If you are into nutritional supplements, I am sure you have come across a company called Rain International.

Rain International is a multi-level marketing company based in Utah, the USA that deals with nutritional products.

Besides offering nutritional products that are beneficial to customers, this MLM company offers people an opportunity to join their business as distributors.

Once you join Rain International as a distributor, you get the chance to earn an extra income by participating in their compensation plan.

However, the million dollar question that most people are asking is “Is Rain International A Scam?

MLM companies have generated a negative perception over the years because there are many scams mushrooming every day.

Some people have ended up losing their hard earned money because they joined a hyped MLM company that turned out to be a scam.

Like always, it is advisable you do your research before you pay any cash to join an MLM company.

In this review of Rain International, we are going to look at what the company is, how it works, the products, who are the owners, and the pros and cons.

This will enable you (the smart researcher) to make a well-informed decision.

So, let’s get down to the facts…

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About the company

Is Rain International A Scam

To get information about the company, I visited the Rain International website.

Rain International first launched in the year 2009 as a seed nutritional supplement company and has a physical office located in Utah, USA.

The company was founded by a man called Byron Belka who is also the president of Rain International.

It is confusing to see how Byron Belka founded Rain International because he joined the company years after it started.

It was in August 2011 when the world was introduced to Mr. Belka, who dubbed as Rain’s Executive Vice President in charge of global marketing and sales.

According to Rain International website, Mr. Belka has over 10 years of experience in networking marketing.

Before he founded Rain International, Mr. Belka worked as an affiliate at another MLM company called Exfuze.  Before joining Exfuze, Byron Belka worked as a distributor in a company called Nu Skin.

Rain International does not provide too much financial information on its website since it is a privately owned company.

Instead, their website seems to focus on educating people about the nutritional value of seeds.

According to the company’s CEO, Rain International has been conducting groundbreaking research to come up with revolutionary seed nutritional supplements for millions of people since the year 2011.

Today, the company specializes in nutritional drinks that come in forms of one to two ounces.

The products

=>Click to see the Rain International Products.

Rain International has gained a lot of popularity among consumers because of their seed nutritional products that come with numerous health benefits.

Rain’s flagship product is called Soul which comes with health benefits such as reduced inflammation, improved mental focus and clarity, antioxidant protection, boost immunity function, and improved endurance.

Rain Soul nutritional product is made of natural ingredients that include black raspberry, black cumin, D-ribose, and chardonnay grape seed.

Rain International also offers other products that include Form, Core, and Fused. Form product comes in powder form that helps people to burn calories and reduce appetite.

Fused product is a nutritious coffee, which is Rain’s latest product. Rain Core comes in one-ounce fluid and has 8 times protective power.

However, since the product has not been evaluated by the FDA, the company cautions people not to use the product to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease.

How it works

If you want to participate in Rain’s compensation plan, you are required to purchase a business package.

There are 4 business packages which you can choose from:

· Business Builder – make an investment of $249 for 1 Business Center.

· Professional Builder – make an investment of $599 for 3 Business Centers.

· Rain Elite – make an investment of $919 for 1 Business Center, in addition to 6 months autoship.

· Super Elite – make an investment of $1259 for 3 Business Centers, in addition to 6 months autoship.

Rain International does not solely compensate their members based on recruitment alone.

But rather, you will earn an income based on a combination of different factors that include; the number of customers you personally have, the ability of a member to build a marketing organization, and the sales volumes generated by affiliates and their down lines.

Rain International offers a commission called preferred customer commissions. If a certain number of Rain Soul is sold to preferred customers, affiliates will earn a commission.

For example, if you sell 20 pouches of Rain Soul product, you will earn a commission of $10. The lowest affiliate rank is Rain Associate, while the highest is Black Rain Diamond.

The ranks vary depending on point value (PV) that member affiliate generates and the group value (GV) of their lesser binary leg.


· Their website is professional looking.

· They have a clear compensation plan.

· Their products offer many health benefits to customers.


· The minimum joining fee is a little bit high for some people to afford.

Is Rain International a scam? The verdict

Rain International is an MLM company that offers high-quality nutritional products to customers.

That is a big plus for this company and people interested in tested and proven nutritional supplements.

The company’s compensation plan is easy to understand and there is nothing fishy about how they reward their members.

Based on the research I did on the company’s product, owners and compensation plan, I can say that Rain International is not a scam. With that said, Rain International is not a get rich quick scheme.

You will need to put in extra effort in terms of recruitment and sales volume if you are to make a living out of this business.

If you can recruit new members consistently, market Rain’s products and train members how to do the same, then you can earn a good income as Rain International affiliate.

My recommendation is that you get the right skills and training in marketing and recruitment before you join Rain International as an affiliate.

I hope that you have now gotten some in this Is Rain International a scam review.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to leave them below.

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Is Rain International A Scam

Is Rain International A Scam

Is Rain International A Scam

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