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Is The Quantum Code a Scam

Snapshot of the Quantum Code:

Name: Quantum Code
Website: http://www.quantumcode.com
Type: Binary Options Trading System
Creator: Unknown
Rating: 2/10
Recommended: NO


What Is The Quantum Code?

The Quantum “Income Machine Live” Code is one of the many binary options websites out there promising great riches.

They say that the software allows traders to win trades 100% of the time.

They say that your dreams will come through and you will definitely make millions.

It is displayed on the website that you will…wait for it…


That is One Million, eight hundred and ninety-two thousand, four hundred and sixty dollars.

Is this all true, or is it a ploy to persuade gullible individuals to get sucked into the system?

Read further to make sure that you get the full details on the “so-called” Quantum Code Software and make sure that you are not a victim to online scams.


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Michael Crawford Forbes?

Who is the Micheal Crawford anyway?  Can you trust him and what he has to say?

Well, let us find out right now…

According to the Quantum App sales video, Micheal Crawford has been featured in Forbes Magazine and other well-known financial magazines.

But wait…did you check to see if this is all true?

In order to find this out, I had to do a lookup on the name Michael Crawford in relation to the Forbes Magazine.

When I checked the official Forbes Magazine Website, my searches came up empty handed.

There were no records of a Michael Crawford featured anywhere on the well-known Forbes Magazine site.

The only mention of a Micheal Crawford was that of a Michael B. Crawford who actually is a writer for the column and has no ties with the Micheal Crawford from the Quantum Code App.

The other top financial magazines that are mentioned are also fabricated.


What does Google Have To Say About Quantum Code?

If you were to go to Google right now and type into the search bar “Micheal Crawford Quantum Code“, you would see a list of results which are actual reviews about the Quantum Code APP.

The majority of the reviews which you will see are mixed reviews, however, there are mostly negative ones.

The positive reviews are actually written by affiliates of the Quantum Code.

If you were to ever sign up from that particular affiliate’s website and deposit funds into a broker account (usually $250+), the website owner would then earn a commission from the deposit which was made.

Take a look at the screenshot below to see what Google came up with when I typed in the search term…


Is The Quantum Code a Scam


Be careful and use your good judgment before you ever trust a website with your funds.

Not because you see someone saying something good about a system that means they are real.


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Quantum Code Reviews – Youtube

There are tons of video reviews on Youtube about the Quantum Code.

These videos are all exposing the Quantum Code as a big scam.  Some of the videos are from actual people who have lost money, while others are reviews from youtube marketers.

Take a look at the screenshot which I took from just a few of the reviews on youtube…

Is The Quantum Code a Scam


How Does Quantum Code Scam People?

The Quantum Code reaches people mostly through email marketing.

You are here researching the Quantum Code because you most likely received an email from some anonymous person who says that you can profit by joining – right?

You may ask, “How Did They Get My Email Address?”

Well, you may have entered your email address into an opt-in form on some other website in the past that had promised to let you earn some money online.

Those website owners will most times sell your email address to some other unscrupulous marketers who promotes scam systems to you via email or even send you the fraudulent offers themselves.

There are other ways too…

You could be simply browsing a website and out of nowhere comes a pop-up window.

You will see these pop-ups mostly on PTC websites such as Clixsense, Neobux, DonkeyMails, Innocurrent, etc.


Quantum Code – A Great Scam Production

The great production of the Quantum Code APP obviously took a lot of time and money to produce.

Within the Quantum Code Video, you will see images of a private jet, champagne, mansion, luxury vehicles, yachts, etc.

Does all the vanity aspect make the site legitimate?

NO.  What is does is create a dream fantasy to any person who visits the website.

It persuades many to dig into their wallets to buy the dream lifestyle.  Those same people will feel a sense of regret because they were pretty much being too gullible.


Quantum Code – Conclusion

I have reviewed a lot of online money making opportunities on this website.

I have now come to the conclusion that the percentage for most of them to be scams are in the high 90+%.

The Quantum Code has been added now to the list of the fraudulent and disgusting scams circulating online.

The people who are marketing these scams are ruthless and will do almost anything to get your money out your pocket or bank account.

I am putting out my warning to those people who are aspiring day traders to guard yourselves.

If you are going to invest your money, do go with systems that are known and trusted by real traders and real organizations.

Legitimate Online Trading : EasyMarketsForex


Quantum Code – Legit Video Review

I wanted to provide this video to you as well so that you may get even more perspective on the Quantum Code APP.

I hope that it will add some more value to this Quantum Code Review for you.

Click on the play button below to view the video…


I hope you found value in my Quantum Code Review and I hope that I have answered the question: “Is The Quantum Code a Scam

I am online most of the times finding and reviewing online money making programs – find which is good and which is bad.

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  1. tai says:

    Ive just signed up with the quantum code and payed $340 as a start off fee!! Im gonna find out real soon what happens!! I don’t feel too confident anymore!!

  2. M Ali says:

    I have had an email from ubs saying I have funds and what did I want to do with them. I asked them to send a cheque…let’s see if it comes

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