Midas Touch APP Review | Is Midas Touch APP A Scam?

Midas Touch APP Review | Is Midas Touch APP A Scam?


Hello friends,

Today I want to discuss with you the Midas Touch APP software within this full review so that you may be informed of what it is all about.

As usual, I will be totally honest and to the point just like in all my other reviews.  I will show you the facts for you to know for sure which category this software belongs to (Safe Or Unsafe).

I will also open up the comments section at the bottom of this review so that you can share your views.  Let me know how you came across the system.  Did you join?  Did you lose or make money using the app?  Would you recommend it to your friends, families or business associates?

Your views will help others who may be thinking of joining the system and will, therefore, allow them to make an informed decision.  I am depending on you.  Sounds good?

Ok. Let’s get to the review so that I may be able to show you my findings:


Name: Midas Touch APP

Found At: midas-touch.co

Type: Binary Options Trading Software

Price: Free To Join, $250-$10.000+ To Trade

Founded: January 2016

Claimed Developer: Mark Williams

Recommended: No


Legit Places To Learn Forex:




What Is The Midas Touch APP

The Midas Touch APP is a new binary options trading software that promises that you will be making $25,000 every single week once you sign up with the system for free.

Very Bold Claims

These are some really bold claims made on the Midas Touch App website that will surely get some people excited.  According to the Midas Touch website, the concept is that you will be using gold to cleverly generate thousands of dollars in the trading industry and the best part is that you do not need to have any experience nor knowledge about the stock market.

The narrator (Mark Williams) instructs you to relax because his software is legal, ethical and clean as a whistle.

You are told that the Midas Touch App will make it impossible for anyone to make a mistake, you are also told that you will make a fortune quickly and easily with “…surgical precision”.

The Typical 10 years ago story

You will hear the typical story of how this person was working for a bank or financial institution 10 yeas ago and got laid off or fired.  The story is usually like this: “…the job was stressful but I still managed to learn the “secrets” about how the stock market works and now I have developed a very “powerful software” which I will now share with the world for FREE”.

This seems to be a very popular tactic that I have seen with a lot of these binary options trading software nowadays.


#1 Selling Tool For Scammers

I was reminded by one of my reader on the Brit Method Review about how these scammers operate online:  they will feed upon your desperation and impatience, they sell you a lifestyle that many people dream about all through their lives.  This is one of the main reason why so many individuals WILL get scammed by systems like these.


  • DO NOT enter your phone number in the boxes provided, as this will enable scammers to call you asking you to deposit large sums of money into a trading account.  There have been numerous complaints about this.
  • DO NOT even bother to enter your email address into their opt-in box.  This will enable the fraudsters at Midas Touch APP to get your email address which they most times sell to a third party associate who will email you with all types of offers (this is another way how scammers make money online) even though it is advertised that your email address will not be shared.
  • DO NOT be deceived by some positive reviews that you see when you do a search about “Midas Touch APP”.  These persons are affiliated with the system and will earn a commission when you sign up through their link!


The Truth About Midas Touch APP

Just so you know, everything from the countdown timer, the bank account balances screen shots and the testimonials Midas Touch APP Review | Is Midas Touch APP A Scam?are all fake.

You will find actors from the website such a fiverr.com acting out a testimonial to give the user the impression that if others are earning from the system then it must be true. You can see for yourself as proof, one of the Fiverr actor profile to see his job description.

These fraudsters also use fake software that will generate fabricated huge sums of money on a computer screen; which usually does a good job of tricking misinformed people who are so desperate to gamble $250, expecting to win double and triple times the amount in a short period of time.




Smart Questions To Ask Yourself

I always recommend my readers to ask themselves these simple questions before signing up to any binary options trading software or any other money making system online:

  • Why should I invest my money into a system that is not known and trusted by the CFTC website?
  • Why do I need a middle man to help me to trade online when I can get all the help I need from trusted and established brokers that have a firm standing in the industry?
  • Why isn’t Warren Buffett or other famous traders endorsing these companies that have a near 100% trading accuracy and why isn’t this “revolutionary software” all over the news mediums?

There are more questions that you could ask yourself too.  What other questions do you think you should ask as it relates to the Midas Touch APP?  Add yours in the comment.

The answers to these questions are quite obvious aren’t they?


Have You Been Affected Negatively By The Midas Touch APP? 

If you have been affected in a negative way by this Midas Touch APP, I would like to help you to find the source where you can file a report and get some justice.  The two best places that you should head over to are the CFTC.gov  and the scamwatch.gov.au websites to let them know what took place.

This will enable them to eventually shut down this fraudulent operation.

In addition to this, I would also encourage you to share your story in the comment section below so that you may help to save other people before they sign up to this notorious scheme.  Your story may save someone that you know.



With this well-researched review, you now know what the Midas Touch APP has in store for you.  Even though you are told that everything will be free, you will be required to fund your trading account with hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Your hard earned money will be used as a gift to share amongst the brokers and the Midas Touch APP owners since they are merely associates of the scam broker website that they recommend.  You will not be winning any trades with almost 99% accuracy, but rather losing 100% of your money.

Do yourself and favor and stay very far away from this system.

Bear in mind that Success comes through hard/smart work and patience while focusing on your goals, not by a get rich quick illusion like the Midas Touch APP.

I hope that you found this review helpful.  Go ahead and share it with your friends and families to keep us all safe from this Midas Touch APP.


Wishing you safety and success while you journey this online world.

Your friend,
Jason (Founder) HowToStaySafeOnTheNet.com


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