Mr CryptoCoins Review


Mr CryptoCoins Review


Hey Folks – Jason Foster here with my FULL Mr CryptoCoins Review!

Recently, Mr CryptoCoins business has been generating a lot of buzz online, especially on social media.

Probably you have heard about this company and you are wondering whether it is legit or a scam.

Here, we will take a look at the company’s owners, products and compensation plan so that you can judge for yourself whether it is a legitimate company or not.

Let’s start the Mr CryptoCoins review…


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So what is Mr CryptoCoins?

Mr CryptoCoins Review

After checking the company’s website, I was disappointed to find that it did not reveal enough information regarding the company’s background.

After trying to look for the company’ address and owners, I did not find anything on their website.

In regards to the company’s domain, the website shows that the domain name was privately registered on March 22, 2017 as “”

No information on the company’s address, owners or background?

Not very many people would ignore these important details before joining an MLM business.

Anyways, lets us take a look below to see what products they offer…


What about the products?

Most MLM businesses generate revenue through selling products.

When it comes to Mr CryptoCoins, there are no products that they are selling to generate retail profits.

Unlike most MLM companies, there is no retail sales activity associated with Mr CryptoCoins.  A red flag?

MLM companies build a good reputation through the products they sell, with most selling nutritional products that improve consumer health.

That is how people get to tell if a business is transparent or not.

However, with Mr CryptoCoins you are left with a big question mark whether their business is honest or not.


Mr CryptoCoins Compensation plan

If you are looking to join Mr CryptoCoins as an affiliate, you are required to invest on bitcoin so that you can earn a 200% ROI that is paid over a period of 80 days.

Mr CryptoCoins has eight different plans that affiliates can choose from. These plans include:

· Mister 1 plan for a cost of 0.05 BTC

· Mister 2 plan for a cost of 0.1 BTC

· Mister 3 plan for a cost of 0.3 BTC

· Mister 4 plan for a cost of 0.5 BTC

· Mister 5 plan for a cost of 1 BTC

· Mister 6 plan for a cost of 2 BTC

· Mister 7 plan for a cost of 4 BTC

· Mister 8 plan for a cost of 5 BTC

In addition to ROI, affiliates will earn residual commissions that are generated based on a binary system.

When you join as an affiliate, you are placed on top of a left and right sided binary structure.

Points that are generated by your left and right side team are added up and a commission is paid based on the plan you bought.

The percentage of commission will vary as follows:

· Mister 1 plan – affiliates will earn 5% commission with an earning cap set at 0.1 BTC a day.

· Mister 2 plan – affiliates will earn 6% commission with an earning cap set at 0.2 BTC a day.

· Mister 3 plan – affiliates will earn 7% commission with an earning cap set at 0.6 BTC a day.

· Mister 4 plan – affiliates will earn 9% commission with an earning cap set at 1 BTC a day.

· Mister 5 plan – affiliates will earn 11% commission with an earning cap set at 2 BTC a day.

· Mister 6 plan – affiliates will earn 13% commission with an earning cap set at 4 BTC a day.

· Mister 7 plan – affiliates will earn 15% commission with an earning cap set at 8 BTC a day.

· Mister 8 plan – affiliates will earn 16%commission with an earning cap set at 10 BTC a day.

Therefore, if you invest in a higher plan you will earn more commissions.


What is the cost of joining Mr CryptoCoins?

If you are looking to join this business as an affiliate, the minimum joining fee that you will require to pay is 0.05 BTC.

However, you can decide to invest the maximum fee of 5 BTC to maximize your earning potential.


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So is Mr CryptoCoins a legit or a scam business?

When you check online, you will find mixed reviews of people claiming that this company is a scam and others promising you it is legit.

Most people who think that Mr CryptoCoins is a scam do so because the company has no products which it can generate retail profits for its affiliates.

With this company, you make money based on ROI and residual commission.

So the money you earn comes from new affiliates who you bring to the business.

If you want to keep generating an income, you need to continuously recruit new people in your team.

The problem with MLM businesses like Mr CryptoCoins is that people lose interest quickly after the hype is over.

What does that mean?

It will get harder to recruit new people in the future when the hype is over.

Therefore, if you are not earning retail profits from the products you are selling, you will end up making inferior income that cannot support your lifestyle.

That is the problem with joining Mr CryptoCoins as an affiliate.

Whether it is a scam or a legit business, I cannot say for a fact.

But my verdict is that you exercise caution while dealing with this company so that you avoid any disappointments that might arise in future.

I hope that you have enjoyed my Mr CryptoCoins Review and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.


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Jason (founder) How To Stay Safe On The Net

Mr CryptoCoins Review 

13 Responses to Mr CryptoCoins Review

  1. Mike Mahaffey says:

    That’s an interesting article about Mr CryptoCoins.
    Like you, I don’t think I would want to send a blind website with no info on the company owners or location at all?
    That seems to have all the makings of a straight scam to rip people off?  But it may be too early to find out.

    To tell you the truth I had to investigate what a bitcoin is and how much it’s worth.  It looks like MrCryptoCoins is a pretty substantial investment and could pay you back for your efforts > provided you could keep a large enough following.

    I like internet affiliate marketing better, myself. if a person’s willing to put in the work it’s a much safer investment than MrCryptoCoins.

    Thanks for enlightening me

  2. Sophia says:

    Hi Jason,

    I’m always suspicious about any program that’s only been around for a few months and doubly so, with one that involves bitcoins.

    Then, not being able to find out anything about the owners is really a red flag. I’ll stay away for sure.

    Really enjoyed your write up on affiliate marketing. I’ve heard about all of those programs and Wealthy Affiliate is indeed very highly regarded.

    Thanks for the review.

    • Jason says:

      Hey, Sophia,

      Thank you for chiming in with your comment.

      Glad that I was able to help you make a smart decision.

  3. Tomas Bishop says:

    It’s always weird when a business does not provide basic information such as how to contact them! My guess is that they know what they are doing is bad, so they don’t want an angry mob of people contacting!

    They sound like a big joke to me! I wouldn’t worry to much, I’m sure they will be shut down before you know it.. They will likely start another “so-called” business until it fails, then rinse and repeat.. that’s how these scams roll..

    • Jason says:

      You are right, Tomas.

      Companies such as these simply do not last long due to the nature of the business.

      Thanks for your comment.

  4. Dominic Bechtel says:

    Enjoyed reading your Mr CryptoCoins review.
    Ive seen many other MLMs going about their business very discreetly and seeming very sketchy. What i am wondering though is if this is a pyramid scheme? Seeing as they don’t promote any real products and the only way to make money is to recruit other people under you, i feel like this may be more illegitimate than we thought.

    • Jason says:

      Thanks for your comment, Dominic.

      The Mr CryptoCoins business does operate more like an illegal Ponzi Scheme according to how the model is structured.

      In time we will see the true nature.

  5. Jimmy says:

    Another cryptocurrency multi-level marketing? I Joined one late last year and learned the hard way.

    I am not really a fan of multi-level marketing, you are right when you say people lose interest when the hype is over. The thing is when the top marketers preach the product to an extent they back out or relents leaving the newcomers stranded.

    I am not going to be checking this out but I am particularly interested in the wealthy affiliate recommendation you put in there. Seems like much but does it really help?

    • Jason says:

      Thank you for your comment, Jimmy.

      Wealthy Affiliate does really help people. You can try it out for free and will see many proof inside the community.

      Read the full review if you need some more information.

      All the best,

  6. lynnsamuelson says:

    I will steer clear of Mr Cryptocoins after reading your review. It seems very sketchy that they don’t disclose anything about the people behind the name, including where they are located. Even if they sounded legitimate I would hesitate before getting involved in anything involved bitcoin as currency. From what you said it also sounds like it could be a pyramid scheme. I’m curious what your reasons are for calling Wealthy Affiliate your #1 choice for affiliate marketing.

    • Jason says:

      I think you have made a good decision, lynnsamuelson.

      Wealthy Affiliate is highly recommended because they provide all the tools and training needed for even the complete newbie to understand how to set up an online business.

      It’s worth checking out plus it is free to start.

  7. Dave says:

    I have been having many of these programs pushed on me, and for some time, I thought this one was actually legit.

    But from what I have read here, it is just another rehashed program with owners who have their identity, and a whole lot of confusing compensation plan.

    Can’t we get a legit opportunity with the similar techniques this one uses but is genuine in all sense? Just for once!

    • Jason says:

      Hey, Dave,

      You are right about these type of programs. Many people keep pushing them on people.

      Feel free to check out the list of recommended online businesses. They work once you put in the work.

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