Is Irish Method Scam? - Irish Method Review


Is Irish Method Scam? – Irish Method Review

The creators of the “Method Scams” have now found their way into the country of Ireland.

I am going to guess that you are from the country of Ireland and you are just coming from the website, wondering if it is a scam or not.

If I am right, I would like you to pay very close attention to this review as it WILL help you to find the answer to the main question “Is Irish Method a Scam?“.

Not from Ireland?  Still stick around, as this review will help you to stay safe online and save you some of your hard-earned money all the same.

I will help you to determine without a doubt that you should be staying clear from this (to my knowledge), fifth duplicate website.  The others that have surfaced so far are:

  • The Brit Method Scam Website
  • The Aussie Method Scam Website
  • The Canuck Method Scam Website
  • The Kaffa Method Scam Website

I have friends in Ireland and I love the people of Ireland, so as soon as I saw this new scam out, I had to write this for your protection.  So do yourself a kind favor and read this review to the end…


Name: Irish Method


Type: Binary Option Trading Website

Claimed Creator: Jason Flanagan

Actual Creator(s): Unknown

Created: 2016

Cost: Free to join ($250 – $10,000 to trade)

Rating: 0/100


What Is The Irish Method?

The Irish Method is a clone scam binary option website that as usual, promises you that you will be earning really huge sums of money when you simply sign up.  The website is mostly targeting people in the country of Ireland, however, it is available in other countries of the world.

Once you enter your email and name on the first page, you will then be re-directed to a second page where you will be introduced to a broker where you will have to fund your account.  The rates are ranging from $250 – $10,000.

If you are a trader you will know that when you trade you will be required to have a broker and fund your account, but with the Irish Method it is not quite this way.


What Happens When You Deposit Funds?

Many people have complained about systems similar to the Irish Methods that as soon as they deposit funds (or not) they receive a phone call from a so-called “trusted broker” who usually is very persuasive in getting people to fund their accounts.

The truth is that these people are actually seasoned scammers who prey on unsuspecting people day-to-day.  Please be aware of them and refer to the comments in the Brit Method Scam review that was done back in December.  There you will see people who actually signed up and lost money venting their frustrations.


Beware of Fake Irish Method Reviews

As usual, I always warn my readers about the fake review websites that you will see when you make a Google search.  All the positive reviews that you will come across are all fake reviews.

They are affiliates of the Irish Method Scam and they will make a commission once you deposit funds into their suggested trading account.

Some of these website owners are even paid directly to create a positive review.  I am asking you kindly that you do not fall a victim to that slimy tactic.


Some Proof Of the Irish Method Scam

Literally all the testimonials that you see on the website are fake.  The images were either bought or stolen from various sources online and the text that you see were just written by the creator to gain trust from mostly newbie traders or people who are looking to earn money online.

The income proofs are all fabricated to again, lure unsuspecting people to take action swiftly, depositing funds.  All the people that you see within the front video are all actors.

The video that you watch is the very same video used for the Brit Method, Aussie Method, and the Canuck Method.

Even though I am here writing this for your now, the creators of the Methods are busy creating more fraudulent scam sites to target country or cities of the world.

I even recently discovered a very tricky scam known as the “System” version.  These scam artist target the city of London, Sydney, and Toronto.  I wrote the reviews on them, see them below if you wish:

Be very careful while you search or bump into any online money making system that promises you quick success by doing minimal tasks.

That is the exact reason why I wrote the post titled “How To Spot A Scam Website“.  It may help you to spot a scam once they rise their ugly head from out of the scam hell.

NOTE: For video and images proof of the Irish Method, please take a look at either the Brit Method Scam or the Aussie Method Scam reviews or just take a look at the image below to get an idea:


Is Irish Method Scam? - Irish Method Review


Can You Make Money With The Irish Method?

Since the Irish Method is a scam and all the characters are made up, I doubt that you will be making money with the system.  I know that some of the affiliates will make money with the system and of course the owner, but if you are someone who is funding your account with the hope to make money,  you will only be losing money.

In trading, there is no refund policy, so you will surely lose with the Irish Method.  If you were to read the disclaimers of these types of websites (usually very hard to find and in the smallest of text), you will see that they mention this.


Were You a Victim of the Irish Method Scam?

I am here to help you if you have unfortunately been a victim of the Irish Method Scam.  There are resources online that have been around for ages and are dedicated to shutting down scam binary options website and at the same time provide some justice.

The two top sources that I know of that has helped many before are:

Go to the above websites by clicking on them directly and get the help that you need.  Also, leave a comment here on HowToStaySafeOnTheNet so that my other readers will learn from your experiences.


Safe Reputable Online Trading Platforms (Recommended)

There are many fraudulent online training platforms out laying in wait for you to deposit funds then run off with your money and you should be careful by doing your research before you invest.

There are, however, real, regulated, safe and reliable online brokers out there that you can trust.  AvaTrade is one of them and if you like you can check them out.  The review is available right here for you to read and make a well-informed decision.


READ ==>AvaTrade Review


I also approve the Easy-Forex website (affiliate link) for you to take a look at.  You can create a demo or live accounts at your will with both companies.   One thing is for sure; you will not be a victim to any form of scam with these legitimate trading platforms.


My Sincere Advice To You

My dear reader, my sincere advice to you is that you stay very far away from the very deceiving Irish Method Scam.  It will bring you nothing but loses, there is absolutely nothing to gain but heartache and pain and I do not want that to happen to you.

Trade with a reputable name in the online trading industry and be safe from all scams!  I am serious about protecting you and I will continue to provide these types of reviews to help you and many others.


Not a trader but would love to make honest money online?

If you are not a trader and is interested in making money online in an ethical, honest way, I would suggest that you take a real serious look at affiliate marketing.  This is the way that many people (including myself) are making full-time and part-time income.

This industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and is poised to take the place of the traditional 9-5 grind that most of us have become fully accustomed to.   I, along with many others are getting away from this model and is enjoying the benefit of affiliate marketing now.

Take your slice of this very lucrative industry now.  The best place that I know of that provides the real training is Wealthy Affiliate.  You can join them for free right now and get the training that will help you to succeed online.


Learn More About Wealthy Affiliate Here!


Thank You. 🙂

I am now going to close this review but before I do, I would like to thank you for doing your research on the “Is Irish Method Scam” post.

I also want to know if you found it helpful to you or if there is anything else that you would like to know to clarify things?

Be sure to share this article out once you found it helpful so that others may know about this new scheme.  YOU can really help by just doing this simple task.

Talk to you within the comments (good or bad).


I am Jason and I approve this Review.

Jason (Founder)

Be safe and as I always say: Avoid Scams At All Costs!

2016 Irish Method Review – Is Irish Method A Scam? 

20 Responses to Is Irish Method Scam? – Irish Method Review

  1. Grainne Mc Loughlin says:

    Thanks for this review. I very nearly got caught. I was never hounded so much on the phone and found it almost intimidating. Eventually they gave up. I am more annoyed at myself for nearly falling for it.

    • Jason says:

      Hi, Grainne,

      I am glad that you found my review in time and that it was also helpful to you.

      If you are looking a true way to gain profits online, be sure to take a serious look at my #1 recommended system.

      Thank you for your comment.


  2. Paulina says:

    Hi, is there any chance to get the money back if you got caught? Thanks

    • Jason says:

      If you were ever a victim, the best thing would be for you to contact your credit card fraud department.

      The number is usually on the back of the card. Call the number and explain the situation them. There is a good chance that you will get back the funds.

  3. david says:

    nearly got caught but then thought i`d check it out ,got phone calls trying to get me to deposit €250 .
    i would`nt play ball and now they have given up

    • Jason says:

      You made a very good decision David. I am happy that this Irish Method review could have helped you out.

      Reach out to me if you need any other help.

  4. Brian Murphy says:

    its actually very convincing apart from the overstated incomes – hundreds of thousands in a month – yeah right. it so so targets people who are desparate and vulnerable as well as the downright stupid and greedy. one part of me thinks if people cant be bothered to check these things out then they deserve to be robbed and on the other hand I would love to get hold of scam artists like this and serve some summary justice on them. I kept listening cause I found it hilarious but the longer I listened the more I doubted my smugness. well done on your article hopefully anyone thinking of using this scheme gets to here. but as always if someone offers you free money – its a scam.

    • Jason says:

      Hey Brian, thanks for your input. I agree with the points that you make.

      Yea, most scams that I review here uses the tactic of luring people with the “free money” dream.

      It takes common sense and rational thinking when doing anything in life.

      Continue to keep safe on the net Brian. Hope you find your success along the way as well.

  5. Liz says:

    Wow! Like other readers I’m shocked. How is it possible that such things exist and that people fall for it. Especially at such high prices! Personally I would never do any investments with someone online. I have to be able to trust my broker.

    Wow!! Thanks for your review and I hope that more people have a look to educate themselves.

    This review could help a tonne of people all over the world.

    • Jason says:

      Thanks for you comment Liz. Yea…these scams are numerous all over the internet. You will find that most of these scams end up in your email inbox. I will keep exposing them on this medium.

      Take care.

  6. Melanie says:

    Hello Jason,

    Thanks for the heads up and great article, I get so frustrated seeing these scams out there. It just makes people fear trying to pursue working online with legitimate companies.


    • Jason says:

      Thank you for your comment, Melanie!

      I know exactly what you are saying. With so many scams online, many do eventually lose faith. I will keep doing my best to offer the solution to this problem; leading many in the right direction.

  7. Andy says:

    Wow! I can’t believe how many scams are out there! And they use the same template over and over and just clone it for other scam sites. That’s so horrible, cheating people out of their money. I wish there was a way for Google and other search engines to identify these patterns and block sites.

    • Jason says:

      What I notice most about these scams are that they are usually sent out via email messaging, so Google is not in control of them reaching people.

      You will also see them on many ads websites like Clixsense, Traffic Monsoon and many others as well. Those are the places that the scammers are advertising their “products” to get people to sign up and lose money.

  8. ido says:

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for heads up.
    I haven’t heard of the method myself, but one look at the images and other reviews makes it so clear that the founder just wants to get your money and not provide any real service.

    Thanks for your efforts in doing this. Its people like you on the web that are keeping the faith that there are honest ventures out there.

    • Jason says:

      Thank you, Ido. It was a pleasure sending out this warning to the community and to the world.

      I do hope this review will help others just as it did help you out.

  9. Summerly says:

    This was a very interesting article. I have never heard of this type of scam before so it’s good that you are writing about it and making people aware. The way you lay things out and explain the system is very easy to understand which is helpful. I also like how you put links to sources that may be able to help even if in a small way. Good job


    • Jason says:

      Thank you for your comment Summerly. I am happy to send out the warning about this Irish Method Scam so that others may be safe while looking for money making programs online.

      Remember: Avoid Scams at all costs!

  10. Jaron says:

    Thanks for the warning; I’ll be sure to share this around to keep people safe!

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