Name: Million Dollar MonthsMillion Dollar Month


Type: Binary Options Trading

Fictional Creator: Brad Davis

Price: Free to sign up/ $250 – $10,000 to trade

Rating: 00/100

Recommended: No

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The Million Dollar Months Review

Every single day a new make money online product is released.

Many of them are legitimate ways to profits online while unfortunately, most of them are straight up SCAMS.

Lets examine the Million Dollar Months Software to see which category they belong in.

Fake Stock Photos

With untrained eyes and ears, you may fall for the Million Dollar Months system.

One of the main reason is the name.

I mean; who wouldn’t want to make a million dollars in a month?

Since I have been investigating scams for over 2 years now, I know how to spot one easily.

Before we reach the real verdict let us examine the facts closely.

Firstly, the fictional character Brad Davis is merely a photo from

If you do a search in google or any other major search engine for the keyword “Portrait Of Handsome Man Wearing Eyeglasses” you will most likely see the smiling face of Brad Davis.

Of course, you might of guessed that it’s not his real name by now.

I know this because I researched it.

I even took a screen shot for you to see too:

Million Dollar Months

Be Aware Of The Countdown Timers

As mentioned within many of my posts on this site…

When you see a countdown timer on any potential business opportunity website, it is usually a sure sign of a scam in the making.

Experienced scammers will install this little script on their 1-3 pages website to persuade the visitor into signing up fast.

Million Dollar Month


Many people unfortunately do fall for this scheme and enter their details in a hurry.

Just keep in mind that if a business is advertised online, it should not push you to buy in a hurry.

Instead, you should at least be provided with some real substantial information and offered a free trial.

This will enable you to see if it the right type of business opportunity that you want to invest your time and efforts into.

If you take a close look to the bottom of the Million Dollar Months sign up page, you will see some FAQ.

One particular question got my attention.

The question asks “Why is the million dollar months app free?”

The answer: “I am one of the few selected members who will be getting the special offer for free if I sign up now.”

The website claims that the original price is…..wait for it….a whopping $9,997.00.

This would have been the price if I didn’t happen to be on the page at that special moment.


What a huge price I would have paid just to enter my email along with other personal information!

I am just delighted that you are here reading this review now to stay clear away from all these ridiculous lies.


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E-mail Time With Brad

Since I am totally testing this system to see if there is any real value, I went ahead and entered my email address anyways.

Almost immediately, I received a lengthy email from the so called “Brad”.

I must say that If I was not keen on detecting scams, I may have fell for this email.

The email contains 3 total links which goes to the “VIP members area”.

On this page there is another video from Brad with some amazing claims of earnings potentials which amounts up to millions of dollars.

There will also be another form that you will need to fill out with more personal information including your phone number.

This is to enable the phone scammers to call you whenever they want to call you with other scam promotions.

Soon after the information is added, I was redirected to a next page requesting me to fund my account.

At this stage my safari browser gave me a very serious warning.

See what it is below:

Million Dollar Months

I did not venture any further as I did not want to compromise any of my confidential information.

Most times when you opt to continue to these websites, spammers could steal your whole credit card and bank information.

They have their hands on smart software that allows them to see what you are typing on your keyboard.

These are called phishing websites and they are extremely dangerous!

Your computer could also be infected with viruses in most cases.

What I did after was to investigate the website – which is the broker that Mr. Brad himself recommended.

I found out that they are a blacklisted broker.

The negative reviews associated with AAOptions are numerous all over the web.

Million Dollar MonthsAs mentioned earlier, you would be required to fund your account.

The funding is no small fee.

It starts at $250 and goes up to $10,000.00.

I am not willing to invest that much of a fee when I do not even have access to a guided tour or even the FAQ
page of the VIP area.

When I tried to open either the tab, I was informed that in order to unlock million dollar months, I would need to fund my account!


I have tested this Million Dollar Months for you to see if it is legit or not.

What do you think?

Do you think they are qualified to be named legit?

I do not think this system will deliver what it promises.

One major turn off for me was the stock images that the creator managed to purchase online.

This is obviously a bait to get people to sign-up fast, then deposit some crazy amounts of funds into a scam broker account.

With this reason plus many others, I simply cannot recommend Million Dollar Months as a legit business opportunity for you.


What Now?

So what now?

Now it it time to get serious about online business and stay away from systems and programs that just does not work and are straight up scams.

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Another great advantage is that there is no scam or spam associated with it.

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Do you have any questions, comments, queries or suggestions?

Simply let me know right below this page.

Thank you for reading and see you soon inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Your friend,
Jason (Founder) How To Stay Safe On The Net.

2 Responses to Million Dollar Months – It Is A SCAM!

  1. Helen says:


    I am always so happy when I come across articles like these. You are a great contributor to warning innocent people about these types of scams.

    I really applaud you for what you are doing. I have personally fell victim to so many of these scams and they always promise that you will become a millionaire instantly.

    I have been a member of wealthy affiliate for about 3 years now and being through just about every scam imaginable I can say this is the best program out there and I recommend it highly to anyone who wants to start out the proper legitimate way online. Build your online business on a solid foundation

    Thank you again

    • Jason Foster says:

      I am glad that you found this article helpful. Many people including myself have felt a victim to online scams.

      This is the reason why I am so intent in finding the scams online and exposing them for the public to see.

      Its a pleasure help.

      Thanks for your comment.

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