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“Congratulation!  You are about to become incredibly rich.”

This is what the Passive Profits page claims, but is it true?

No.  It is all lies, lies, lies!  That is all the Passive Profits system is all about.  Scams like these really do gets me irritated.

From the beginning, you will see that this is a scam website.  One of the first clue to determine a scam website is one of the oldest in the scam book.  There is usually a count-down timer or something on the site to give you the impression that you will lose your chance to become rich overnight.

I have been online for long enough to know for certain that there are no such things as a get rich quick program.

When you first enter the website, you will see a very crafty “Claim Your Copy Now!” signal to lure the potential victim to enter their personal details and get suckered into the scheme.

It will look something like this:

Passive Profits


…but in fact, it should read something like this:

Passive Profits

Tactics like these are widely used to deceive individuals every single day online.  To prove this, all you need to do is refresh your page or open a new page and you will see the same exact 16 slots remaining.  The number will keep decreasing as time passes.  The funny thing about it is that when it reaches 1 slot remaining, it will stay there and never go to zero.  DO NOT fall for a scam like this.


What is Passive Profits

Passive Profits is another binary options trading scam website.  It promises you that you can earn some ridiculous amounts of money in a short period of time by signing up for free, depositing your funds ($250 – $10,000), and then earn millions upon millions of dollars in a matter of months making you rich!

The Passive Profits is very similar to the Aussie Method that I reviewed, which is another binary options trading scam circulating right now on the internet.  There are literally millions of similar sites like these at any given moment on the internet.

How To Stay Safe On The Net will be there every step of the way tackling scam sites like those, one by one.  You too can help us by exposing these phonies so that your family and friends can be safe from them.

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Beware Of Fraud Websites Promoting Passive Profits

The passive profit is a scam and also are the websites that promote them.  Below you will see a list of websites that promote the passive profits scam.  When you do a google search, you will most likely stumble upon some of them.  Do your best not to believe anything that they say.


These are just a few of the numerous websites out there pushing the Passive Profits scam.  Just be aware of them.



There is nothing much I can say about the Passive Profit because there is nothing much to say about it.  It is a total fabrication and there are people who are getting sucked into it and investing a lot of money.  I beg of you to take this warning and stay safe.

As you might know, this website is geared towards finding scams and replacing them with legitimate opportunities online.

We all are looking for a better way to support ourselves and our loved ones, that’s the reason why I created this website.  I have been through a lot and have done a lot of reading and research on many programs.  I have come to a realization that there are more scams out there than legitimate programs.

I have to let you know the legitimate programs are out there and I have found them.  I want to share them with you so you too can earn real money online.

I have found that  Affilorama, Wealthy Affiliate, and Chris Farrell Membership are the places that people need to learn from when they are thinking of building a business online that they will be proud of and know that there is no scam involved.

These resources are what you should be looking for, I can guarantee you that they are the best out there at this point in time.

I have researched and written the reviews on the systems that I recommend so I know what I am talking about here.

In addition to the programs I recommend, there are also many other ways to earn online.

There are places like eBay, amazon and many other places online that will pay you money when you refer someone to their website.  You will earn a commission if the person that you refer buys anything from the site.  You can also sell on eBay or amazon.

There are websites that will pay you money when you fill out surveys, play games and a host of other activities.

When I think of it, I have to really marvel at the endless opportunities that the internet has to offer.  You just have to do your research when you are about to join any opportunity.

Most people never achieve success because they easily give up in life.  Make sure that you are not that type of person.  Keep abreast of what is happening and never stop acquiring knowledge to get you to where you want to be.

In any case, I thank you for reading my Passive Profits review.

I wish you the greatest of success in your life.  Keep on learning and remember that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela.

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  1. Csthy says:

    Thank you for that information, now I know I’m also a victim at many times until my my credit is charged.

    I have a big credit because of trading passive profits thanks again.

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