Is Fanbox A Scam?


Name: Fanbox


Type: Social

Creator/Owner: Brandie Williams

Price: Unknown

Recommended: NO

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The original post has been removed due to a cease and desist letter that the lawyers for Fanbox have sent to me.

They claimed that the statements that I made were defamatory.

I have been receiving emails from Fanbox saying that I earned all kinds of money and that I need to claim my profits, but in fact, I have not received a check.

It is very strange to me that Fanbox keep sending me these email saying that I have money in my account when I do not.

For me, that is false information.  To falsely present that information to me is simply saying that this company is trying to mislead people.

There are some other reviews online about Fanbox and what it is, but apparently, it seems that Fanbox does not want people to know what they are up to.

My friend Jack Cao also did a review on Fanbox.  The review is titled: FANBOX – THE TRUTH WILL BE REVEALED.

You can take a look at what he wrote on to see exactly what I mean.  Fanbox threatens people to take down reviews on the company.

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While I do some more investigations on Fanbox, you can browse around this website for legitimate ways to earn money online.

More information will be added about Fanbox soon.

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Jason (founder) How To Stay Safe On The Net.


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