Is My Mobile Money Pages a Scam?  Read this factual report below to find out the truthful answer.

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What is My Mobile
 Money Pages?

Is My Mobile Money Pages a Scam

This is a marketing software found online.

You can buy this
 software at $39.95 on ClickBank.

Andrew Davidson is the man who developed this 

It is a software that aims to enable you to buy an automated website

This program claims to design any niche specific website.

With this 
My Mobile Money Pages review, you will learn all you need to know 
about this software.

With the information below, you will comprehend how it

You will also manage to determine if the system is good enough to be

Keep reading for more detailed information…


How Does it work?

Is My Mobile Money Pages a Scam

It is important to note that this software operates as it’s 
own site builder.

This includes having various features from WordPress.

 enhances the state of the software in order for you to understand what you are
 searching for when dealing with the website.

According to this website, you can earn $547 every single

This is a random figure that is inaccurate depending on how the software

All the same, this website will help you earn $16,970.33 within a

This is not a bad figure to supplement your income, right?

Whether or not this program will help you generate this figure is the basic
 reason for this review.

In order for you to access this website, you will need a
 computer or a mobile phone.


False Mobile Money Claims

Is My Mobile Money Pages a Scam

This program claims that Amazon uses the 
platform as well as eBay among other well-known online corporations.

The other false claim that this platform makes 
is that, in order to generate millions of dollars every single day, you need 
only a few minutes of your time.

It also claims that the better part of online 
affiliates that make huge money use this platform.

It continues to say that all
 you need to earn thousands and millions of dollars are the right tools for this

The website also over-exaggerates about the 
number of people making online purchases every single day

For you to earn through this website, you do not 
need any website design or technical experience according to the platform.

The website claims that My Mobile Money Pages is 
the sole platform you need to make you rich within a day.

According to the website, you just need two 
minutes to start earning huge amounts of money online.

This is a false claim as 


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Disadvantages and 

A simple scraper technique is what this platform uses.

 is not a modern technique but an ancient one.

This implies that everything that 
happens here is systematic.

This means that there is a default theme on this
 website, where images and other content are placed in a specific area.

Therefore, when a member presses start, the program tours 
the web and scrapes all it finds related to the keyword.

This translates to 
only one thing, stealing content.

As a result, your website will be exposed to
 the danger of content theft or duplication.


Is My Mobile Money
 Pages a Scam or Legit?

This platform relies on generating money from Google 

However, as explained above, the software scrapes online content and 
therefore, you will never generate a penny from the website.

The scraped
 content is automatically put together on a website that is mobile optimized.

This makes the software a pure business scam due to the following reasons:

Google demands unique and fresh content as 
opposed to the scraped content generated by this software

There is no traffic directed to this site by
 Google, therefore, no money will be generated

Google deals with authority websites with unique 
content as opposed to scraped website from spammy applications

Monetization techniques like Adsense cannot work
 on this software as Google cannot approve the content generated by the program



My Mobile Money Pages has been designed to fool internet 
marketing newbies.

It is an old scam that has been in operation since the year 

This kind of method has never generated money due to its poor content 

Chances are that the designer of this software has never made money 
from the operation of the program but by selling the product.

Therefore, to 
save your money, time and effort, you should invest in another genuine online
 opportunity apart from this one.

To be safe, keep away from this software.


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Is My Mobile Money Pages a Scam

Is My Mobile Money Pages a Scam

Is My Mobile Money Pages a Scam

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