Is Zeus 2 a Scam

Is Zeus 2 a Scam?


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Welcome to the Zeus 2 APP Review.

Today we are going to answer the main question: Is Zeus 2 a Scam?

I have been hearing a lot of buzz around the internet about the Zeus 2 software app and I know that it sounds enticing, but to tell the truth, it is just a scam disguised as a legitimate earning opportunity.

Let us examine the fact right away so that you can be in the safe zone as always.

Name: Zeus 2
Founder(s): Fabricated/Unknown
Rating: 1/10
Recommended: NO
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What is Zeus 2

Zeus 2 is one of the many online binary options trading software on the trading market that says you can make over $10,000 per day trading with the software.

They also claim that you can do this every day for the rest of your life.

What is even more misleading is the promise that you will never, ever lose another trade if you decide to trade with their software.

The claimed creator (Micheal Harrison) also said that whomever trade using the software will become a millionaire in their first 5-6 months.

What I am about to show you will dispel all the false promises and let you know for sure that what you were told were simply not true.

What these online scammers do is promise you a whole lot, with the intention of getting deep into your pockets.


See: How To Spot A Scam Website.



Matthew Harrison Zeus 2 APP CEO?

Matthew Harrison Zeus 2

Zeus 2 Paid Actor

You have seen the video with this guy known as Matthew Harrison.

He tells everyone a great story about him being the CEO of Zeus Investments 2 (fake company) and that he is a full-time online millionaire.

He speaks about investing over 7 million dollars with another company known as MotoSentinel – which by the way is another fake company.

He says that that same investment helped him in the creation of the Zeus 2 APP.

What Matthew Harrison did not tell you is that he is merely a paid actor hired by the scammers at Zeus 2.

He did not tell you that he was reading from a prepared script and that he was using a teleprompter.

(Usually, these types of actors will get paid $5 bucks – $20 bucks for reading these scripts).

I have done many reviews on this website about so many “make money online” scams.

To tell the truth, the trading scams are usually the worst I have seen in the scam industry.

These scams usually hires actors to get their scam out, espicially to the unsuspecting public.

Why is this?

It is because they are very elaborate with fake screenshots of bank accounts and other enticements such as fake testimonials etc…

This usually lead people to invest in these scam systems.


Zeus 2 Fake Reviews

Along with all the fake elements displayed on the Zeus 2 website, I think you should also be aware of the fake reviews online as well.

There is literally an army of affiliates who promotes the Zeus 2 APP as a legit opportunity for traders.

These websites owners will typically copy and paste reviews from other scam programs which they have already promoted and just simply replacing the name of the program with Zeus 2.

It is lazy, unethical and also very dangerous for the untrained person who is genuinely looking for a way to earn an honest living online.

If you have been following my website, you will see me blasting down these false websites for what they are.

I ask that you be very diligent when you are doing your research on any online program, whether it be a trading software, a work at home opportunity or pretty much any ways for you to make money online.


Zeus 2 Fake Elements

There is, of course, many other fake elements which I can point out for you to know for sure that the Zeus 2 APP is fake.

Here are just a few:

Trusted Verified Seals – On the Zeus 2 website you will see some fake security seals like the ones you see below:


Is Zeus 2 a Scam


These seals are used especially to give newbies the impression that they will be protected while browsing around on the Zeus 2 website.

This is so far from the truth, in fact, you are in more danger on the Zeus 2 website than if you were on any illegal movie download websites.


Geo-location Tracker

You will notice that while on the Zeus 2 website, you see the flag of your country is displayed along with “Now in <<insert country here>> You Can Make Over $10,000 TODAY”

What you need to know is that the scam artist(s) who created the Zeus 2 software made sure to add a geo-location software so that they are able to track where you are from then displaying your country’s flag.

Some newbies will see this as another legit signal, but in fact is a strategy used to lure in individuals and eventually allowing them to be a victim of another scam.


An example of Geo-location Scam software.



Zeus 2 Verdict

The Zeus 2 has been found to be a fake trading software designed to lure unsuspecting individuals to lose money.

Zeus 2 is a dirty SCAM.

My advise is that you stay far from the Zeus 2 APP if you do not want to lose money.

If you are looking to learn how to trade online, I would then suggest that you learn how to do so with free methods.

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Understanding changes minds.  Action changes life.  


Thank you for reading about the Zeus 2 APP.  I hope that I helped you to make a wise decision today!

Feel free to share what you read to others so that they too can be in the know.


To you success online,

Jason (founder)


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