Mail Out Ad is a new marketing program that has been getting
 a lot of attention lately.

You are probably on this site because you want to 
know if this program can help you make money as it claims. Right?

Today, there
 are many scam sites which are out there to steal money from innocent people.

 you don’t do your research before joining these so called money making sites,
 you could end up being a victim yourself.

Our Mail Out Ad review will take an 
in-depth look at this company, including its owners, products, compensation
 plan, and pros and cons of joining it.

Hopefully, by the end of this review,
 you will make a sound decision on whether this company is worth joining or not.


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Mail Out Ad : 
Who are the owners?

Mail Out Ad Review

To find the answer to this question, I visited the company’s 

Unfortunately, my efforts bore no fruits since I was unable to find 
any information from the website that could have led me to know the company’s owners.

I am not sure too many people would want to join a company which doesn’t 
show the face or the names of its owner.

Moving on, I was able to come across
 the website domain name that was registered on the 21st 
day of November, 2017.

That means the site is barely two weeks old at the time of me writing this.

About the
 person who registered the website, there was no information whatsoever.

 fact, the address provided is incomplete.

I wonder what the hurry was all about 
that they could not finish this important part of registration.

After a further 
digging for information, I came across incorporation documents for the UK, US, 
the Dominican Republic and the Seychelles.

The unfortunate thing is that I
 discovered the UK and the US papers are nothing but fake.

This is certainly a 
big red flag.


Mail Out Ad : The Products

On the product side of things, Mail Out Ad has no retail
 products or services that it markets to customers.

Therefore, affiliates who
 join this company will not be involved in any sales activity.

Considering that 
most company’s today rely on sales revenue to survive, I wonder what is keeping
 this business up and running.

I guess we will find that out shortly.

if you want to become an affiliate member of this company, you will get the
 affiliate membership to market to others.

That is how you will earn your

Talking about commission, let us take a look at the compensation plan below…


Mail Out Ad review :
 What is the compensation plan

So how do you make money if you are genuinely interested to
 join Mail Out Ad?

For anyone who wants to make money through the company’s 
compensation plan, you are required to first sign up as an affiliate.

There is 
an investment you will make (a minimum of $100 which is the joining fee) that 
earns you a Return on Investment (ROI).

The following are the packages offered:

First Package – make an investment of $100 and
 get $300 after 300 days.
Second Package – make an investment of $500 and
 get a ROI of $1650 after 300 days.
Third Package – make an investment of $1000 and 
get a ROI of $3600 after 300 days.
Fourth Package – make an investment of $3000 and 
get a ROI of $11700 after 300 days.
Fifth Package – make an investment of $5000 and 
get a ROI of $21000 after 300 days.
Sixth Package – make an investment of $10000 and 
get a ROI of $45000 after 300 days.

For your information, you will not get the full ROI
 advertised above as a one off fee.

It will be paid out in a 10 days cycle until
 the full amount is settled.

In addition to that, you will be charged an administration 
fee of 10 percent every time you make a withdrawal.

Affiliates also get to earn
 a referral commission of 10 percent every time they refer a new person to join
 the business.


Mail Out Ad :
 The pros and cons

Clearly laid out compensation structure.
Affiliates get to earn a referral fee in 
addition to ROI.
They have a running website with traffic.

No information about the company’s owners.
For you to make a decent annual income, you are
 required to invest in higher packages.  This can be expensive for most people.
No retail products, which means no retail
 profits for member affiliates.
They use fake incorporation documents to deceive 


Mail Out Ad : The Verdict

So what do you think?  Is Mail Out Ad a legit business or a

Before you answer that question, here is my take…

This company is not the
 first I have seen that uses affiliate membership to make money.

What they are
 doing is that they are using your investment fee to pay you a fixed annual 
commission or ROI.

Unfortunately, most of these companies have ended up
 shutting business after new affiliates stopped signing up.

The reason?  They
 have no money to pay affiliates.

Remember that this company has no owners, so
 when things go wrong, there will be nobody to be held accountable.

that the incorporation documents provided on their website are all fake, I don’t
 see why Mail Out Ad is not a scam business.

Of course, the final decision to 
join this company or not is left up to you.

I hope this Mail Out Ad Review will 
help in your decision making.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below…


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2 Responses to Mail Out Ad Review : Another Obvious SCAM Or Legit Business?

  1. DrT says:

    My funds have been frozen. My withdrawal request appears processed but I never received the funds and the amount I tried to withdraw was already deducted from my wallet, so it disappeared. They are not responding to my messages and admin won’t extend any support. They’ll probably ask you to delete this comment but I’ll keep writing to warn people.

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