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What is the Toronto System? Is the Toronto System A Scam or is it a legitimate binary option system for you to invest your cash into or not?

Let us now go into details to uncover the answers to these pressing questions right now.


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Name: Toronto System

Found at:

Type: Binary Option Trading

Fake Creator: Robert Hockton

Hired Voice-Over Narrator: Jack Flynn

Who is the for: For people looking to make money online

Recommended: NO


Is The Toronto System Scam? | Toronto System Review

The Toronto System is a triple scam designed by scammers to target unsuspecting people, especially within the city of Toronto, Canada.

The creators of this Toronto System along with the other systems are extremely lazy scammers, as they fail to at least give each website a unique look which is different from each other.

Each website has the very same layout. The only change that you will see is the name of the particular city that they are targeting.

Now, allow me to tell the creators of the Toronto System a piece of my mind right now – Desist from spreading lies on the internet about a system that is a fraud, especially when you push it in the face of people who are honestly looking for a real shot at making money online!”.

I hope they get the message loud and clear.

Now, let us get back into this Toronto System Review. I will provide as much proof as I can to you so you may know for sure that they are trying their endeavor best to scam you.


Fake Images On The Toronto System Website

Believe me when I tell you that all the images that you saw on the Toronto System website is fake.  The main example is the nice looking photo of “Robert Hockton” along his wife and 2 kids.

This is the same picture that you will see on all the three scam sites (Toronto, Sydney, London).

The truth is that this family image was stolen from the website.Is The Toronto System Scam? - Toronto System Review  You are welcomed to click on the website link above to have a look the image for yourself.

This is a popular tactic used by online scammers to gain the trust of people.  Scammers know that when people trust them, they will generally spend money. Do not fall for fraudulent schemes like the Toronto System Scam.
 was just recently registered

The website was recently registered according to a website lookup.  That means, the testimonial that you will see on the website of people making money with the software months before the website was even created is a total lie.

Since we are talking about testimonials and have come to the conclusion that it is made up, why not just show some proof of this?

Take a look below to see who these people really are:

The girl by the name of Katie Harvey who happens to be from Dublin, Ireland is the main culprit. She seems to be having a great time recording fake testimonials for the creators of the Toronto System.

Is The Toronto System Scam? - Toronto System Review

She is featured on all 3 scam websites. I wonder if she is not a bit tired of telling lies? Well… maybe not, she does get paid approximately $5 bucks for her efforts.

This is her profile picute that she has on Fiverr:

Is The Toronto System Scam? - Toronto System Review

Personally, I am not a fan of telling lies to make a buck or telling lies period, I just don’t see it as being ethical.  Furthermore, it will not provide any value for someone who is looking to honeslty trade online.  What do you think about it? Would you do something like that?

Anyway, let us move on to more proof of scam…


Fake Accreditation…

The creators of the Toronto System does use fake logos on their website to give users the impression that they are accredited by some well-known authority websites.

Companies like Norton is a famous name that we all know and trust when it comes to protecting our computer from malware, trojans, and viruses.

The creators of the Toronto System knows that we know that, so they made sure to upload the Norton image (example) on their website to once again; give users the feeling of trust.

Since 2014, I have been reviewing scam programs on this website, along with legitimate ones. What I have seen mostly with the scam websites is that they always seem to use the logos and images of big name companies like CNN, NBC, BBB, Norton, Microsoft and a host of others to lure people into the scam.

On the other hand, most of the legitimate companies rarely use any of these enticements. It is a real mystery isn’t it?

I actually did a post recently about “how to spot a scam website”. I think you will find it informative, let me know what you think.

Also, feel free to suggest any others ways that you may know hot to spot a scam website within the comments.

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With all the scams out there online, it is just a pain for those of us who are truly looking for legit ways to earn money online to find one.

I have had my fair share of the headache of searching for real ways to profit online. I am now double sure that I have found the place that allows me to truly profit online.

I am not talking about any stupid pyramid scheme, MLM or any other get rich quick formula (all scams in my opinion).

I am talking about a system that will show you how to use the internet to create an ethical, money making business that will last for years and years to come (think long term).

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I am totally fortunate to have found this place by doing extensive research, in my opinion, it is the best way to teach anyone how the internet works in terms of earning money.

If you are someone who loves trading and is looking for the absolute best broker in the business, you should know about the AvaTrade or Easy-Forex.

They are the top 2 trading platforms that I know of, and they have been around for more than ten years now.

Whatever you do online, I ask that you stay safe from scams.

If you have been affected negatively by the Toronto System, you should visit either the website or the website now.

If you have lost money by using the Toronto System, I would suggest that you get in contact with your credit card company immediately and let them know that you have been the victim of a dangerous scam website.

Your credit card company will act swiftly to get you your money back.

I hope that you had a good time reading this review of the Toronto System. I trust that you have now gotten the answer to the main question: “Is The Toronto System a Scam?


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