want to make an honest living online, but rather to scrape as much money out of people’s pocket as they possibly can.

I have been doing reviews on these types of “lose your money” systems over the years.  To be honest I have never in my life seen such deceiving acting within a sales page.  I can say for sure that with long, detailed research, I know for sure that this system will not make you any money and is not legit to try.


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What is the Qbits Mega Profit System?

The Qbits system is a binary options trading system.  The concept is that you allow robots to trade for you online.  The process goes like this:

You are on the” FREE” trading website > You watch a compelling video with paid actors and fake screenshots of bank and Paypal accounts designed to entice you to join > You enter your name with your valid email address feeling excited that you will make money in the next hour > They send you an email with a confirmation link, just like the one you see below:

QBits Mega Profit System-Is It Legit?.png

You then enter additional information like your phone number > You are redirected to a “very trusted broker’s” website > You are then required to fund your trading account starting at $250 (at times you are even promised money to start trading.)

This money that you invest is non-refundable in most cases > You are then told that the robots will now trade for you and all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the profits (the fact is: the system is set up for you to intentionally lose the trade).

You now realize that the robot loses the first trade therefore you just lost $250 > You are then asked to fund your account again, but this time with a bit more money as they say this will increase your chances to win > You add more to your account with the intention of winning this time…but once again you lose your money.  You are now saying to yourself “what is heck is going on?”

You are now feeling a bit disappointed and sick to your stomach so you start to look into ways how you can get your money back, therefore, you start doing your research.

One big problem is that you should have done the research prior to joining this “lose your money” system that promises fast cash and no training, support nor substance behind it – not after losing your money.

Listen, I do not want this unfortunate experience to happen to you at all.  If you have committed already and have lost money, I am really sorry to hear that.  The advice I would have for you is to go to the Cftc.gov website for some help in getting your money back.

NOTE: The CFT always warns against these types of binary options trading software and cautions people not to get involved with these types of companies.  On the website, you will find complaints from individuals who have been scammed. 

If you have caught this review on time, great!  I am glad that I saved you from losing hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars to QBits.

Clues To Know That The QBits System Is Fake

  • 6+ Fake Actors All Saying “let’s see what I made today?”

All these actors are presented in front of a green screen just as the ones you see used in Hollywood movies of luxury rented cars, rented luxury houses, rented luxury yacht, in rented suits and rented everything else… You get the idea.

QBits Mega Profit System-Is It Legit?

Fake Background

Pay very close to the background where Jeremy Hart sits and you will see that the water doesn’t move in a natural pattern, at times, the images doesn’t even move at all but actually freezes.

This is obviously a screen in the background,  not even the iced tea nor the flower pot that you see are real!

All these guys are reading from a script and just following orders.  Most time they are paid out a fee of $5 or so for acting.  Below you will find the list of actors within the QBits video:

Ron Moria
Jim Walters:
Stephen Oakley:
Dean Ambrose:
Anthony Bertolli: “…A child could operate it…”
Rachel Wilson

  • Less than so and so spots remaining!

As you watch the video, you will see the spots declining.  This is very popular tactic that these sites use to give you the impression that your time is running out so most people will go ahead and proceed quickly with funding their account.

Do not fall for this.  Tomorrow or whenever time in the future when you revisit the website all these will be reset to default  Do not think for one moment that time is running out for you to trade online!

Final Conclusion

It is critical to do your detailed research before you invest your hard earned money online.  There are many get rich quick systems out there trying their best to get your money and the Qbits is sadly one of them.

Binary options trading does work for you if you know where to look.  I have done some good deal of research on some of the best places and I have found that the AvaTrade is a reputable, legit and well-known platform for you to learn all about trading online.

You will be dealing with real humans and not some robots that are programmed to let you lose money.

I have been a victim to scams in the past so I know how it feels.  That is why I am dedicated to rooting out all the bad weeds and separate the fake from the real programs online for you to learn and earn from.

I am not a trader by profession, but I saw this program deceiving a lot of people so I wanted to expose them for you to see.

What I do is called affiliate marketing and I can tell you that out of all the systems that I see online to make money, this is certainly the #1 most legitimate and best way to earn your way online.  It beats out trading, doing  surveys, writing to make money programs, selling on eBay or amazon and all the rest.

I think that you will find it as a breath of fresh air for you.  You can start for free giving it a test run to see how fun, exciting and fulfilling it is for you.

As usual, with any program that you are about to invest in you MUST first do your research.  I have provided for you a no fluff, no hype, honest and straightforward review for you to take a look at it before you make your decision.  I promise you that you will learn how to make money online while having fun at it.

You will be able to earn passive income for years to come using this powerful and effective method.  This is the model that you should follow and not a get rich quick or lose your money system.

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Thank you for doing your full, free research on the QBits Mega Profit System| Qbits Mega Profit System Review here.  I hope that I have helped you out in some way.

Do you have any questions, concerns, queries or anything at all to add or contribute here?

Let me know below in the comments! 🙂

Talk to you soon.

Your friend,
Jason. (Founder) HowToStaySafeOnTheNet.com

7 Responses to QBits Mega Profit System| Qbits Mega Profit System Review

  1. Mel says:

    First I would like to say prior to finding Q bits, another web site called money push company enticed me to sign up. It looked legitimate enough so I filled out the app but haven’t invested. Now, here is another money making profit which is Q bits and is quite similar to money push, also asking for a $250 minimum investment. Now, money is very tight for me and afraid to take a chance in losing it. Since it is a stock market fund with automatic trading, then that depends upon how the stock market fluctuates. As of now, the market is at an extreme high but who knows what the next day will bring. According to some of these reviews, many here have been scammed. I try to be very careful of what I do and check out many of these so called business adventures. I know there many legit ones but you really have to for them

  2. Jack S Smith says:

    I borrowed $250 to hook up with Qbits, got to the trade platform. I was then reguested to send drivers license, copy of my credit card, and a sheet showing I approved the draw on the credit card. I sent it all in. Then all comunications
    STOPPED, no more support, no emails answered..NOTHING. I sent emails to the CEO Jermey Hart = NO RESPONSE. IT appears they just stole $250 from me.

    • Jason says:

      First of all, Jack, stay calm and do not panic.

      What you need to do now is contact your credit card company and let them know to cancel your credit card since you now at risk of the scammers from Qbits taking all your money from the same card provided.

      Please, please, please, DO NOT send copies of your credit card to anyone online or offline – keep your details secure and do your research before you are willing to trust someone with your money.

      You are also at risk of being a victim of identity theft, so you may consider reporting this to your local police or visit here to get some advice.

      Thank you for sharing your not so good experience with the Qbits Mega Profit Scam System and feel free to reach out to me at any time.

  3. Zarina says:

    Hi Jason,

    I haven’t seen or heard about this program, but thank you for sharing with us about scam programs out there.
    I will keep it in mind.
    I try not to fall for any scams online, but still it’s good to know.
    Also, thank you for sharing the tips on how it is possible to identify a program as a scam. Very important info to stay safe on the internet!

    Founder of Life In Kaizen Style Blog

    • Jason Foster says:

      Hey Zarina,

      I am glad that I am helping to keep you safe while you search for legitimate ways to earn online.

      Keep on being safe and if you may need any help in finding a legit opportunity, I will be here to help you find it.

      All the best!

  4. MICHAEL says:

    You’ve got a very neat site that’s very visually appealing. Super informative and there are a lot of great reviews. I have no doubt you’re helping out a lot of people, so thank you very much for this incredibly informative site.

    All the best!

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