Legitimate Ways To Earn Online


The internet has certainly made it very easy for anyone to earn money.

There are billions of money-making ways online.  Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ebay, Amazon and countless other online businesses will pay you money to be affiliated with them.

I am a big fan of having multiple streams of income.  I never put all my eggs in one basket.  It is a good strategy to follow on your journey to success.  Follow this post and you will have multiple sources of income.

Personally, the # 1 way I make money online is through affiliate marketing.  It is free, stress-free, legitimate and profitable.  You will see further below the best places I recommend for you to join to learn how to do affiliate marketing at the highest level possible.

It does have the potential to change your financial life in the most positive way.  This will enable you to have the time freedom that you deserve so that you can do the things that you really want to do.

It is also important to note that with all these legitimate opportunities listed here, the most important thing for you to do is to take MASSIVE ACTION in creating wealth online.  It is just not possible to create wealth without first putting in some quality time and effort.

The only people who fail with affiliate marketing are the ones who are not willing to put some work into their business.  Make sure you are not one of those people.

If you are one, you should change your mindset by reading some inspirational books like “Think And Grow Rich”, “The Richest Man In Babylon”, “From Newbie To A Millionaire” and many others.  These are just some of the books that I have read that have totally helped me to live a better life not just financially but in every way.

If you are not taking action within the internet world, you will lose out on this very special opportunity.

Free yourselves from the everyday hustle and bustle to work fulfilling someone else’s dream.

Here are some ways that millions of people are using the internet to create wealth for themselves.

This page will keep on evolving, so you may want to bookmark this page for your reference.


Start Selling On Ebay

You can sell anything on eBay and make a profit.  Sell your shoes, hat, socks, phone, chair, table, book, sheet, pots, pans.  These are just a few examples.

At this very moment, you have something in your home that does not have any value to you, but may be of great value to someone else.

Sign up for an eBay account now if you don’t have one.  Click on the sell tab on top of the homepage.
Sell On Ebay

Take pictures of the item that you want to sell, upload,  fill out the description details.  Put your price on the item and fill out some others details, then submit your item for sale.

Someone will buy the product and you will earn money.  This is one of the easiest ways to earn money online.

There are many success stories that you will find online about sellers on eBay who have made themselves into eBay power seller millionaires; earning millions per year.

For a more detailed analysis on how to start selling on eBay, click here to read more.


Start Selling On Amazon

Amazon is the like the world’s most trusted leader when it comes to buying and selling.

Sign into your Amazon account.  Go to the bottom of the Amazon homepage and find the  “Make Money With Us” section.


Click on the “Sell On Amazon” link and you will get all the details there.

There are many average sellers on Amazon making million of dollars each year.  Do not be left out of this gold mine, great opportunity.

In addition to selling on Amazon, there are numerous other ways to earn from the internet giant.  You can become an affiliate with Amazon (refer people to buy something on Amazon – when the person buys through your affiliate link you earn a commission from the sale.)

Sign up for Amazon Mechanical Turk to do simple tasks that will earn you money.

This is just a tip of the iceberg of making money online as it relates to Amazon.  Go to Amazon now to explore.


Earn Money By Clicking On Ads!

You can earn money by signing up to PTC (paid to click) websites.  They are always free for you to join.  If you have to pay to sign-up for a PTC website, it is most likely a scam.

Advice: You Should NEVER, EVER Pay To Sign up For A PTC website. 

Now this is a very easy way to earn money online.  The only setback with this method is that you will not earn a lot of money for your time.

Websites like Clixsense, (Review) Cash N Hits, NeoBux, Traffic Monsoon, Epic ClixExpress Paid, BuxP, R4Bux, Paidverts, Clixten, and many other PTC websites will pay you money when you simply click on ads, do surveys, play games, and many other activities.

You get paid through your bank account or any other major pay sites like…Paypal for example.

The more of these websites that you sign-up to and interact, the more money you will earn.

I would recommend you try them all out and test for yourself the earning potential that these websites has to offer.

For a full list of PTC sites visit ptcinfo.net.


Start Your Own Blog Or Affiliate Website

This option is one of my top favorite recommended ways to earn a living online in a legitimate way.

Some people think that it is very technical to create a website.

The fact is: it is not so.

There are places on the internet that you can google now and learn for free how to do this.

The benefits of having your own website are stupendous, you can create whatever you want on your website for the world to see.  It is like having your own google or Facebook.

Add your own personality to your website and conquer your niche.

If you are interested in owning your own affiliate website, it is recommended that you visit the best places on the internet to learn how to do so.

In order to have a website, you must first purchase a domain name from a domain registrar.   There are many to choose from.  I always recommend namecheap.com.  You can purchase your domain name they’re starting at $3.98/year.

For a list of the top domain name registrars, visit wikipedia.com.

I would first recommend that you join any of the programs listed below to learn how to make build up your website(s) and earn money while having a presence on the web.

The top places that you will find this information for free in the search engines are:

Wealthy Affiliate (Top Recommendation)


Chris Farrell Membership

In addition to the top rated affiliate sites on the internet, you can also subscribe to blogs like Pat Flynn’s smartpassiveincom.com, Brian Dean’s backlinko.com, Jeremy Schoemaker’s shoemoney.com, and Darren Rowse’s and Chris Garrett’s problogger.net.   You will be provided with the right tools and valuable resources to learn from and continue to grow your business.

You can also check out this top 20 list of affiliate networks on mthink.com to learn how you can monetize your website by joining the top affiliate programs in the world.


Earn, By Doing Simple Surveys and Offers

If you don’t mind doing surveys and earning money, this will be for you.

Once again, there are a countless amount of survey sites around that will pay you good money when you share your opinions.

In this category, you should be careful not to choose the wrong survey sites.

I have compiled an extensive list of legitimate survey sites that you can make real money from and maybe quit your day job.

I have scoured the internet to come up with this best of  best list for you.  Most of these survey sites are available to all countries, however, a few of them are only for major countries like the US and Canada.

I will now list them below.  I will not elaborate too much on each website, as they all have the same basic concept; you sign up, take surveys and earn money.  All you have to invest is your time.

1. Superpayme

Superpayme will pay you for completing Free Paid Surveys, Paid Trials, PTC ads, and other Free Paid Offers.



2. CashCrate

With CashCrate you get $1 just for signing up.  You can watch a short video on CashCrate to see how it works.

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!



3. Rewardingways

With Rewardingways, you also get paid to sign-up ($0.20).  Most of these sites does pay you just for signing up.



4. OfferNation

Cash-out for the minimum $1.00.  Offer Nation pay very fast and do offer some high value offers everyday.



5. Vindale Research Mobile


6. Points2Shop


7. Get-Paid.com


8. TreasureTrooper.com


9. InboxDollars


10. ZoomBucks.com

11. MindsPay.com


12. SurveySavvy.com


13. MintVine.com


14. SendEarnings.com


15. Instagc.com


16. UniqueRewards.com


17. I-Say.com


18. SayBucks.com


19. PaidViewPoints.com:  This may be the highest payout paid to click website.  You can earn up to $25.00 for everyone you invite!


20. MyView.com


21. e-Rewards.com


22. GlobalTestMarket.com


23. Ipoll.com


24. ClearVoiceSurveys.com


25. MySurvey.com


26. OpinionWorld.com


27. EnlightenPanel.com


28. SocraticForum.com


29. Surveysonthego.com


30. 24tru.com


31. Izatso.com


32. SportingInsights.com


33. BrandInstitute.com


34. ContractorBoard.com


35. MommyTalkSurveys.com


36. ResonanceResearch.net


37. Qbord.com


38. LiveTribe.com


39. Pineconeresearch.com


40. PureProfile.com


41. Opinionrouter.com


42. WhatUsersDo.com


43. SurveyOn.com


44. Opinionoutpost.com


45. Surveyspot.com


The above survey websites will be of great use to your online earnings.  Whenever I find more legitimate opportunities, I will add them to the list.  You may bookmark this page and visit often for a regular update.

Note:  Without taking action, you will never achieve anything in life, Take action when you acquire knowledge.

More Ways To Earn Online


Do you have a passion and would like to write about it?  Why not join some article writing websites that pay you to do so?

Of course, there are many to choose from, but I want to give you the very best and most popular ones available online.

The very first one that I would like you to know about is a website called HubPages.com.  You will get paid when you write great content on a particular subject.  There are many people who write on Hubpages and many other articles writing websites and earn a substantial amount of money in the process.

There are 22 different topics to choose from and the list will continue to grow.  Visit HubPages whenever you can, to explore this great source of passive income.



Very similar to Hubpages in some ways.  They have been around the block from 2008.

InfoBarrel is a very successful article writing platform.  You may have stumbled upon them before, or you may be an established writer on the website (good for you).  There are members that do really make upwards of $1k+ per month.

You can explore InfoBarrel and choose from the 12 categories that are available for you.  Which one do you have experience in?

To be an article writer is not a difficult process at all.  You do not need to have a website to earn from these sites.  In my opinion, I think that this is the easiest way to earn a bit of money online, especially without any investments.  You can turn it into a full-time career if you want.

The only con that I can think of about being a part of an article writing website is that you do not really own the content that you create.  You submit your content to the sites and they keep it for themselves to monetize your content with ads from google and other sources.

If these websites go out of business, so will your content.  It is always better to own your own content in the form of having your own website or blog;  this way you will be in total control over your work.


Other sources:

Sites like Bubblews (no longer in business), Wizzley, Seekyt, Writedge, DailyTwoCents (quite good) and PersonaPaper are also other great choices, but they are not so established  as the top two.

They will, however, earn you money once you are creating content for them.

These are the most trusted and known websites in the world as it relates to article/content writing.

Go ahead and try them out for yourself to see which ones will work wonders for you.


What Am I Missing?

Even though I have provided quite a bit of information here, I know there are more ways to earn money online.  I will do more exploring for you to find more and more ways to earn online and add them to this page.

The internet world is full of amazing things to do.  Anyone can capitalize using it.

While I do more research for you, I would now suggest that you take action now and start earning online.

There are many exciting days ahead for you.

You are free to share and use this information.

9 Responses to Legitimate Ways To Earn Online – See Which Is Right For You

  1. Kent CXhan says:

    This article is very helpful to us, the beginners. Thanks for this. Good job. Keep it up.

  2. Uwais says:


    There are so many ways to make money online that I have had no idea about.I have came across PTC . Is PTC worth doing and will you be able to make something on the side? And if yes which one’s pay the best?

    • Jason Foster says:

      Hey there,

      PTC websites are not the best way to spend your time earning money. You can make some money with it but it requires a lot of time with minimal returns. With that being said; sites like Clixsense and Traffic Monsoon works out as the best two PTC websites.

      If you are looking to use your time wisely to make some decent money, my top recommendation will be affiliate marketing. You are in total control that way and you have the potential to earn thousands of dollars each much with much less time than a PTC site.

      Hope that helps!

  3. Emily says:

    hi Jason
    You certainly provide a great variety of options to earn money online. I actually like the idea of selling stuff online, I just don’t have anything to sell lol! I have tried selling textbooks in the past on Amazon but was only mildly successful. As it is quite competitive! But once your listing is posted, it is pretty easy. I have thought of taking surveys for money, as let’s face it, it beats watching TV and making no money! But the pay out is also very low and there are many scams out there. So I am glad you included a list of trusted sites. I hope you did not have to try them all!! But my favorite way of earning money online is through my own site. It makes you feel like you accomplished something that is all yours 🙂

    • Jason Foster says:

      Thanks for your comment.

      I have to agree with you about having your own site. It is certainly the absolute best way to create wealth online. It is all about being your own manager and reaping the great benefits that comes with it. It will naturally take a lot of work out of you but it sure does beat getting up each day to struggle through the hustle and bustle to get to a traditional job that most times you do not even want to go to.

      I utilize some of the higher paying survey sites like PaidViewPoints.com, CashCrate and Superpayme. I however do not spend significant time with surveys as I use that time within Wealthy Affiliate to get the best results possible.

      Best wishes to you and your website Emily.

  4. EoinMc says:

    Yes I agree that there are many ways to make money online and you’ve done a great job of listing many of them here.
    However, I think it’s important to point out that most people who are earning a respectable income online – work hard at it.
    There are lots of sharks out there telling people that it’s easy to make money online – and if you give them your money they’ll show you how.

    If you want to make money online you’ve got to be prepared to put in the time and effort and sort out the real deal from the stuff that pays poorly or is a complete scam. That said, I’m glad to see that you have focused on reputable income sources.

  5. Garen says:

    Hey Jason,

    I have been selling on eBay for over 10 years now. Also, I am in their parter network which I do like. Amazon, doesn’t allow everyone to be an affiliate. Certain states are not allowed by them and Missouri is one of them.

    There are certainly a number of ways to make money online. Another one that is not on this list is Microworkers. It’s like Amazon Turks. You basically do little task like post something on your Facebook wall, signup for something, etc. In return you get a small fee for doing little task.

    Possibly you could take a closer look at it add it to your article.

    • Jason Foster says:

      Hey Garen,

      Ebay is certainly one of my favorite ways to earn online; I have been an eBay seller from 2007, and they accept anyone worldwide to be an affiliate. I hope that Amazon will change their policy in the near future as there are people in some restricted states that would love to be apart of the opportunity.

      Thanks for pointing out Microworkers. I will add them to this list.

      I appreciate your valuable comment.

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