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Hey, friend, Jason here again…

Today I would like to tell you about myself & how I got started in online business.

I must first let you know that this is a long read, but it is my honest experience that I want to share with you, my reader.  It shows of my struggles and successes.

I would suggest that you read it all the way through to get a better understanding of who I am and how you can benefit from this article.

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Good luck in all you that you do.


Now let us get back to my story…

I have always been searching for opportunities online because I know that many people make money online and is having a great time doing it.

When I consider people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg  and many other influential people, I see that they have something in common – they are all involved in the computer world and are rated as the world’s richest and most successful people.

I read and study their stories and is inspired by what I have learned.

I too realized that I also have the potential to make a change in my life by following their movements as much as possible.

One of the first things that I did was to change my mentality; to do this I started to read success and motivational books.  The ones that had the most impact on me were:

These books set the tone for me to be who I am today.  I highly recommend you start with Think and Grow Rich if you are going to start this journey.

They are some of the most inspiring and real life-changing books which have helped me and will also help you to take action in this life.

During my school years, I was always attentive in classes and one thing that I can remember a lot about are my teachers saying was that I have a very high potential.

That was something that was repeated to me very regularly. They could see something in me that I could not see at that tender age.

Although I was always doing good in school, I was never sure of what I wanted to become in life.

All I knew is that I had a mind of my own that I wanted to cultivate and make it the best version possible.

When I graduated from high school, I went to continue learning more about food and beverage – since it was what I was doing in high school as my main focus.

From there I went on to a local training agency known as the HEART trust NTA.

Ii is one of the best Get Started Onlineskills program that I see in Jamaica for young and old alike to develop their minds, skills, and expertise.

It is a program which is free to take part in and you get to choose which skill-set you would like to partake in.

I went on to become the student council president, and I did learn that when you are in a leadership position, you are expected to lead and to find a solution for any possible problems that may arise in your environment.

The experience was a very good one; I learned a lot and up to this day is very grateful for the opportunity that was given.

After I left the training program, I immediately was enrolled into a J.O.B by my professors at a nice restaurant located in Rose Hall (a very famous region toward the west side of Jamaica).

I was very young and not so much experienced.

Things did not turn out very good for me at this small restaurant which didn’t do much business at all; it was a restaurant called the Sakura Japanese Restaurant – some nights we didn’t do any covers at all!

As a young man working in Jamaica where the economy is not the best, I was a target for older folks who didn’t really approve of a young person trying to come in and “steal their food”, so the older folks felt maybe a bit threatened, which was by the way not an intention of mine.

One particular staff made it a point of his duty to steal my tips when customers would leave any form of compensation on the table.

I was naturally not pleased about this and I did get my supervisor involved which turned ugly.

To make a long story short, I shortly left this job and went back home without any clue of what I was to do next.


A Quitter Never Wins And A Winner Never Quits…

However, since I am not a quitter, but a winner, I Get Started Onlinesoon applied for another J.O.B at the local burger king.

I learned a lot during my time and spend about 2 years before I decided that I wanted to work in the hotel industry.

The hotel that I did the interview for was located in Negril which is like 2 hours away from where I lived in Montego Bay.

I had to relocate from Mo-bay (Montego Bay for short) to Negril and it was a good decision.

Couples Swept Away Hotel in Negril is one of the finest, professional, and most fun places that I have ever worked at, and to tell the truth, it is because of the people whom I worked with.  To me, people are what makes a place what it is.

Being the mover and shaker as I am, I spend only two and Get Started Onlinea half years in Negril and after that decided to try my skills at the cruise lines. I did try it and it was by far the most challenging experience of my life.

On the cruise ship, you do not get a day off at all! It is like you are in the military, you have tons of boat drills, which is great, but it is over the top overwhelming.

I did not spend too long on the cruise lines, as I quickly realized that “sea-world” was not for me at all, I did only two contracts and decided to make another move…


Introduction To The US

Now, I was about to make one of the most important decisions of my like.

I went aheadGet Started Online and signed up for a program that was being advertised for people to work in the United States, it was a job to work in the hotel program in the states, which is a joint program organized by the Labour Ministry of Jamaica and the US Labour Board.

I did not waste any time in jumping on board.

I knew that the US was the most desired place to work in the entire world and offered the most opportunities to grow, so I wanted to become a part of this world leader.

This was in 2004 and things were looking up. I was successful in passing all my interviews and got the chance to be employed to work in the US.

I was having the very best time of my life in the US, the economy was going well and things were looking upward until the recession hit in 2007.

I did not get the chance to go back to the US until 2011… I really did not like this unsure lifestyle at all so I turned to the internet for help.


My Internet Journey

Now the internet is not anything new to me at all, in-fact I have been addicted to “Googling” stuff and just doing stuff online from ever since I can remember.

I wanted to make money online without having to have to worry about losing a job, getting laid off etc.

I naturally came across a lot of fraudulent money-making business “opportunities” when I typed into google “how to make money online” obviously there are a ton of results that you will find in google; over 549,000,000!

That is over five hundred and forty-nine million results! There is a chance that some of these results will contain scams.


Get Started Online


There is also a good chance that some of the results will contain legitimate opportunities as well.  It took me months to find out what were real and what were not.

I tried so many things that I was convinced that they were all scams…

But all this hard work and dedication did pay off. I found that there was a very special place on the internet that was teaching ordinary people like me how they can set up a successful online business and profit from it.

The best thing about this company is that they offered their tools and the training for absolutely 100% FREE to try out, that includes setting up two FREE websites to start, plus training on how to move along and keep earning.

Where else online did some company let you try out their products for free?  I was just so amazed to see that a website was really offering that to the general public.

The name of this highly recommended website is Wealthy Affiliate.

Take a look below to see exactly the breakdown:  You can also click on the image to take you to the welcome page where you get full access by entering your name and email (No payment information needed)  🙂

If you decide to go premium, you will be paying $49 per month and this is entirely up to you, you can remain a free member as long as you want to.

That’s only $1.56/day to build your very own profit-generating website!

Another good thing is that your first month of payment will be $19 if you upgrade within 7 days.

Look at it this way; most days many people spend more than $5 for a cup of coffee or a beer or some things that are not quite essential in life.

So this decision was a no-brainer for me, I did not hesitate to join promptly, so I am a now a proud premium member of wealthy affiliate.

The training that I am receiving is top-notch, and if for example, If I need any help at all, the live support or 1-on-1 coaching is there right at my fingertips 24-7.

It is truly a very unique and one of a kind company on the internet.

Success does not come to one if you do not put in time and effort in whatever it is thatGet Started Online you are doing.

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication.  I develop myself by reading the right information as much as possible and keep on keeping on.

You too can do what I am doing and be the best version of yourself.

The right time to start is not tomorrow, next week, next month or next year; the right time to start is NOW.

I have been given this wonderful opportunity and I want you to experience it as well.

I believe that you also deserve a chance to enjoy some freedom in life.

We all want to be successful, so let me ask you the some questions:


Do you want more time with your family?


Are there places you want to go and things you want to see?


Do you no longer have job security, or even hate your job?


Are you starting to plan for retirement and need an extra source of income?  


If your answers are yes to the above questions, wealthy affiliate may be the opportunity that you have been searching for all this time.

It really changed my life and also the lives of thousands of individuals across the world.

Check out my wealthy affiliate Profile where you will see me and thousands of other individuals networking and sharing ideas on a daily basis.

It is a very lively community of like-minded individuals.



When I first started, it seemed a bit overwhelming but with doing and doing it over and over again, it is now second nature to me.  All the right tools that you need to succeed are provided.

If you may need any clarification on anything written here, I will be glad to provide you with answers, just ask me and I will reply as soon as I can.

Also feel free to share this page to social media websites. (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc).

So now you know a bit about my journey so far and where I am headed.  This internet business will change your life forever, it is the future.


==>Now, Take Your Free Tour!



“Whatever The Mind Of Man Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve”  ~Napoleon Hill


You can do it.  I believe in you.

Jason, Founder (Founder):


8 Responses to

  1. Juliet Fray says:

    Thanks Jason. I am a Jamaican and still living in Jamaica Land of Beauty!! lOVE YOUR STORY. A winner never Quits!

    • Jason says:


      Thank you for stopping and reading my story – glad that you liked it.

      Yes, Jamaica is truly a land of beauty.

      I hope you are having success in your business.


  2. I enjoyed reading your journey, you brought back memories of Rose Hall and Jamaica. I’m Jamaican as well and have a long history with the internet and doing business.

    “Success does not come to one, if you do not put in time and effort in whatever it is that you are doing.” Very true!

    Much success to you!

    • Jason says:

      Pleased to meet you Jeremy and glad to know that you enjoyed learning about my journey.

      Looking forward to connecting with you in the coming future.

      Thank you!


  3. Vicky says:

    Interesting read Jason! You and I have similar backgrounds in the sense that we were born and raised outside of the US. Today both of us enjoy online marketing and creating a future for our selves.

    Being in control of your own time, your own business and your own life is freedom to me and that’s exactly what online marketing has provided me.

    Great read Jason, I look forward to following your journey!


    • Jason Foster says:

      Fantastic Vicky!

      Nothing like having your own business which you are in total control of. This creates a new freedom of mind and body.

      So great to have you here and thank you so much for your following.

  4. Dawn Russell says:

    I love this post Jason! Brings back memories of Mo-bay and Negril! Jamaica Land We Love!

    Getting back to your post 🙂 – great clear cut information on how you can get started with your own online business and Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the best route towards making that happen.

    I have accomplished so much at WA that I could NEVER have achieved on my own or anywhere else and I should know. I have been sidetracked even whilst on WA thinking I could find some way to add to what I was doing at WA but I soon found out that there was nothing to surpass WA and I had been scammed and thankfully got my money back.

    The great thing about WA is you don’t have to pay any money upfront or even at all if you don’t want to.

    Thank you Jason!

    • Jason says:

      I am glad that you did found this post a good one. You can also visit Your Jamaican Vacation to learn a bit more about Jamaica.

      Wealthy affiliate is truly the best platform for anyone to learn and earn from. So many successful businesses have been created by accumulating the knowledge there.

      All that you say are more than true. Thank you once more for you engagement.


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