My First Online Payday|Is My First Online Payday SCAM?

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Hey everyone,

I hope this important, honest review reaches you in good timing and I hope you are in good health.

When I was watching the video of My First Online Payday, my first thought was that numerous people will get scammed with the system.

Why did I suspect that many will be scammed?  Well, the website is set up with a 17+ minute video which starts out with clips of news reporters mentioning that money is made online, along with many people giving testimonials and promises that you will be making money yourself.

The video was created to give anyone who lands on the page a feeling of trustworthiness since most people seem to trust anything they see on CNBC, CNN, Fox News and any other news logo attached to it.

I am sure that many people (especially newcomers) rush along to enter their name along with an email address in a hurried manner because of the countless promises which were mentioned within the video.

As an extra enticement, you will see a “Get $50 FREE to start” call to action text which really does encourage more people to sign up really fast.

My First Online Payday Targets Newcomers

The My First Online Payday system is aimed solely at newcomers to the online money making industry.  Many of these newcomers have no clue about how to make their first dime online, so when they see a system telling them that it is easy as pie to make money online, they get really excited and easily believe.

My First Online Payday|Is My First Online Payday SCAM?

As Seen On My First Online Payday

The creators of My First Online Payday knows this.  That is why at the beginning of the video, they will let you know that “…solution is aimed solely at newcomers “.

What this does is give the newcomer the impression that they will make money with the system because it is solely “fine-tuned” for them.

Time for some real facts!

Let us take a look at the real facts of the My First Online Payday system.

I have done some extensive research to give you these factual findings.  I hope you will get a clearer understanding of the real motive behind the My First Online Payday.


Fact 1:

The CEO is not the CEO!  Allow me to show you what I mean by this:

His real name is Deren Stevens.  He is a Marketing Director from the UK, specializing in Public Relations and high ROI video production.

You can find him on where he creates fake testimonials for a fee of $5 bucks.

To view his profile, click on the image you see below:


My First Online Payday|Is My First Online Payday SCAM?


Deren Stevens is a well known fake testimonial actor that I have already exposed on my Midas Touch APP review which is also another scam binary option software.


Fact 2:

The testimonials which were given are all fake.

While I was watching the video, I recognized all the faces giving fake testimonials.  I want to point out Rebecca Martinez and Mellany White.

They were also hired from to give their testimonials.  I could go on some more, but I am sure that you get the point.  Right?

If you are not convinced enough, I would suggest that you view Mellany’s profile on Fiverr.   Also, see how I exposed Rebecca’s true identity (real name: Jessica) on my Aussie Method Scam Review.  You will see her performance within the embedded youtube video.

Mellany’s Fiverr profile (Real name: Temera)


Fact 3:

The My First Online Payday website has mostly non-responsive elements.

What does that mean?  This means that the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Digg buttons that you see with thousands of shares are not clickable at all.

They are just placed on the page to give you the impression that they are popular on social media.  This is a very BIG lie that the unknown creators are pushing.

If you click around on most of the tabs on the web page, you will notice that nothings happen.  They are just placed there to “pad” the website, making it seem as if it really functional.

My First Online Payday|Is My First Online Payday SCAM?

Non-Responsive Social Media Buttons


The only elements which are actually responsive, are the ones that the creators of the My First Online Payday wants you to take action with (i.e. the sign-up box as well as the fake testimonials).


Need I say more about this?

My First Online Payday|Is My First Online Payday SCAM?

Arrows point to Scam Responsive Elements


There are so many scam promoters of the My First Online Payday software.  You are sure to see some positive reviews on google and other search engines about them.

These fake promoters get paid when they write a positive review about the system and will also earn a commission when you sign up to the system.  Be aware of those reviews, they are merely spreading a lie on the internet.  Do not be a next victim.

Your email address could be sold!

It is a common trend among scam website owners to sell your email address to a third party company.

These third party companies will, in turn, send you other scam offers into your email inbox, which some people do unfortunately get scammed from.

This is another way how fraudulent website owners make extra money online. Safeguard your personal information and do not sign up to a new system on the market which promises you that you will be making tons of money in a short period of time and systems that are not known and trusted.



 Systems like the My First Online Payday comes and goes online.  They do not last long as people will find out what they truly are.  Most of the times these websites will change their name and images to make them appear more enticing to misinformed individuals.

You have seen how deceiving they are with their sales tactics.  They use all types of enticement to pull people into their claws.  They spend money to employ actors to give fake testimonials because they know that they will be making back the money from people who do not bother to do a research.

It’s sad what they do, but the reality is that the internet is full of fraud.  Each and every day a new one is created online.

I am playing my part in this battle of the good vs the bad systems out there.

I choose to be on the good side helping people to avoid online scams, and at the same time providing individuals with true, legitimate opportunities to earn online.  This truly gives me a good feeling and helps me to sleep well at nights.

I have seen a lot of scams and have exposed many of them right here on this website.  During my time exposing scams, I have also stumbled upon some great legitimate platforms which enables me to earn a consistent income online.

Take a look at my #1 recommendation.  It might as well help you to finally earn your first paycheck online if that is what you are genuinely seeking.

The best thing about it? – it’s totally free to become a member.

That’s it for now.  I am just happy that I was able to help you today to stay safe online with this review of the My First Online Payday software – I really wanted to get it out there

As usual, I am always open for discussion below within the comment section.

Did you found the review useful to you?  Do you think someone else might benefit from it?

The comment section is open so share, like and comment to help others along the way.


Wishing you success and safety online.

Your friend,
Jason (Founder)


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7 Responses to My First Online Payday|Is My First Online Payday SCAM?

  1. Marc Parsons says:

    Hey Jason

    My First Online Payday has scam written all over it! I definitely will not be putting my money anywhere close to this products/ service.

    Don’t you get tired of the same fake CNN and testimonials on landing pages of these scams? They prey on those who are new to the industry and it’s sickening that they continue to get away with this false advertising.

  2. Bernd says:

    Hi Jason,
    thanks a lot for your research and your work with this article. It is a pity how people are forced into a business or product and waste their money, time and hope.
    I think, that a lot of the systems outside are like this one. So your reviews will never end. On the other hand is good that you found also some reliable one.

    • Jason Foster says:

      It is true that there are a lot of scams like the My First Online Payday. I know that I will have to do a lot of work writing about them, but I feel satisfied when I expose them and save people from losing their hard earned money.

      Thanks for your comment and I am glad that you found it useful.

  3. Bob says:

    Hi, Jason–
    Thanks for yet another scam exposed! The Internet is full of these unscrupulous people ripping off those who are just looking for a way to make some extra income, most of whom can’t quite pay the bills as it is!
    And you don’t just say it’s a scam, you give good reasons, and the clues to watch for with other systems that are out there. Keep up the good work!

    • Jason Foster says:

      Glad that I could help you to stay away from another Binary Option Scam; there are so many of them out there.

      It was a pleasure exposing these creators of yet another “lose your money system”.

      Thanks for your comment Bob

  4. Stuart says:

    What are your initial clues that a site is a scam and can I also use these clues to self-determine if it is a scam? Are there any regulations against these fraudalent sites? Are you just using Google to get your information or are you using some other source?

    • Jason Foster says:

      Thanks for your questions Stuart,

      There are some easy ways to spot a scam online. I will list 8 ways for you below:

      1. A Video “Only” Sales Page
      2. No Way to Contact on their Website
      3. If the product does not offer support
      4. A 60 Day Guarantee (most time the product is useless hence the 60 Day Guarantee)
      5. Constant Upsells
      6. Outrageous Claims of Success (an obvious one)
      7. It is promoted by another GURU
      8. Fake or Scammy Pictures (like the ones you see with My First Online Payday)

      Google is also a good resource to get information, however I have to dig deeper to find the truth about a scam system. Most times people make a complain on forums and blogs so that way I know for sure that people are getting scammed.

      I have mentioned resources that you can use to report a scam in the article. Two of these are and

      I hope I have answered your questions. If you may have any additional concerns, do not hesitate to let me know.

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