Obtanix is a company that has been receiving a lot of hype in the online business sector lately.

Therefore, you might have come across it 
more than once by now.

It is a new venture which is getting lots of buzz, 
especially on social media.

However, before investing in this company, it is 
wise to learn about it in order to ensure that your hard-earned money is 
properly and safely invested.

Below is an Obtanix Review that gives you all the 
information you need for you to make an informed investment decision.

let’s find out if Obtanix is legit or scam…


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What is Obtanix?

Obtanix Review

Obtanix is an MLM scheme with a domain name obtanix.com 
which was registered on 19th August 2016.

In 10th May 2017, this company’s 
domain was updated.

The owner of Obtanix Holdings APS is Darin Hadwin, who has 
an address in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The only available connection between the company and its 
owner is the domain registration.

Apart from this, there is no third party 
information about Darin Hadwin available online.

Alvey Gomer is the CEO listed under the company’s website.

Apart from being registered as the company’s CEO, there is no available 
information about this person both on the company’s website and on third-party 

The better part of the company’s traffic comes from two 
sources all over the world.

That is Bangladesh, which accounts for just 1% of 
the company’s traffic and India, which interestingly accounts for 61% of the 
company’s traffic.

In June 2017, Obtanix advertised a job opportunity on Upwork 
and listed the company’s location to be in Jakarta, Indonesia.

This implies 
that whoever runs this company must be from Indonesia or India.

It is critical 
to note that there are 3 questions in the FAQ section of its website that are 
written in Indonesian.


Products on sale by 

There is no product line that Obtanix offers its members.

There are no services or products by Obtanix offered to retail customers.

only thing that affiliates offer to others is the affiliate membership.


Compensation plan

For you to participate in the compensation plan, it is a 
must for you to invest funds in the company.

By so doing you get an ROI of 2.5% 
-5% on a weekly basis for up to 75 weeks.

It is important to note that you must 
reinvest half of the ROI withdrawals back in the institution.

There are also 
xen points earned by Obtanix affiliates after making the investment.

Basic – this is where you receive 1 xen after 
investing $100

Starter– here you get 5 xens after investing 

Advance– here you get 28 xens after investing 

Premium– this is where you receive 20 xens after 
investing $10,000



Another way affiliates earn income in this company is 
through sponsoring new affiliates.

The recruitment commissions have a code and 
are paid at 10% of the funds invested.

Affiliates in this MLM venture earn 
depending on what their sponsored affiliates invest.

When you sponsor;

A basic affiliate you receive 5%

A starter affiliate you get 7%

An advance affiliate you get 8%

A premium affiliate you receive 10%

The remaining percentages produced by advanced, basic and 
starter affiliates are passed to upline members who invest more.

The difference 
of the leftover percentage is paid out until 10% funds invested by every newly 
sponsored affiliate.


Residual commissions

A binary compensation structure is used to pay tracked 
residual commissions.

This structure places an affiliate at the binary team top 
which splits into a right and left side.

The first level of the binary team has 
a capacity of 2 positions while the second level has 4 positions.

Every new level in the binary team has twice as many 
positions as the level ahead of it.

The growth of binary team is limitless and 
the positions in the team can be filled by both direct and indirect affiliate 

Once the binary team matches $100 on its two sides, an 
affiliate gets $10.

Daily residual earnings have a cap placed on them on the 
basis of the amount an affiliate has invested.

Basic affiliates have an earning potential of up 
to $100

Starter affiliates have an earning potential of 
up to $500

Advanced affiliates have an earning potential of 
up to $1000

Premium affiliates have an earning potential of 
up to $2500

If the binary team consists unmatched funds, the stronger 
side is carried forward to the next day.


Membership fee

There are 4 packages offered by Obtanix which you can join 
from the first day.

Below are the charges for joining any of the packages.

Basic affiliate joins the company with $100 
registration fee

Starter affiliate spends $500 to join Obtanix

Advanced affiliate package will cost you $2500

The premium package costs $10,000 as membership 



Despite the company claiming that they generate ROIs from 
trading and cryptocurrency mining, there is no proof to show that mining or 
trading takes place in Obtanix.

In case this company had the capacity to 
produce such high ROIs as they claim, then there would be no need to involve 
strangers in investing in the company.

Therefore, it is clear that without new 
investors, there would be zero income for Obtanix.

Hence, the sole ROI 
generation is through new affiliate investment in order to pay current 

This means that if the recruitment stopped or slowed down, there 
would be no income for the company.

The company would, therefore, be unable to 
meet their promises regarding the ROIs.

From the information above you should 
decide if joining this company is a risk worth taking before registering as a 

Probably the affiliates in this scheme will be at the losing end once 
the collapse of this company starts.

This means that your money and time are 
better invested elsewhere.

I hope that this Obtanix Review was if great value to you.

If that is the case, you may consider sharing it on your favorite social media platform so others may learn more about Obtanix.

If you happen to have any questions, feel free to use the comment box below or contact me on my contact page.


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