Ninja Profits System Review - Is Ninja Profits System Scam?

Note: All of my reviews are based on honesty and integrity.

My promise to you, my reader is simple: provide an honest review which will enable you to make an informed decision.

One of the main reason I decided to write this Ninja Profits System Review, is simply because I see so many fake reviews online promoting the Ninja Profits System.

When I see a system like the Ninja Profits System that promises that you will be making millions of dollars in an unrealistic period of time by doing simple tasks, I have to intervene and let others know the real truth behind the System.

I know that you are someone who is honestly looking for a legitimate way to earn money online, whether it be by trading, online marketing, drop shipping or any other form of  make money system.

That is why today I am telling you: DO NOT invest your hard earned money into the Ninja Profits System and the brokers that they will be recommending to you.

Let us get into this honest review now and I trust that this review may save you from losing your hard earned money.


Is Ninja Profit System Scam? Ninja Profits System Genuine Review


Name Of System: Ninja Profits SystemNinja Profits System Review - Is Ninja Profits System Scam?

Ninja Profits System Website:

CEO of Ninja Profits System: Michael Oconnell?

Type Of System: Binary Option Trading

Rating: 0/100

Recommended: No



What Is The Ninja Profits System?

The Ninja Profits System is a binary option trading software that promises to make you a lot of money when you sign up to start trading.

According to the website; There is a “sophisticated code” that drives the entire system, which allows you to be very successful in binary trading.

The Ninja profits System also claims that their success rate is unmatched by any other tool which is currently available anywhere in the trading industry.

It is claimed by the CEO that the Ninja Profits System has been proven to reach up to 98% in successful trades for many people (beta-testers) who are using the software.

But is it all true?

Read a bit further to see some real facts that I discovered about the Ninja Profits System…


True Discovery Of The Ninja Profits System

The main discovery about the Ninja Profits System is that it is a heavily promoted binary options software.

All over Google and other search engines, you will come across some rave positive reviews about the software.

This review may be the only one that actually tells the truth about the Ninja Profits System, so if you were looking for a rave review here, I am afraid that this is not it.

This is just the truth.

Why are there so many rave reviews on the Ninja Profits System?


You see rave reviews because the person or persons who wrote the review is an affiliate of the Ninja Profits System.

Therefore, they themselves will earn a commission once you decide to deposit funds into their “trusted brokers” account.

Personally, I could choose to promote the Ninja Profits System and earn some commissions too, but I am just not interested in earning commissions from a system that will not provide any true value for you. (i.e. lose you money).

Most of these binary options scams are created with the sole intention of digging deep into your pocket without you getting any returns on your investment.

They are not concerned if you win or lose with the system.

Lets look into some proof why you should not invest your money into the Ninja Profits System…


Fake Testimonials For The Ninja Profits System

Would you trust a system that hires actors to give fake testimonials for their product?

I didn’t think you would.

However, that is exactly what the creator or creators of the Ninja Profits System did.

They hired actors from

Within the main Ninja Profits System Video, you will see many fake testimonials.

One of the person who did the testimonial is a female by the name of  Andra.

You will be able to visit her acting gig page over at fiverr by clicking on the link below.

See solid proof for yourself and never be deceived by these type of scams again.

Ninja Profits Fake Testimonial (Proven)


Why would they hire actors to create fake testimonials when the CEO already said that the system has a 98% success rate for its many users?

If you guessed “because it’s a fake software!” you are right on point.

Good job.

The next reason why you shouldn’t be thinking of investing your money into the Ninja Profits System is because of the CEO’s fabricated identity.


CEO “Michael” is Also An Actor For Ninja Profits System

So it turns out that the CEO who goes by the name of “Michael Oconnell”,  is sadly another actor for the Ninja Profits System.

During my investigations, I saw that he was also a hired actor from

Now, answer this question:

If the CEO is merely an actor who is hired by the creator(s) of the Ninja Profits System to promote the software, do you think that the software is actually legitimate?

I wouldn’t think so.

If the “head” of the system is fabricated, common sense would tell me that everything else that is on the Ninja Profits System website is also fake.

I doubt that you will make any money at all with this system, as I am yet to see a real user of the system come out and say that he or she made money using the Ninja Profits Software.

I have seen many other binary option trading software that promises great riches, but turned out to be great “lose your money systems”.

One of the most notorious ones that I have reviewed on this website is called the Brit Method.

I would suggest that if you ever come across the Brit Method, cross it off as another scam system.

Let us now conclude this review as I am sure that you must get the gist of what the Ninja Profits System is all about.

Now before we conclude, let me just ask you this very important question right now:

Are you looking for a true, honest way to earn money online?

One that works and have been around for over ten years now?

Well If you are, and is serious about earning honest money online, I would strongly suggest that you take a deep, close look at the training I am about to reveal to you.

It is not hard to do, it is quite simple once you follow along and ask questions.

It is what I do to make money online and it has provided many blessing over the years for me.


==>Take a look for yourself


I love helping people to stay away from scams and also love to help you find genuine money making systems.

Avoid scams at all costs!

Let your voice be heard below in the comments.

I would love to hear from you.  🙂

Also, please share this important information out to social media websites everywhere by clicking on the share buttons.

Let us get the true word out about the  Ninja Profits System!


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You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

Read terms and policy before you invest any money.


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This honest Ninja Profits System Review was brought to you by Jason.


Thanks again for reading!

4 Responses to Ninja Profits System Review – Is Ninja Profits System Scam?

  1. Marcelo says:

    That’s great to know Jason. I was wondering about this system as many of the reviews looks very similar. This has made up my mind.


  2. tyler says:

    Wow you know I’ve seen ads for this program everywhere and glad I didn’t get caught up in it. We need to expose these scam sites for what they are. Thanks for the heads up Jason.

    • Jason says:

      Sure Tyler, it is my pleasure to expose these scams. I sleep well at nights when I know that I have helped someone out in the best way that I can.

      Take care now while you go along.

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