My Internet Success Coach Review|Is My Internet Success Coach Scam


Find out the truth about My Internet Success Coach today.   Learn if it is a legitimate opportunity to make money online or if it is merely another money making scam that you should stay away from.

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My Internet Success Coach Full Review

My Internet Success Coach


Name: My Internet Success Coach


CEO/Creator: William Chase

Price: $49 + Major Up-sells

Rating: 10/100

Refund Policy: 30/60 days money back guarantee (?)

Affiliation: MTTB/MOBE (Well Known Notorious Scam Sites)


About My Internet Success Coach System

As soon as you land on the landing page (screenshot above) you will see and hear a whole lot of promises from the beginning to the end of the video. The video laser targets beginners because the creator knows that beginners are more likely to get scammed online.

The video laser targets beginners because the creator knows that beginners are more likely to get scammed online.

If you are a total beginner to making money online, you should read about the # one recommended way to earn a living online and join over 400,000+ successful people who genuinely will help you to reach your financial goal(s).

Some of the lethal promises that should set your red flag or alarm bells ringing are:

  1. William Chase stated that he grew up poor, was poor and yet he managed to spend over $265,000 to set up the system.  Where did he get the cash from? (From scamming people?)
  2. He also said that he guarantees you will make $1 million dollars in 180 days, if not he will personally take you by the hand and help you do it.  What a great guy he is (give me a break)
  3. Within the video, William Chase stated you will get a 60-day money back guarantee if not satisfied; later on, in the same video, he said 30 days money back (I guess he did not read the script properly)
  4. It is stated that the program is free, yet you will have to pay $49.  He promises to pay 99% of the cost so I guess that the $49 is the 1% that you pay.

*If making money online was so easy, everyone would be rich.  I would not be here writing this review about My Internet Success Coach; rather I would be making money with them and drinking a Pina-Colada on a beach in Hawaii 🙂

One thing that stood out to me was that during the video William Chase mentioned that the video is a “secret video” and it will never be shared with the public (what a load of BS), anyone, anywhere can access the video on youtube or go to the official scam website to access this “secret video”.

My Internet Success Coach

Screen Shot Of  “Secret Video”

 Flashy, Flashy Shiny Object Syndrome

My Internet Success Coach


Unfortunately, more and more people are getting scammed because of the flashy shiny object programs by systems like My Internet Success Coach.  

Many people are genuinely searching for real solid opportunities online that will not scam.  Some people do not spend the time to do their own research before committing to a system; that is the reason why so many fall victim to these flashy scams.

The fact that you are reading this now, tells me that you are doing your research.  Congratulations to you!  You are certainly on the right track to finding real opportunities.


Actors For My Internet Success Coach

Actors are very easy and cheap to purchase these days.  With websites such as, you can pay various people to say whatever you want them to say for $5 bucks.

If you have seen the My Internet Success Coach sales video you might be asking: “but people say that they have made money…”  Do not fall for this trick, they merely use some paid actors to let the system appears as if it works.

My Internet Success Coach

Male Actor


My Internet Success Coach

Female Actress

William Chase is so determined to get some of your hard earned money that he even went to the lowest level by saying that “even a monkey with a computer could do it!”  What kind of person goes that low to steal your money?

My Internet Success Coach

What Happens When People Sign Up?

After the dramatic video and the entering of your email address, you will be led to a new page managed by MTTB/MOBE, where you are encouraged to fill out your credit card information and pay $49.

What I was most surprised about, was the vast amount of information that they need you to enter just to purchase the system.  They seem to want to get all your information to put into their database so that they can contact you whenever with more scam offers.


My Internet Success Coach


If you do proceed with the payment, you will then be led by a “coach” who will walk you through the whole 21 steps of the system.

The discovery is that these so-called coaches are big time salesmen and women who are professionally trained to get more money out of your pocket; that is where the up-sells comes into place.

I think that this is quite dangerous for anyone who wants to make a real honest living online to sign up with the My Internet Success Coach system.

They are so cunning that they actually lure a lot of people to spend sums of money reaching up to $15000.00!  

The lessons that are offered do have some value, however, they are way overpriced especially when you consider that the same materials plus a lot more are available for free within my #1 recommended platform.



The My Internet Success Coach is not a real business opportunity for you.

I know that you want to have success online, but you will not gain with My Internet Success Coach system.  You have done yourself a great favor today by doing your research.

Making money online is possible.  I, along with my colleagues are generating income online at this very moment by following a step-by-step course and applying what we have learned.  We are part of a very vibrant and dynamic community of like-minded individuals.

The foundation to making money online is getting the right education then applying what you have learned by taking MASSIVE ACTION.

That is what we teach you to do consistently.  There is no get-rich scheme involved in what I teach.  The get-rich-quick mentality will only get you down the tubes to poverty.  Never fall for online scams again.

You can test drive the program now for free and see how it really works.

If you would like to contact me to get one-on-one training and find out if it is the right program for you, all you need to do is drop a comment below where I will respond to you with an honest straight-forward answer.

Thank you for your time today to check out the My Internet Success Coach Review, you are now saved from another internet scam which keeps circulating the web space.


Your friend,

Jason (Founder)

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11 Responses to My Internet Success Coach Review|Is My Internet Success Coach Scam

  1. Antonio says:

    Hello Jason,

    I’ve heard of this system, but I never tried it. It just didn’t seem legit, and I was right. It’s amazing the lengths that some people will go to in order to scam hard working people out of their money. Thanks for the excellent review.


  2. Robin says:

    So frustrating what some people will do to steal your money. The information that is being asked for is also a way to steel your identity.
    The fact that payment is asked for before you even know what is being offered is a big red flag. Tell me what I am going to get for spending my money with you for pete’s sake. Legitimate companies will let you know what the product being sold is. Like looking at it on the store shelf. When there is smoke and mirrors it is time to move away and know this is a deception of some kind and they just want your money. Don’t give into these. Thanks for exposing this scam.

  3. Forrest says:

    Hi Jason,
    When trying to find information on how to make money online, it is easy to fall victim to these scams where you don’t get any value from what is spent and you seem to keep having to spend more and more.

    If I had money, I wouldn’t be looking to make more of it and, I can’t afford to waste my money on garbage information.

    I think it’s much better to be able to try something for free first, to see what kind of value is there before spending money so, I am in the process of looking into your recommendation.
    Thanks for this information

  4. Eloah says:

    I am glad there are people out there like you that are actually speaking the truth and giving honest reviews. It’s refreshing! Thanks for your honesty and for the great tips!

  5. Duncan says:

    Hi Jason,

    Thank you so much for warning the public about this scam artist. The up-sell that people get caught in is crazy; I guess they just want fast money and do little or no work to earn it.
    This is a great review. It is so informative. Did you actually sign up with these guys and lose some cash or did you smell a rat and not get caught?
    Chat soon, Duncan

    • Jason Foster says:

      I was testing out the system and realized that things did not add up at all. Many scams are disguised as legitimate opportunities, but you can spot them when you search deep for clues.

      Thanks for chiming in Duncan.

  6. Rawl says:

    It’s interesting because I haven’t heard of this Internet Success Coach but I have heard of Wealthy Affiliate and all the great things going on over there.

    It’s a shame people think they have to scam others to make money. I’ve been an almost victim of check fraud three times. I haven’t fallen for it because all the red flags go up immediately when they say, “I’ll mail you a check to purchase the programs you’ll need for this online job offer” or “Deposit the check don’t cash it”. Those immediately scream “SCAM”!

    It’s great you’re sharing this information so people can be aware and not waste their time or money.

    Is there any other system we should be aware of? Maybe one that looks really legitimate but isn’t?

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