Join Promote Profit Review

Join Promote Profit Review


Welcome to my Join Promote Profit Review!

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join promote profit review

Name: Join Promote Profit (JPP)
Type: Gifting Cycler MLM
Rating: 4/10
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This piece of writing is a review on Join Promote Profit’ that has evolved as a major online buzz presently.

It is a universal truth that every one of us works really hard to earn money and in case we are willing to multiply our hard earned money by investing somewhere, then we need to ensure that the money is in safe hands.

Now, the good news is that the very first step is going ahead in right direction starts from reading this article which will give you an idea of investing your money judiciously.

This is obvious that it is very crucial to research and learn everything about any company before opting to invest in the same.

The review here will include all necessary facts about the company, its products & services and compensation plan which will help you decide whether the company is legitimate or not.

So, keep on reading to know more about Join Promote Profit…


Join Promote Profit – The Company

If we have a look at the company’s official website, there is no mention about the owner of the company Join Promote Profit.

Also, there is no clue of the team who operates this business.  But the background researches reveal that the Join Promote Profit domain was privately registered as “” just a few days back on 10th of February 2017.

Some more background researchers also unveiled the fact this site is hosted on the same server which also hosts Fundising, Crypto Lover, Matrix Million, VIP Promoters Club companies and Wealth Mason Partners.

Robert McAtamney is the person who was the admin for VIP Promoters Clubs.

Also, the online findings reveal that McAtamney’s Facebook profile had a post that he would be promoting this program.

McAtamney’s first stint in MLM business started in the year 2015.  From that year, he had established numerous companies like VIP Promoters Club, 3to600, Cash Money Bucket, 3 Phases Biz and Simple Simon’s System all in 2016.

After incorporating those several companies in 2016, he launched Referers Earn Bitcoin’ at the beginning of 2017.

Eventually, the online traffic statistics revealed that this domain has turned out to be unsuccessful.

This failure prompted McAtamney to launch Join Promote Profit’ almost immediately after the unsuccessful stint.


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Products of Join Promote Profit’

The Join Promote Profit website do not offer any retail services or products.

The business idea is that the affiliates who join Join Promote Profit’ are only liable to market and sell the affiliate membership to others and grow a network.

The business progresses with certain norms that have been set by the company.  Once any affiliate joins this company, they mandatorily have to purchase the matrix cycler positions.

Now with the affiliate’s purchase of the matrix cycler positions, they receive some ad credits which they may use for displaying advertising on the company’s website.


Compensation Plan of Join Promote Profit’

The interested affiliates who join this website is supposed to donate a certain amount of money to the other affiliates through a three-tier 2X3 matrix cycler.

This particular matrix places a participant affiliate at the top of the matrix and each affiliate also has 2 positions immediately below him/her.

The 2 positions below the first affiliate in the matrix is then joined by another 2 positions below each of the first 2 and then a total of 4 positions are created in Level 2.

Level 3 in the matrix development is progressed in a similar way.  Another 2 positions are added below each of the second level’s 4 affiliate positions.

Thus, a total of 8 positions is created in Level 3.

Each of the affiliates at the time of joining donates $2 to the sponsor affiliate.

Then when the 2 positions on Level 1 of the matrix is filled, then a commission cycle is also earned additionally.

Then the MLM process continues in each of the matrix tiers as per the following rules:

Phase 1, Level 1 (each position is filled at a cost of $2 and maximum of 2 matrix positions to be filled).  There is no commission paid out. This cycles into the Level 2 of Phase 1.

Phase 1, Level 2 (maximum of 4 positions available) – $4 commission and upgraded to level 3 of Phase 1.

Phase 1, Level 3 (maximum of 8 positions available) – $46 commission and then upgrade into the next cycle of Phase 2, level 1.

Phase 2, Level 1 (maximum of 2 positions available) – No commission is paid out at this stage and the next upgrade is Level 2 of Phase 2.

Phase 2, Level 2- (maximum of 4 positions available0- $200 commission is paid out and the next upgrade is level 3 of Phase 2.

Phase 2, Level 3 (maximum of 8 positions available) – $1000 commission is paid out and the next upgrade is level 1 of Phase 3.

Phase 3, Level 1 (maximum of 2 positions available)- No commission is paid out and the next upgrade is Level 2 of Phase 3.

Phase 3, Level 2 (maximum of 4 positions available) – $2800 commission is paid out and the next upgrade is level 3 of Phase 3.

Phase 3, Level 3 (Maximum of 8 positions are available) – This is the ultimate stage and $16,000 commission is paid out.


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Cost of joining Join Promote Profit’

The cost of joining Join Promote Profit’ is a minimum of $2 and maximum of $600.


Experts’ Verdicts on the Join Promote Profit’ Online Business

This business is generally referred to as gifting’-based business.

The underlying business model of the company is that it relies completely on the recruitment to pay out the promised commissions to the affiliates.

As per the experts’ forecast, the company cannot last for long without offering any retail product or service.  Thus, this business is not deemed to be sustainable.

This is an obvious fact that when the recruitment of the affiliates slows down, the commissions of the existing affiliates will decrease and stop at one point.  Thus, the affiliates will also start leaving the business.

There are several benefits as well as some drawbacks of joining any MLM network.

By joining a network marketing business, you may be able to work as per your comfort level and flexible timings.

You will be your own boss.  You have bright chances of witnessing exponential growth in your business in a very short span of time.

The major drawback in network marketing is that there is a negativity in many members which prevent them from moving ahead of the first level.

This is a common case which is noticed in many affiliates during the probation period of first three months.

So, if you are planning to join Join Promote Profit’, then this review will help you a lot in making a right decision.


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Join Promote Profit Review

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Thank you for checking out my Join Promote Profit Review.  I hope you have learned all you need to know about the program.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, leave them in the comment section and I will get back to you.

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