Is Ultimate Online Success Plan A Scam


Is Ultimate Online Success Plan A Scam?


Welcome to my Ultimate Online Success Plan Review.

I have been hearing a lot of buzz about this system for a while now, especially all over social media and through spam emails which I have been receiving.

Many people (including myself) have been asking the main question “Is Ultimate Online Success Plan A Scam?”.

Well, today you are going to get the truth because I have done the research about the entire system for you.

Read along to see what I have uncovered about this program…


Name: Ultimate Online Success PlanIs Ultimate Online Success Plan A Scam
Type: Get Rich Scheme
Price: $97  Downsell Price: $77
Founder: Jordan Daniels
Rating: 0/10
Recommended: NO (see why below)


Jordan Daniels Ultimate Online Success Plan

The first thing I look into before I join a company (whether it be online or offline) is to check out the credentials and authenticity of the owner(s).

I wanted to make sure that this “Jordan Daniels” was who he say he is, and most of all; if he can be trusted or not.

What I discovered is not good news at all, here’s why…

The so-called Jordan Daniels is actually a made up person!!

From detailed and long research I have learned that the name Jordan Daniels is merely a stock name used to promote the Ultimate Online Success Plan as well as known SCAMS such as My AE Success, Online Success Plan, and MOS (Millionaire Operating System)

I did not find a Linked-in Profile, Facebook Profile, Google+ Profile nor any other social media sites you would normally associate a legitimate business owner with.

Not only is the name Jordan Daniels a similar occurrence with all the systems mentioned above, but all of them has the same exact website layout.

The only change I notice was the website name change or product name.

NOTE: You should know that in most cases, actors are hired for $5 bucks from websites such as to act as if they are the actual owners of a fraud program.


What Is Ultimate Online Success Plan?

The Ultimate Online Success Plan may be one of the most outrageous I have seen since I have been reviewing online programs.

They are really filled with a lot of empty promises.

I see them as the ultimate example that makes the old saying “If it’s too good to be true it probably is” an ultimate reality.

Is Ultimate Online Success Plan A Scam

They have a so-called “BREAKING NEWS” that you are guaranteed a payout of $500 as a new member.

You will see this at the top of the Ultimate Online Success Plan on display for all to see.

Is Ultimate Online Success Plan A Scam

Notice that they also made sure to point out new members?

Yea, they do this because their system is mostly targeting people who are brand new to the making money online industry.

You see, people who are brand new to making money online are the ones who unfortunately fall victim to the many online scams out there.

Some fail to do their research before they become the next victim to online frauds and eventually lose their hard earned money.

It’s a good thing that you have chosen to read this review today because I am going to make sure that I reveal to you with my #1 recommendation to make money online.

But wait, before I do that, I want to provide more information for you about the Ultimate Online Success Plan, including the red flags that you should consider.

So continue below…


Ultimate Online Success Plan – Red Flags!

There are many red flags to consider when it comes to the Online Success Plan.

I am sure that you have seen the sales page, right?

You will notice that there is a news clip saying that people are making money online – just as pictured below:

Is Ultimate Online Success Plan A Scam

This screenshot was taken from the Online Success Plan Website.

This is the same exact video that you will see on the Ultimate Online Success Plan website.

I just wanted to point this out so that you can see that the Online Success Plan website is a duplicate of the Ultimate Online Success Plan.

You will also notice that the same goes for the My AE Success, and MOS (Millionaire Operating System)

This same video starts with “there are over fifteen million people in this country who are making money online” and is one that is heavily used to promote other various online scams – some of which I have exposed in the past.

What I notice is that these videos are very persuasive, especially to newbies – no wonder these fraudsters are using them to their advantage.

The sad reality is that it’s truly a brutal world out there on the internet. 🙁


Other Viral Scams To Avoid

☠ Copy My Commissions

☠ Financial Health Reset

☠ Instant Cash Club

☠ Countdown To Profits


Money Grabbing Scoundrels

Is Ultimate Online Success Plan A Scam

Believe me, the Ultimate Online Success Plan does not have your best interest at heart.  Here’s why…

They made sure that even if you smelled the rat and made a decision to leave the page, they provided a so-called “discount” of $20.

This is a very lethal and effective scam marketing tactic which so often sway people to eventually pull out a credit card and make a purchase.

Most people who do this doesn’t even know what they are purchasing.

They are only promised that the system will be cranking out truckloads of cash into their bank account, every single day, like clockwork.

You should now know that this claim is absolutely false!


Read The Fine Print!

Is Ultimate Online Success Plan A Scam

It’s funny that when you pay attention and actually read the fine print and hidden details about the Ultimate Online Success Plan, you will see that they are blatant liars.

They say they don’t do hype yet the first thing you see when you enter the website is hype left, right, and center.

They also say that no income claims are made, implied or guaranteed, yet they are the same ones who say that there is a $500 guaranteed from the outset.  Do you remember that?

This is why it is important to read the fine print BEFORE you are ever a victim to these systems.


My Sincere Advice To You

With every single online system, especially the ones you see that make bold promises and there is a cost associated with it, you should take caution and learn how to protect yourself from online scams.

The reality is that the online scams outweigh the few LEGIT online businesses you will be lucky to come across.

You should only invest in a system where you get the full details before you pay any money.

The Ultimate Online Success Plan is not a system to be trusted with your money and there are far too many complaints I see online about them.

I have seen this type of scam all too often within the make money online industry, so I now know how to carefully proceed – and help others.

They come around for a few months to scrape as much money out of unsuspecting people’s pocket – then move on the next scam creation.

As I mentioned further above, I will provide you with a real opportunity to make money online.

However, I want you to first know that making money online requires that you do the work to make it a reality.

You have to be realistic, focused and determined to make it work for you too.

I have seen many people enter with a get rich quick mentality.  If that is you, please STOP and do not proceed any further because this business will most likely not work for you.

However, if you know within yourself that just like with everything in life that you want to achieve it is going to take work then you may proceed and take ACTION.

I provide more details by clicking here so take a look to see if this is the right system for you.

It is what I currently use to live a comfortable life with my family and I have the freedom that I have always been searching for.

Click Here To See What I Am Talking About >>

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You may be the person to save a friend or family member from losing money.

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Thank you so much for reading and now you should know the answer to the main question: Is Ultimate Online Success Plan A Scam?

If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment, you are welcomed to do so below.

To your safety and success online,

Jason (founder)

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