Numis Network Review


Numis Network Review


I have been hearing a lot of hype about this Unique company called Numis Network.

I made a decision to investigate the company to find out what it was all about.

I wanted to find out for myself specifically if the company is actual LEGIT!

I am always on the journey to finding the best ways to earn online – enabling my readers (and myself) to find and implement the best online earning sources.

In this Numis Network Review, I will be going through the compensation plan, the pricing, the company, the product and why you may or may not want to join this company,

First, let us look at some important details on the Numis Network company:

Name: Numis Network
Type: Gold & Silver MLM Company
Founders: Ian Cordell and Chris Kent
Rating: 7.5/10
Recommended: YES
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What is the Numis Network

Numis Network is an MLM company in the gold and silver niche.

The Numis Network is owned by two big giants in the MLM marketing circles.

Thier names are Ian Cordell and Chris Kent and they have both been in the network marketing industry for over 2 decades.

Prior to starting out the Numis Network, they had a different business by the name of  IDSTC (International Direct Selling Technology Corporation).

IDSTC is a company which specializes in developing MLM software and also aid in the development of compensations plans for the many MLM companies on the market.

Other major players in the Numis Network Company includes:

Mike Mezack – He is one of the top sellers of gold and silver graded coins within the Numis Network – he has managed to sell over a billion coins.

Jake Kevorkian – He is a partner of the Numis Network.  A longtime veteran who brings over 20 yrs+ of experience to the company.

He was also a #1 income earner in an established wellness and health company, which was eventually sold for millions of dollars.

Now that we know a little about the company and the people behind it, let us now proceed to the Products…


Numis Network – The Products

All the best MLM companies should always have a fantastic product line.  These products usually and should give a lot of value to the marketplace.

The Numis Network Company does specialize in selling gold and silver coins (bullion) which are very interesting and valuable products to market.

The price for the coins will depend on the type of coin (gold or silver) purchased.

The start up cost is $90 every month – this fee will enable you to get one silver grade coin each month.

The video below will explain a bit more about the Numis Network compensation plan.

NOTE: Video is for educational purpose and should not be considered an endorsement of any sort.


Numis Network Compensation Plan – (Video)

There is always a compensation plan included in any legit MLM companies.

The members get paid commission based on sponsoring of others into the business.

With the Numis network, they offer a pretty good compensation plan.

Click on the play button to see the full compensation plan of Lumis Network.


The Numis Network compensation plan is no doubt a solid one for its members.

Silver and gold are precious investments and should be something well sought after for years to come.


Is Numis Network a Scam?

The Numis Network is actually a pretty cool way to earn a living.

They offer good products, a solid compensation plan and the big players behind the scene has years of marketing experience.

If I was not already doing great in my online business, I would have considered jumping in with both feet.

For those of you with the investment to join the Numis Network, I would say go ahead and let it work for you.

The only problem I see with the Numis Network is that in order to get people into the opportunity, you would have to be doing some real heavy recruiting.

Once you have the necessary tools like your own website, an autoresponder, etc, you should be doing great with the opportunity.

In most instances, many members lose the respect of close friends and relatives because they used the pressure tactic to get them to join.

That is why almost 98% of people who do MLM fails.  Most people do not have any marketing skills and strategies to get leads.

For those of you reading with a tight budget, I would suggest that you…

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I hope that you had a good time going through my Numis Network Review.

If you found value in the review, please share to others.

Also, for current members of the Numis Network, we would love to hear your thoughts on the company – share your personal results.

Please leave your comments below.

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In success,
Jason (founder)

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