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If you have been online lately, you may have noticed Ormeus Global company generating a lot of buzz especially, on social media.

This MLM company is all over the internet with associates trying to pitch the business opportunity to people on social media.

So you are probably on this site because you want to find the truth if Ormeus Global is a legit business or a scam.

I have gathered the facts about Ormeus Global which will offer an unbiased review of the company.

This will help you know whether it is a good decision to join their business or not.

So let’s get started on the Ormeus Global review…


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What exactly is Ormeus Global?

Ormeus Global Review

Ormeus Global is a new MLM company that is currently under state of pre launch.

As a result, details about Ormeus Global review like business model and its compensation plan is scanty.

It is still unclear whether this company will offer more details regarding its owners, business model and compensation plan when it finally launches.

After checking their website, there was no information regarding the company’s background, including who owns the company, where it is located and when it first started.

However, I found out some information about Ormeus Global website domain name “ormeusglobal.com” which was registered on February 24, 2017.

Since the company’s domain name was privately registered, it was difficult to know who the owner is and where it was registered in the world.

When you visit Ormeus Global website you will see a “Login” button located at the top of the page.Ormeus Global Review.png

When you click on it, you will be redirected to the domain “ormeusbackoffice.com.”

As for Ormeus Backoffice, the domain name was registered on April 10, 2017 with a man using the name Joseph Frazier of o ApogeeInvent listed as the owner.

ApogeeInvent company appears to be a web design company because their website is advertising services like website design, video production, website development and SEO.

It is likely that Joseph Frazier is the CEO of ApogeeInvent.

Going back to Ormeus Backoffice, it looks like just a login page for member affiliates.

However, for you to login into Ormeus Backoffice, you will require to have an email address which has the domain “ormeus.com.”

The domain name “ormeus.com” was registered on February 24 2017, which happens to be the same date that “ormeusglobal.com” was registered.

The owner of “ormeus.com” is a company known as “iAM Marketing.”

A further look on “iAM Marketing” website reveals a man named Anthony Simmons as the company’s System Administrator.

The company’s website also reveals that “iAM Marketing” is offering “white label cryptocurrency”, “compensation plan development” among other services.

The founder of “iAM Marketing” goes by the name of John Barksdale and according to his Facebook profile page, he resides in Thailand.

From all this information, there is a strong indication that iAM Marketing and Barksdale are rather involved in the direct running of MLM business Ormeus Global.


What are Ormeus Global products?

After checking their website, it remains unclear whether this company has any products which it retails to customers.

However, Ormeus Global website has mentioned “accredited cryptocurrency education”, including courses like;

· Ormeus Coin cryptocurrency

· Inner Quest

· And Ormeus Qi

Other than these details, there is no information on the company’s website which shows they offer other products to customers.


What about their compensation plan?

Ormeus Global promises associates will earn 160% ROI that is passive if they invest their money in the business.

According to Ormeus Global website, the ROI is generated from some trading activity.

In a nutshell, the company’s website reveals that you will get paid a commission via a binary compensation plan.

This binary compensation structure will place you at the top of the team, which is split into left and right side.

Positions in the binary team are filled by directly and indirectly recruiting new affiliates.

Ormeus Global tracks funds that are invested on either side of the binary team.

At the moment, this company has not revealed the amount of money affiliates will earn as a commission.


What is the cost of joining Ormeus Global?

This company does not ask you to pay money to sign up with them, though it might change when it is properly launched.

However, it is important to note that you will need to invest some money in order to earn the 160% ROI that they advertise.


Is Ormeus Global a legit or a scam business?

You might have heard many stories that Ormeus Global is a scam business online.

Others will tell you it is a legit business which will soon launch with amazing commission rates.

But what is the truth?

In truth the company is not quite a scam, although it has insufficient background information like the owners which is crucial for MLM business.


The verdict

It is quite difficult to judge whether this company is a legit business or a scam considering it is still under pre launch state.

However, considering it prohibits people from the United States to join their business is a big red flag.

The cryptocurrency education course they offer is legal in the US.

Therefore, it seems the owners know other details regarding the company which might fail to be registered in the US.

As a result, I would urge you to stay clear of this company until more information suffices, perhaps after launching.

I hope you have enjoyed my Ormeus Global Review.  

If you have any questions or concerns please leave them in the comment section below…


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10 Responses to Ormeus Global Review: Does It Work Or Is It A SCAM?

  1. Aaron Barksdale says:

    Hello interested in this review ?

    I am Johns brother Aaron I admin for the current largest crypto currency (related) facebook group of 510k+ Members send me a message I am sure we can get the answers you are looking for


  2. Mary Courant says:

    The scam artists at Ormeus Coin and Wowe Coin are both using fraud and bots to illegally rip people off. They both buy and sell millions of their own worthless coins back and forth to their own exchange accounts to raise the price and volume and give the illusion that the coins are trading in high volume and that the price is rising.

    In reality all that’s happening is that they are buying and selling to their own accounts they control so the only loss is the commission fee. They do this with millions of their own coins (the coins cost them nothing) back and forth continually artificially raising the price and volume.

    When people notice the massive fake volume and continual price climb as in 400% in 48 hours with OrmeusCoin they jump on board paying high prices for a fake traded coin.

    The problem is people will hold the coins on a smooth sail up so Ormeus and Wowe use shakeup bots that dump coins price at about 20% under value to cause panic selling and buying then they make fake trades and raise the price back up.

    This causes a price crash and massive selling and then buying.

    Before this even starts Ormeus and Wowe put out hundreds of sell orders that cover every price range and they pre do this on every exchange.

    On my images you can see the endless 100, 1000 and 29.49780097 seller orders spread all over the exchanges they use at every price point. This is a huge pump and dump but the pumping is done with fake trades and fake volumes.

    With Wowe coin they didn’t have it the scam bots as refined and tuned. You could easily see the endless pump and dump attacks when you zoomed in.

    They look like a Square tooth wave form on both the Volume and trade price. See Images:





    They are doing this again with Ormeus Coin but they managed to smooth out and cover up the Square tooth wave form now.

    I watched the price drop 20% instantly several times now with Ormeus Coin when the bot did a instant 20% price drop sell for no logical reason. I hope someone reads this and prosecutes these felons.

    • Jason says:

      Hi, Mary,

      Thanks for sharing this vital information about Ormeus Coin. I am sure that this will help other people reading this to make a more informed decision whether or not to do business with the company.

    • Debraida says:

      Thank you Mary!! I know nothing about this so you are opening my eyes?
      Where can I learn more to educate myself further like you?

  3. W.B Jr. says:

    This smells like a scam. The easiest way to find out is probably to register, if you have a spare email account to use and see where they want you to send money, they then usually provide you with some form of “terms & conditions” that provides you with information of the account holder.

    But more importantly, what they promise in return. If that is something like education or anything that is not purchasing what they advertise, then you’ll know it’s a scam.

    If you have money to invest, no matter how little, do anything else but invest in this. Buy jewelry for your girlfriend, go on a trip, give to charity, anything real will be better than giving it to these guys.

  4. Richard Johnson says:

    Hi, please do an update now that it is more popular and much more information is released about the company and structure

  5. bloomilo says:

    Great post, just curious, when did you write this – in time? I can’t find that information.

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