iPro Network Review


iPro Network Review


iPro Network Review


Welcome to the ipro Network Review!

If you are looking for a passive income or a home based business it is likely that you have heard about the iPRO Network and in all probability, you are suspicious about the authenticity of the program and its commitment.

There is a buzz around iPRO Network in the social media and that has got a lot of people interested.

There are several factors that you should consider while thinking of iPRO Networks such as the authenticity, the structure, and the build of the company.

Though various iPRO Network reviews are available, in this article I will discuss all the factors that you need to investigate and address before investing with iPRO Network.


iPRO Network – The Company

iPRO Network is a combination of cryptocurrency and the cashback system fused together into one.

The company is led by the business tycoon Armando Contreras who is the CEO of the company.

Armando Contreras has a rich experience of handling various businesses and the iPRO Network website even claims that he has over fifteen years experience in the sales industry.

Though very less is actually available about the guy to certify the claims of the company, the sheer willpower, and dedication that he has shown while leading iPRO Network is enough to prove his business acumen.


iPRO Network – Product Range

The iPRO Network does not sell products at the retail level but the actual iPRO Network membership is available to anybody who is interested.

As soon as you become a member you can invest in Pro coin which only works within the company and cannot be traded publicly.

iPRO Network has recently announced that they are set to launch a retail platform which will enable a member to use Pro coins for making public purchases from a third party.

Rebates and discounts are offered to the user if he chooses Pro coins as his mode of investment.

Currently, there are about fifteen million Pro coins in the market and each is valued at two and a half cent.

Carlos Contreras is the product founder of Pro Commerce and there is nothing that links him to the owner Armando Contreras.

Though various iPRO Network reviews have berated the owners, in reality, there is very little scope to doubt them.


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iPRO Network – Compensation Plan

The iPRO Network accepts investment through pro coins and provides commissions to members as per their investment.

While seventy percent of the commissions is paid by cash, the remaining thirty percent is paid through Pro coins.


Direct Commission

The iPRO Network provides a direct ten percent commission to members who sponsor a new affiliate that invests in Pro coin.

The commission is ten percent of the sponsor amount.

For example, if a member sponsors a hundred dollar affiliate he receives ten dollars when the sponsor amount is five hundred dollars he receives fifty dollars and so on.


Residual Commissions

iPRO Network uses the concept of residual commissions to pay its members through a binary plan structure.

Under the plan, members have a left leg and a right leg of affiliates to sponsor and as soon as he finishes sponsoring both they are added to the member’s downline.

The commission depends on the sales volumes and ten percent is paid on the lesser leg.

There are no restrictions on the amount that can be earned under this plan and it looks something like this:

Basic affiliates – $500 Intermediate affiliates – $2500 Accelerated affiliates – $7500 Advanced affiliates – $12500 Professional affiliates – $35000


Matching Commission

iPRP Network pays a ten percent matching bonus to its members on residual commissions in a clear and simple compensation plan:

Level 1 – 10%

Level 2 – 10%

Level 3 – 20%

Level 4 – n/a

Leadership Rank Bonus

iPRO Network pays bonuses to its members through a Leadership Rank Bonus plan and it states:

Pro 1 provides a commission of fifty dollars.

Pro 2 provides a commission of two hundred dollars.

Pro 3 provides one percent of the total investment generated by the members through their affiliates.

Pro 4 provides one and a half percent of commission on the total investment generated by the members through their affiliates.

Pro 5 provides two percent of commission on the total investment generated by the members through their affiliates.

Pro 6 provides two and a half percent of commission on the total investment generated by the members through their affiliates.

While Pro 7 provides three percent of commission on the total investment generated by the members through their affiliates.


How Much Does It Cost To Join iPRO Network?

If you are thinking of joining the iPRO Network, you will need to pay fifty dollars for an affiliate membership and then you can invest on any of the following plans:

Basic Investment Plan – $100

Intermediate Investment Plan – $500

Accelerated Investment Plan – $1500

Advanced Investment Plan – $2500

Professional Investment Plan – $5500


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A Legitimate Business Or A Scam?

There are certain doubts about the cryptocurrency as it is still not usable outside the company and the Pro coin system is too much to handle at times.

Not much is known about the company or the owners and members are kept in dark about most of the internal operations of the company.

The company also faces the risk of collapsing when the initial buzz dies out and the affiliate investments stop flowing in.

Though it still cannot be labeled a scam, an investor should weigh his options carefully before investing.

I hope you found my iPro Network Review useful and enjoyable and if such is the case share the article with your friends and family.

For further information, contact me or leave a comment below.


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10 Responses to iPro Network Review – Big SCAM Or Legit Business Opportunity?

  1. Sylvester says:

    I was told I’ll be offered a freelancer job to execute and then I’ll get paid.
    Are there different iproo business, cos these ones u guys are saying is different.

    • Jason says:

      Hey, Sylvester,

      This is a review about IPro Network and should not be confused with IPROO.

      You can learn more about Iproo which is a freelancing company on their official website.

  2. Muhammad says:

    Hi everyone, pls I really want to know if ipro is legit and how does it work?

  3. Marshall says:

    Take it from one who has drank the Koolaid of IPro, so far it is a huge scam.

    Although millions of dollars have been put into the company from members sponsoring other members, none of the promised compensation has been paid out to anyone.

    I put my money in back in February 2017, as soon as the company started in the US on the promise that it was a company already in business and listed on an exchange.

    Nobody in the last seven months has been paid any of the promised Binary, matching or leadership bonus.

    Every week they guarantee that next week all bonuses will be paid.

    This has been going on for almost 5 months now.

    The promised rewards of ProCurrency coins have been in pending since the start and are worthless.

    The same scam leadership that jumped ship and left everybody high and dry in OneCoin in the US are the same ones now at the head of Ipro Network.

    Many of you will recognize the names; Sal, Maurice and Bob. I have been trying to get my $8,800 investment refunded for over two months but since there is no body in charge of this company there is no one to communicate with to get my money out.

    If you want to fail at another multi-level coin please join Ipro Network


      Marshal…could you email me more info about how you were treated with ipro? A buddy of mine is trying to get me to join but I’m very scepticale…thanks

    • Judy Alexander says:

      Marshall, did you lose all your money in OneCoin or did it transfer to ProCoin? Please email me at *email removed to protect identity*


  4. William says:

    Can you make money with just your 500 dollar investment and not spinster anyone on up to network

  5. Irene Eugene says:

    I want to grow this iPro network in my country Tanzania but it is not registered yet.

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