Is Countdown To Profits A Scam?


Is Countdown To Profits A Scam?


Is Countdown To Profits A Scam?  Let’s find out the answer to this question in this important article.

I have done the research for you so if you would like to know the truthful answer make sure to read this review all the way through.

I think it is always smart to research a program before you actually spend a dime. 🙂

NOTE:  I have been exposing scams online since 2014 and I know all the popular scam signals when it comes to spotting a scam website.

I have written a short guide here which has helped my users to stay away from many online scams.  You can benefit from it as well and it is available to you for free.

Along the way, I have also seen the best systems to earn legitimate money online so make sure to check out my #1 free recommended program to make money online here if you are ever interested.

Now without any further ado, let us get to the genuine facts about…


Product Name: Countdown To Profits (CTP)Is Countdown To Profits A Scam?
Found at:
Product Founder: Richard Paul
Product Price: $97, $77  (downsell)
Product Type: “Work from home” biz op Scheme
Product Rating: 0/10
Recommended: NO


What Is Countdown To Profits?

Countdown to profits is a get rich quick scheme which is advertised as a legitimate work from home opportunity.

From the get go, you will see that there are a “limited to only 50 people” available.

Bear in mind that wherever you are in the world, you will see this being displayed to you.

What Is Countdown To Profits

This will obviously create a feeling of scarcity in the brain of the person viewing the website.  Unfortunately, many people do fall for this tactic and therefore, proceed along unknowingly.

Upon entering my test email, test phone number and test name on the main page of, I was redirected to their main sales page.

If you did the same thing that I did, you would have noticed that the “limited to only 50 people” timer has been reduced!

What Is Countdown To Profits

Just a heads up, I left the page open for several hours just to test if the “8 spots” would count down to zero.  What did you think happened?

If you guessed that it stayed on 8 spots, then you have hit the nail on the head.

This again is a well-crafted pressure tactic by the developers of the Countdown To Profits System.

Many people will actually think that they are about to miss out on a golden money-making opportunity so, therefore, they will act much faster to get out their credit card – DON’T MAKE THIS MISTAKE.


What about that compelling video?

Oh, yes. The Countdown To Profits creators made sure to add a compelling 8 Minutes and 20 Seconds video to the sales page of course.

The video is filled with real news clippings of various news anchors saying that money is made online.

Cmon now, we all know that money is made online!

However, what the does is to let it seem as if THEIR system is the one which Matt Lauer and the rest of the news anchors were referring to.

This is the MAIN trigger which prompts especially newbies to take the plunge without even knowing exactly how they will be making money online.

If you really want to know the truth, these are the exact same videos that many scam systems have used in the past to persuade people to lose their hard earned money.

I have literally seen thousands of them and have personally exposed some of them right here on my website.

I have linked a few of the most recent viral scams below, so make sure to put them on your list of scams to avoid.

Viral Scams To Avoid

☠ Copy My Commissions

☠ Financial Health Reset

☠ Instant Cash Club

☠ Work At Home Institute


What About All Those Recent Comments/Testimonials?

You may have also noticed that near the bottom of the Countdown To Profits website that there are a bunch of supposed legitimate testimonials from members.

Now, this looks authentic to the untrained eye, however, I have spotted some clues for you to know that the images and the texts are actually all fabricated.

As an example, observe the 2 images you see below of a person by the name Kate Weinstein.

You will also see on the same Countdown To Profits website of another image of the same person, but this time the name is Sarah Johnson.

These are sure red flag clues that you must be aware of and pay very close attention to when deciding to invest in any online business opportunity.

Is Countdown To Profits A Scam


Is Countdown To Profits A Scam

It is obvious that the creator who created the Countdown To Profits website did not pay attention to this huge flaw.

What you should know is that all the images and testimonials are all created to give the impression that the CTP works, when in reality it does not.


Richard Paul Countdown To Profits?

Richard Paul Countdown To ProfitsIs Richard Paul even real?  Let’s take a look to see…

When I did detailed research on a Richard Paul in relation to Countdown To Profits, what I discovered was shocking.

My research revealed that the same image has been associated with two other lethal scams websites and the person is actually a actor!

The 2 sites which have surfaced with the same image are Stark Trading System and Profit Stackers Software.

These two above-mentioned websites have since been shut down due to their fraudulent tactics and deceitful marketing.

I suspect that the same fate awaits the Countdown To Profits website and it’s creators – It’s just a matter of time.

Take a look below at the proof of the same actor on the Profit Stackers webpage.  Same person – different scam.

Is Countdown To Profits A Scam


Final Conclusive Verdict

☠ Countdown To Profits Is A Deadly Scam! 


Are there any honest systems online?!

With so many scams around, where do you actually find a legitimate and honest way to earn money online?

Everywhere you turn you see another marketer telling you that this and that system is the best thing since sliced bread.

I think today will be a different day for you and you should consider this review a blessing in disguise.

What I am about to reveal to you is a real business opportunity and I am not going to spew a bag of nonsense to you persuading you to sign up.

This is the system that has changed the life of many individuals including myself.

This system has taught me real ethical principles on how to make money online and I believe you can do the same with honest work.

It is available to you for free and there is absolutely no catch.

This place is called Wealthy Affiliate and I am a very proud member of the community of over 800,000 other people.

There is no way for you to get scammed with Wealthy Affiliate and I believe that if you follow the free training, you will have a successful business as well.

It is really for people who are serious about online business and willing to go for the long haul.  They have been online since 2005.

As I mentioned above, it is always smart to conduct a full research before you actually spend a dime on any program, so make sure to read the reviews of Wealthy Affiliate below if you have any doubts.

★ Review #1

★ Review #2

Thanks for taking the time to find out the answer to Is Countdown To Profits A Scam?”

I enjoyed doing the research for you and I hope that you found true value from what I have written here.

I would appreciate if you shared this article so that others may find out the truth about Countdown To Profits, so go ahead and share it out. 🙂

Also, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please leave them in the comments section further below.

Whatever you do online, I urge you to avoid scams at all cost!

To your safety & success,
Jason (founder)

14 Responses to Is Countdown To Profits A Scam?

  1. Evelyn Leone says:

    God bless you Jason! Thank you for your research and exposing this type of scam. Most people, like me, struggling to make ends meet are easy prey. I was about to get my bankcard, but I thought to look for a a Review and I found your site. Thanks God, I was about to loose $97! Part of my rent money! Thank you!

  2. Matt T says:

    Hi Jason. Thanks for exposing this sketchy program. To beginners in the online space, Countdown to Profits may seem like a great offer, but there are certainly red flags that make me think it’s a scam: shady marketing practices, fake testimonials, etc. Simply not a program I’d be willing to get involved with. Thanks again for the review.

  3. Dave says:

    So you mean they can actually fabricate their own testimonials?

    This is the first time I’m hearing this.

    And the way I’ve been intrigued by these success stories of theirs. So how can I be spotting a scam from afar?

    Which are the red flags you would tell me to look out for. So that I don’t get sscammed? (Cause I was minutes away from joining it)

    • Jason says:

      Dave, thank you for dropping by to leave a comment.

      Yes, online scammers do pay people to create fake testimonials for them. That is why so many people fall victim to the many scams out there.

      I have written a guide which shows you ways to spot a scam website. You may want to check it out here.

      I am glad that you were able to do your research before you actually lose your money.

      What I would suggest is that you learn affiliate marketing. It is by far the best way to make money online.

      Wealthy Affiliate teaches you for free, so check out what they are about on this page.

      I hope you will find true success online in an ethical manner.


  4. Sharon says:

    A great review you had done. Good job!

    You even spotted the same image used by 2 different person. You are absolutely correct that an untrained eye will have missed it.

    Thank you for the detailed information. Now I know how to spot for scams online.

    I was lucky not to have been scammed and found the Wealthy Affiliate business community first.

    • Jason says:

      This is what I do to make sure that people who are looking for real opportunities to work online are presented with the facts before any money is ever lost.

      Glad to know that you are part of the Wealthy Affiliate community. You are very fortunate and I will be seeing you around for sure.

      All the best,

  5. Chase says:


    Thank you for this review! I am always careful to check out reviews of sites that I think might be a scam and this definitely helped! I am going to have to come back here in the future if I want you to check out a site’s scam probability for me.

    I am a member of Wealthy affiliate myself and have to say that I recommend it to everyone who is looking to make money online as well. It has been awesome for me and it was because of a blog like yours that I decided to try it out.

    How long have you been doing your online business?

    And do you still use wealthy affiliate regularly even though you seem to be so far along past the process of building your web site?

    • Jason says:

      I am glad that you found the countdown to profits review quite helpful, Chase.

      Yes, it is always wise to conduct a research on any system which you will invest in to make sure that they are actually legit.

      I am so happy that you were able to find Wealthy Affiliate as well. It is truly the #1 online business community for anyone interested in making money online.

      I have been doing online business since 2014 (when I found Wealthy Affiliate) and I am so glad that I did find them.

      I log in everyday to keep up to date with the many changes in the IM world.

      I will look you up within Wealthy Affiliate to say “hi”. Take care and thank you for passing through.


  6. Cynthia says:

    You are doing a great service by letting everyone know about this make money online scheme.

    I have been scammed quite a few times and have put out my hard earned money because I fell for tactics like this.

    Thank you for being one who is out to warn everyone about scams online.

    • Jason says:

      Hi, Cynthia,

      I am happy to keep doing these research to help people to avoid so many of these useless systems.

      I know that many people keeps getting scammed so I feel it is my duty to help out as much as I can.

      Glad you found my review and thank you for leaving a comment.


  7. David says:

    Thank you for all the research work you have put in here, you are right and I agree with you that you should research as much as possible before you spend anything at all. I saw that before about the count down, fair play to you , funny that the 8 remaining spots didn’t count back down to zero- pure sign of a hoax and a scam…

    • Jason says:

      Hi there, David,

      Glad to see that you were able to do your research and find the right information about the countdown to profits system.

      Kind regards,

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