Is Millionaire Cash Code A Scam


Is Millionaire Cash Code A Scam?


Welcome to my Millionaire Cash Code Review!

Make sure to read this review all the way as I will be going into details on all you should know about Millionaire Cash Code and I will also answer the main question – “Is Millionaire Cash Code A Scam?

Without any further ado, let us get into the details…


Name: Millionaire Cash CodeIs Millionaire Cash Code A SCAM
Found at:
Price: $97  Downsell: $77 or $67
Founder: “Jeff”
Type: Get Rich Quick Scheme
Rating: 0/10
Recommended: NO

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Since I started this website in 2014, I have noticed a trend when it comes to programs that contain the word “Millionaire” somewhere in the title – they all turned out to be shady scams!

If you would like to see proof of what I am talking about, click on any of the review links you see below to see exactly what I mean…

Millionaire Biz Pro Review

Elite Millionaire Society Review

Millionaire’s Brain Review

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This list goes on and on and on…

It is obvious why the creators of these scam programs choose to include the name millionaire in the title.  They do this because they want to convey a message to the person viewing the website that they will become a millionaire by simply buying into the program.

I usually will purchase a program to do a full review and list the pros and cons, however, with the Millionaire Cash Code there was no need to do this.

I saw from the get-go that the system was just another scummy and shady system developed to steal people’s hard earned cash!

Let’s take a look to see what I discovered for you…

The first thing I spotted was this shady video taken from youtube…

Is Millionaire Cash Code A SCAM


Now, which CEO of any respectable company goes about setting up a low budget youtube video using the name “John Marketer“?

Furthermore, the video is not an original video by the so-called “John”.  This video that you will see is one which was stolen online and is being used to sway people to think that these legitimate news agencies are associated with them in any kind of way.

I have seen this tactic used by a lot of work from home SCAM websites, so please be cautious when you are out there looking for work from home opportunities – 90% of them are actually scams!


Watch My Video and I will Give You $500!

You might have noticed that “Jeff” mentioned that once you watch his video, he would give you $500 guaranteed!

It is stated boldly on the Millionaire Cash Code website for all to see…

Is Millionaire Cash Code A SCAM

I have yet to receive my $500 after watching the video, so that tells me that this is a blatant lie and that the Millionaire Cash Code system should not be trusted.

Jeff even went as far to say that he will deposit into my bank account.  I mean how far will the person who created the Millionaire Cash Code go to get people to lose their money?

Is Millionaire Cash Code A SCAM

All I can say is that he or she is one determined individual.


Millionaire Cash Code – “Nothing To Sell”

Again, you will see it where Jeff mentions that he has nothing to sell you.

That again, my friend is a flat out lie!  There is definitely a price that you need to pay if you follow through with the Millionaire Cash Code system.

As stated above, the price is $97, however, if you attempt to click to close the page, you will see that they are offering you a chance to get it at a discounted rate of $77.

Let’s say you somehow chose the $77 price tag and then decide at the last minute to close the page, you will then get another discounted offer of $67 to get into the system.

Since I did not opt to proceed further with the Millionaire Cash Code program for obvious reasons, I have no idea what is behind the curtain.

They fail to let me know what to expect if I had blindly spent my money on the system.


My Sincere Advice To You

Making money online is a reality, however, you should be wary of the many online scams that keep popping up their heads on a daily basis.

I love protecting and helping people who really do want to start earning money online.

I have been doing affiliate marketing since I started this website back in 2014 and I would not change it for the world.

For a clear definition of what Affiliate marketing is so that there is no confusion, take a look at what top affiliate marketer Pat Flynn had to say:

Is Millionaire Cash Code A SCAM

It has provided for me and my family and what I really love about it is that it is honest, straightforward, and anyone is able to do it!

The best place to learn how to do it the best way possible is through the community of Wealthy Affiliate or WA for short.

The best thing about it?  It is totally free for you to test drive!  And you also get free websites to start!  How awesome is that?

Click here to see what I mean!

There is also an optional premium membership available which I would recommend you take a serious look at as it will enable you to get more advanced training in affiliate marketing and allow you to earn more profits.



I am glad that you were able to check out my review of the Millionaire Cash Code and that I was able to answer your main question – “Is Millionaire Cash Code A SCAM?”

Thank you so much for stopping by and I look forward to connecting with you online – helping you out to the best of my abilities.

Also, be sure to share this post on social media as this is the best way to get the true news out about the Millionaire Cash Code.

Doing this will also save a friend or family member from being suckered out of their hard earned dollars.

Take care now.

To your online success,
Jason (founder)

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